ICU: Day 3

It was another busy day of testing and treatments.  Ryan had an EEG performed around noon to identify if he remains free of “silent seizures”. We are still waiting on the results, that typically take several days. His oxygen level from the ventilator was reduced from 50% to 40%. Normal room air, that you and I breath, is 21%…

Still Intubated…

Ryan’s electrolytes were all normal, except for a deficiency of potassium. His white blood cells have returned to a normal level. There is some talk that he could come off the ventilator as early as tomorrow.

He had a CT scan of his head later in the afternoon.  It should identify if his brain is still in mid-line and the cerebral fluid is draining.  An X-ray series was taken to confirm the shunt is functioning at the best setting for him.

We insisted he continue to receive his therapies and supplements throughout his stay. The hospital was happy to do this.


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6 Responses to ICU: Day 3

  1. alecia says:

    I, like many around the world heard the story of your son on the today show. I find myself coming to read ryan’s blog every day. I can’t imagine the pain you are all going through and can see how easily your faith could be shaken. Although we can’t understand God’s plan, it seems like he’s surrounded you with an unbelievable support system of family, friends, doctors, therapists, etc. Most of all it seems like he’s given you an amazing son who’s a fighter. He seems like a great guy and a blessing to those who know him. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers and for healing for Ryan. Although I know our maker will have the last judgement on the “boys” who did this, I think they got off WAY too easy for their actions, they deserve a much more severe punishment during their time on this earth. I only hope God has mercy on their souls someday.

  2. Paula says:

    Thank you for the update! Things are progressing, Ryan is improving and we’re all praying for continued healing for Ryan. Prayer warriors met tonight — everyone is tired, no one can sleep knowing Ryan is in the hospital. Still, the call to pray for Ryan and you guys is always there, and we feel privileged to do so. Who could not love a young man like Ryan? Thank the Lord for Kari and all the joy she gives! God bless you, Sue and Ken. Your family is very loved.

  3. Susanne says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Ryan is back in the hospital/ICU. However the progress he is making there shows God continues to heal Ryan and lead you to people and places that provide excellent care. Your entire family has strong faith and that fighting spirit!
    How inspirational are the postings shared by your family and the hundreds of followers who share advice and stories of hope! May today bring comfort and peace.
    May your burden lighten as we lift Ryan and your family up in prayer. May you feel God’s blessings today!

  4. Paula says:

    It’s Christmas Eve Day, and my heart is full of hope for Ryan. Lord, please heal and restore our dear Ryan, and bless us all with your grace. Thinking of you, Diviney Family. Hoping you have a smooth and positive day today. Love, Paula

  5. The Colleran Family says:

    Still here and still praying for all of the Divineys.

  6. Crystal DeRouen says:

    Im very happy to hear that things are looking up ! I too check in on Ryans updates a couple times daily since hearing your story on the Today show ! I will continue to pray for all of you……..sending lots of love ……..Crystal

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