“Real” Food Added to Diet

For the past 13+ months Ryan’s diet has mostly consisted of canned formula. In addition we give him juices, like cranberry, carrot, prune and pomegranate.

Over the weekend Sue made a puree of vegetables and fruits – kale, spinach, apple, carrot, etc. — and began by replacing just one can (240 ml) a day.  She adds water and juice to thin it enough to flow easily through his feeding tube.

The hope is to increase him to over 50% of his daily diet. We are interested in any ideas that might help us as we experiment with finding the ideal mixture.


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9 Responses to “Real” Food Added to Diet

  1. Crystal DeRouen says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea, i am anurse and have cared for patients on TPN as Ryan is. I do feel that your approach is great. Just take the transition very slowly to allow Ryans digestive system to tolerate this. Also please remember that if you are replacing a supplement that has protiens you must add sometype of protien supllement. These are usually a powder that you add to the mixture. I hope this transition goes well ! You may also want to really evaluate Ryans vitamin and mineral needs, I strongly believe in the benifits of them. We will continue to keep your family in our prayers……….Crystal

  2. Pam GrahamGeorge says:

    While I don’t have any knowledge to or experience in juicing, I just wanted to drop in to say hello, to remind you that I am still with you, that I continue to admire your love and the ongoing efforts and support for Ryan. Like many other folks, I am committed along with your family to see Ryan and your family through this! God Loves you and he is seeing you through. Hang in there. HUGS.

  3. Paula says:

    Crystal, that’s an excellent point — I wonder when Ryan’s B12, D and other levels were checked? It would be great to get a nutritionist on board with Team Diviney. Any suggestions out there? Thanks!!

  4. Vicky Scott says:

    My husband and I have taken care of our 28 yr. old TBI son 24/7 for the last 3.5 years (July 10, 2007) When he got out of ICU, I took one look at the canned “nutrition” and knew we needed to feed him. We got permission from the trauma surgeon and the “nutrition” was taken away and we fed him into his G-tube around the clock. The dietition asked me to calculate all of the calories so he could make sure that Jonathan was getting enough (but the dietition could not and would not calculate the calories/nutrition of the food served to Jonathan after he could start eating). Since we brought him home (three years now), we have had him on a juice/raw diet/vegan and are convinced this is why he is physically healthy. I want to encourage you to do this. You can email me if you have questions… happy to help.

    • Karen S says:

      Vicky and anyone else who reads this: My daughter has been minimally unconscious for the past 8 years due to medical malpractice. She has been on TwoCal HN tube feedings since and I have been experimenting a little to change her over to better and more natural feedings. Any suggestions or recipes you can send my way would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is 28 years old. Thank you!

  5. Candyce says:

    May the Lord comfort you and give you strength during the holidays and always. I saw you on the today show and was so touched by your story. I want you to know that my husband and I are praying for healing for Ryan. The bible tells us to pray for healing and to ask and we shall recieve. I have complete faith that Ryan will be himself again. I will keep an eye on this site and be there for your family with prayer. Also…there is an amazing christian man, his name is Dr Joshua Axe…he lives in Nashville Tennessee and has a radio show on sunday nights…you can watch his podcasts on his website at http://www.draxe.com…he healed his mother of breast cancer and is a gift from God…full of knowledge and is such a kind and patient young man dedicating his life to the power of healing…I recommend you seek his advice as he has healed many people. He knows a lot about juicing as well. From the Hatmaker family in Columbus, Ohio….we wish you a Merry Christmas and pray for healing for Ryan…

  6. Katie says:

    My daughter is only 15 months old but she is fed by g-tube. I think it is a great idea to get Ryan back on regular purees. I agree with Crystal, make sure that Ryan is getting all the vitamins and minerals that he would be getting in the canned nutrition. I don’t know if he is already on supplements, but my daughter gets extra vitamins in her feeds, plus a calorie supplement since she does not gain weight like a typical infant. I would try and find a good nutritionist who can give you specific recipes to get the most calories and nutrients out of his feeds.

    I keep up with ryan and your posts as much as i can. You guys are an inspiration to so many people including myself. Praying Ryan and your family.

  7. kari123ryan says:


    These are great suggestions! Please keep telling us what you know.


    • Karen S says:

      My daughter, Kerri was in a coma, then nothing for 2 years. It was like watching a doll. The docs told us from the beginning, there was no hope and we should just “pull the plug”. I didn’t think so. I brought her home. It will be 8 years in January. She has progressed from coma to approximately 25% consciousness now although it is like a ‘twilight’ conscious. I am so thankful that I have her still with me. Any insight I can provide, please contact me. We have been through a ton of issues and have just learned to work through them. Kerri progresses every day. Just remember you know your child better than anyone since he is an extension of you. Never let anyone tell you they know your child better than you. I don’t care how many medical degrees they have. I know. I’ve been there. I have walked in your shoes. Believe me the best thing you have done is have your son home with you. Stay strong. Keep praying. Prayer is powerful. God bless Ryan and your family.

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