Body Temperature Plummets

It’s been several months since the last event, but Ryan’s core body temperature dropped unexpectedly yesterday evening.  So low, in fact, that digital thermometers were not registering.  Ryan’s pulse was in the mid-40’s. We situated  him next to the fireplace and his sister, Kari, rotated dryer-warmed blankets on him for several hours. We had him wrapped in a WVU scarf and knitted cap. He was dressed like he was going to a football game, if that helps give an image of him.

Around midnight 10:00 PM he started to bounce back. The thermometer was finally registering, but he was at 92.0 degrees. By midnight Ryan was “normal” again.

Ryan’s body temperature, like many traumatic brain injured people, sometimes does not regulate. Although this has gotten better month-by-month, he still needs monitored regularly.


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7 Responses to Body Temperature Plummets

  1. Kathryn Beggs Howlett says:

    I hope Ryan is feeling better this morning!

  2. kari123ryan says:

    He is doing much better. I hate being scared all the time. Looking forward to better days.

  3. Paula says:

    So are we, Kari — I’m sorry you’re going through this. We have you guys in our hearts.

  4. Keith says:

    I had Prayer for Ryan at My Church tonight and I Pray Everynight For Him. Just Always Remember God is Still In Control! I couldn’t imagine what you are all going through but I can Pray for You All!

  5. Milissa Simonsen says:

    Hi Kari,
    I wrote earlier today in a post. I don’t mean to sound like strange remedies will work or anything, but has your family read about the effects that “Ambien” sometimes can have on a person in a coma. I read about a man who had been in a coma for around 20 years and the family was trying to get him on a regular “sleep cycle”, so the doc prescribed Ambien (a sleep aid), but for some reason it woke the man up into a semi-conscious state. I have heard that it affects the brain of someone in a coma differently than someone who is awake. Anyway, I have dealt with 3 brain injuries in my family (1 baby in car crash who passed from brain swelling, 1 adult cousin in a car crash in a coma for 6 weeks who is basically “fine” now, and 1 adult husband in a motorcycle crash who is alive but severly disabled on his left side), and I know that I welcome any research that may help. Good luck.

  6. kari123ryan says:


    Yes, we have tried ambien. It has not had any effect that we could discern.

    We will periodically try it again in the future. One never knows when something might work, even if it didn’t in the past.

  7. I feel, the brain is not trying to heal itself and it’s just trying to adjust. That’s good news so the body will react funny but in the end, he will be a walking miracle. Keep up the good work Ryan family, and remember, try and get some rest though I know it’s hard, do try to get some rest even if it means taking turns to watch over Ryan. I’ve prayed for Ryan.

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