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Ryan Continues to Become More Flexible

I am by just how much Ryan’s flexibility is improving. Some days I notice this more than others. Yesterday was just such a day. I dedicated the day to ranging his fingers and toes. His right fingers and toes have almost full range. His left side continues to make gains.

This is great for him, but is really doing a number on my carpal tunnel syndrome. At times, I have no useable grip in my left hand. It always aches, especially when I bend at the wrist. I really need to get this looked at soon. Perhaps the next time Dr. Rodriguez comes over.

Sue Off to NYC

Sue left around 4:15 AM to catch the Amtrak to NYC. To our neighbors, sorry about her setting off the car alarm in those wee hours. I had the dogs out — going to the bathroom — when she did this and they both stopped mid-stream, equally startled and interested. I had to laugh, seeing the dogs in complete “hey, what’s going on here” mode and Sue sheepishly saying “Oops, wrong button”.

She plans on visiting IBRF Tuesday night to personally meet the doctors and staff (I have already met them). She also will get to check out their new office space at the Meadowlands.

Sue’s Dad: Update

It was two weeks ago today that Sue’s father, Albert Burick, suffered congestive heart failure. Fortunately, he was already in the hospital for acute pancreatitis when his lungs began filling with blood, so this turned out as life-saving.

Although still admitted, he was permitted to leave for four hours yesterday to enjoy dinner with his wife, Helen, and his son’s family. He returned to the hospital no worse for the wear.

Kari Returns Safely to WVU

It was just so wonderful having Kari home with us for an extended weekend. She brings such excitement (which is not always a good thing) and laughter to our home. She also brings a lot of laundry!

She is safely back in her dorm now at WVU. The next ten days will be stressful, as she prepares and enters “final’s week”. But, the good news is… it’s just ten days. She takes her last exam next Wednesday and will be home for the summer on Thursday.

Next year she will be out of the dorm and into a house with six other girls. Kari will be in the attic bedroom. I can tell you, I’m not looking forward to moving her belongings up several flights of stairs, one of which is narrow and twisty. Still, the price is very affordable, the house is in excellent condition, and she will be close to campus (walking through downtown to get to class).

Kari's Crib Next School Year

Blog Update: Tomorrow

As a reminder, tomorrow WordPress will be performing upgrades to this blog. Again, it should be transparent to you, but I wanted to let everyone know in case I have trouble posting.

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BWF Fundraiser Today!


Event last entire day

A HUGE reminder that today — all day — Buffalo Wing Factory is holding their fundraiser for Ryan. This will take place at all five northern Virginia locations. Proceeds from sales will go directly to Ryan’s Special Needs Trust Fund. You can view the menu by clicking here (it will open in a separate window). Continue reading

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Kari Home Safely. IBRF Call Held. BWF Event Tomorrow.


In her typical manner, Kari exploded through the front door yesterday evening. It like feeling the bomb percussion waves just before being incinerated. What an aura!

The dogs went into a frenzy. Duke was literally bouncing off the walls. I hugged her so tightly she protested in pain. I let go… then let her have it again! Continue reading

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Dr. Hinkle: “Eyes are Best I’ve Ever Seen Them”

Dr. Hinkle

Earlier today, Dr. Hinkle (Ryan’s eye doctor) came to the house to check on Ryan’s eyes. He was here early last week and observed significant improvement in both eyes. He told me he was heading to a professional seminar and would be out-of-town, but promised to stop back this week. Hmmm, an eye doctor seminar… wonder who made spectacles of themselves? Continue reading

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Buffalo Wing Factory Fundraiser: Saturday

This Saturday (April 23rd) the Buffalo Wing Factory, at all five Northern Virginia locations, will donate the proceeds from food sales to Ryan’s Special Needs Trust (SNT) Fund. This will be held the entire day.

Fundraiser at All BWF Locations

You can take a look at their menu by clicking here.

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Kari Coming Home! IBRF Call this Morning.

A Pleasant Surprise

We knew Kari was coming home this weekend. I’m beside myself with anticipation. In fact, I was dreaming about it last night. But, the good news is she’ll be home a day earlier than expected… TODAY! Thank goodness it will be a busy morning, making time go by faster. Continue reading

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Bryan Tiplady to Coordinate Basement Project

Repost of Comment:

I will coodinate and manage this effort for Ryan and the Diviney Family
In the next few days, I will do an assessment to identify the necessary work and wish to begin identifying resources for this effort.

I will be looking for volunteers who posess the following skills. If you have capabilities or can recommend the “right person” to assist, please contact me at bryan@tiplady.com.

I will be looking for the following skills
Basic/finish carpentry (walls, floors, ceiling, trim)
Plumbing (install bathroom)
Electrical (Wire new space)
Drywall (finisher)

I can be reached at bryan@tiplady.com. Please submit your name and skill(s) and the level of effort that you are willing to provide.

Thanks and blessings to all.


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IBRF Conference Call Tomorrow

Preparing for IBRF Conference Call

It’s crazy. So many balls in the air (and some are not even blue). It takes us hours just to prepare for a conference call with the doctors at IBRF. Both their time and ours is highly valuable, so we do our best not to miss anything.

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

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Continue reading

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Reminder: Tuesdays at Ruby Tuesday

For those who live in the Ashburn area, if you are thinking of eating out today and can’t decide where, Ruby Tuesday in Ashburn Village is donating 10% of the bill to Ryan’s care. Please remember to say you are there for Ryan!

Old Ruby Tuesday logo and slogan

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Scary Good

Sue’s Delivery of News Needs Work

Yesterday afternoon, I get a call from Sue… but am not able to answer. She immediately calls back and I can’t get to it. She calls a third time. Now I’m scared. She, obviously, is desperately trying to reach me. I know this won’t be her normal call of: 1) checking in on Ryan, and 2) giving me a list of annoying things to do. Continue reading

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