ICU: Day 5

We hope that all those who have not been naughty this year found what they wanted under the tree.

Ryan had a restful night. He was placed on a continuous IV infusion of propofol (the “Michael Jackson” drug) to sedate him around 9:00 PM last night. Just prior, Ryan stormed hard. His body temperature went above 106℉ (in less than 30 minutes). Heart rate hit 190 beats per minute. Blood pressure was around 190/115. Respiration was over 35 breaths per minute.  Just like last Christmas eve, he was placed on a cooling blanket, packed in ice, and had a high-velocity fan cooling him. This is a tradition we’d rather do without.

The plan is to keep him on propofol until he is extubated, since the ventilator appears to make him extremely uncomfortable.  We feel most certain that this triggered the storm.

Please Take Note: The Doctor ordered that Ryan receive no further visitors because his immune system is severely compromised. Right now he is particularly venerable to infection, compounded by being in the hospital environment.  Obviously, we don’t want to take any risks with Ryan and support this order.  It would be catastrophic for him to battle more infections right now.

Bronchoscopy Procedure

The most noteworthy treatment Ryan will receive sometime today is called a bronchoscopy.

A lighted scope is placed on the end of a flexible catheter (called a “bronchoscope) that will be inserted through Ryan’s nose or breathing tube.  It will be guided down the windpipe into each lung to both inspect and remove any mucus plugs that might be present. Any mucus plugs gathered will be cultured to see if anything grows thats is not expected.

Holidays are an especially emotional time for our family. It is a reminder of what was lost. It forces me to not “live in the moment” and face the burden that was put upon us at the hands of another.


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6 Responses to ICU: Day 5

  1. Crystal DeRouen says:

    Merry Christmas may the love of all of us who are praying for your family be felt by you in this very dificult time………….sending lots of love Crystal

  2. I couldn’t have said it any better than Crystal did. We are still here and still praying.

  3. The VanCleve Family says:

    we are still here and praying for Ryan and the family.

    May God Bless you.

  4. Paula says:

    Dear Ken, I am so deeply sorry. There is no way around this pain…only through it. I wish I could give you, Sue, Kari and Ryan a big hug right now. I wish I could take away your pain. I wish Ryan was never injured. This all feels like some other reality. Thank God for all these abilities you have within yourself to help Ryan, thank God Sue is an extraordinary person, and thank God for the radiant light of beautiful Kari. Thank God for the love you share as a family — the only two things that matter in this life — love and family. Thank God Ryan has you for his parents, and Kari for his sister, and all the family members, friends and even strangers who want nothing more than for the Lord to work a miracle for Ryan. Thank God for precious Ryan. In your aloneness, you are not alone, for your sorrow is our sorrow too. We love Ryan, and we love you too. Still here, still praying, and I still know, that God loves you.

  5. B. Smith says:

    May God’s love surround you this Holiday.
    God Bless you all.

  6. SJ Dunkle says:

    May you all be surrounded by love this Christmas. Our prayers are always with you.

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