Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Since the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, Ryan is undergoing “Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments”, commonly called by its acronym “HBOT”.  Twice each day he spends 90 minutes in the chamber.  This therapy does two primary functions: 1) Delivers a high percentage of oxygen to the body’s cells, and 2) applies increased atmospheric pressure to his entire body, pushing higher levels of oxygen and blood to each cell to promote healing.  Professional athletes are now using this to get back to the line-up sooner (Remember T.O. and the NFC Championship game a few years back?).


HBOT Chamber

He will cycle his treatment by having 30 days active HBOT, 3 weeks idle, HBOT, idle, and so on.  It’s believed that when HBOTs are used continuously the benefits will decline as the body adjusts. The body often will show noticeable healing during this downtime.  Just from the few weeks he has used it, his passive range-of-motion has improved significantly.


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5 Responses to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

  1. Paula says:

    I think this is amazing!! Keep up the great work, Ryan, you are inspiring so many people to keep trying and never give up!!! Love always, Paula

  2. Cathryn Orr says:

    We are thinking about doing that for our 11 year old boy Aaron who also has a TBI. Keep up with the updates on this please. We would love to know how it works for Ryan.

  3. Hardy Bryan says:

    Readers, please see our website. We operate 5 chambers free of charge for children with autism, CP, shaken baby, near drownings, Crohn’s and Lyme disease, and many other issues, such as TBI, type II diabetes, stroke, etc.
    We provide 40 dives per child. The chambers are large enough for an adult and a child at the same time. Contact us for further information or to schedule treatments. Hardy Bryan, Chair, Public Relations

  4. Hardy Bryan says:

    Sorry, I assumed our website would be included. It is http://www.chamberofhope.org.

  5. Wow, technology has come a long way. I’m happy this Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
    is working wonders in Ryan’s life. This is great food for the brain.

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