ICU: Day 7. Extubated!

Ryan was extubated early yesterday afternoon. It’s great to see that tube out of his month and no longer being attached to a ventilator.

Off the ventilator!

Ryan has a condition called “stidor breathing” that’s being watched closely (click here to to listen to a quick audio sample). Essentially, this is a restricted airway. We’re told this is most likely caused by inflammation around his vocal cords; caused by the trauma of having a tube in his airway. The doctor believes it will resolve itself in a day or two. Ryan is getting steroid injections in his throat to speed the healing.  If it continues, the plan is to scope him to see what is causing the obstruction.

After three days he was able to be fed again, albeit only 15 ml per hour. This is roughly equivalent to one tablespoon hourly .  I expect his rate to increase by another 10 or 20 ml this morning.  We worked hard to get Ryan’s weight up over the past three months for just such a case. He entered the hospital at roughly 175 lbs. One of the first things we’ll do when he eventually returns home is to reweigh him to see how much he lost.

By all indications, Ryan will be in ICU for at least another two days. We are pushing to have him discharged directly home from ICU, and not to the medical floor. We believe he will get better care at home while recovering and be free of all the infections commonly present in a hospital environment.  Another infection right now would not be good.

The past week has been exhausting for my family. Ryan’s recovery is rejuvinating. We look forward to returning home.


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10 Responses to ICU: Day 7. Extubated!

  1. alecia says:

    I have never been so inspired. Your son is such a fighter……God bless you all.

  2. Paula says:

    Thank you, Ken, for letting us know the latest about our Ryan. You are doing a phenomenal job taking care of your beautiful son, and so are sweet Kari and Sue. I am praying there is a way for all three of you to get some much needed rest. Tell us how we can help — it is important for us to help you and your family. We care so much about you guys!!! Love & Prayers, Paula

  3. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    Great news on getting off the ventilator. Hope to have you all home soon. XOXO

  4. Crystal DeRouen says:

    Good morning 🙂 I am soooo happy to check in and see that things are looking better ! I know you are all delighted and exsausted ! I will continue to pray for Ryan and your family………sending lots of love…..Crystal

  5. Cam says:

    Yay! No ventilator!!!

  6. Carla Liberty says:

    So glad to hear this good news, Diviney family! I agree with Aleicia’s post….I’ve never seen such a fighter. God Bless Ryan, and God Bless you all. Love, carla

  7. Susanne says:

    Dear Divineys,
    God shines in your life! Ryan is making such good progress, and I’m thrilled to see he’s been extubated! I’m hopeful that you’ll be spending New Year’s Eve at home. Kari, congratulations on making the Dean’s List. You rose above the obstacles placed in your path and focused on your family and your studies! Ken and Sue, you have provided such support for your family and for each other. May God lift your burdens and bless you today! I’ll be praying.

  8. sally ellis says:

    We are still here and thinking of you everyday. Stay strong.

  9. Ryan is a miracle. Time will only get better for him, though slowly, but it will come.

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