New Therapy Equipment

At 11:00 am today, we are expecting the delivery, set-up, and sizing of some new therapy equipment (I’ll try to include photos tomorrow). Thank goodness for Medicaid! Included in this equipment is a tilt/standing table, exercise table, CPM machine, and positioning wedges.  This will be just as helpful to me as Ryan by reducing the stress I place on my back and knees every day. No more walking around in primate-like form for me! 

Slowly, since our return from Kessler in late September 2010, I have been converting our family room into a therapy room.  This room is the largest (besides, maybe, the kitchen) on the main floor, measuring 19′ x 19′. Ryan usually spends around 14 hours each day either in this room or the adjoining kitchen, so layout and functionality are paramount.

Never, in my wildest dreams (and I’ve had some wild ones), could I have imagined this room filled with exercise tables, mats, tilt tables, an HBOT chamber, positioning wedges, exercise balls, straps, various sizes/shapes of pillows, and chains. Okay, maaaaaybe pillows and chains… [1].  Too funny to pass up.  :/

Then again, I never thought our old office would be a make-shift better than an ICU room.


[1] I’m sure I’ll get mine for that comment. Usually this takes one (or several) of the following forms: (A) firm verbal chastising; (B) deafening silence; (C) death glare, and/or; (D) waiting 5 years and having it unexpectedly used against me. [2]

[2] See [1].


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16 Responses to New Therapy Equipment

  1. Paula Yocom says:

    Ken — I can’t stop laughing!!!!

  2. Jo Hobbs says:

    You crack me up, Ken! Do you realize how you are blessed with such a wonderful sense of humor and the ability to retain it through all? And you are blessing us! If any one of us dares to be offended, all I can say is, “Lighten up!” Laughter is a gift from God, and I feel that anything that makes us laugh is O.K. with Him. Incidentally, I was just talking to God this very morning and telling Him how depressed we can get after the Christmas Season., and I asked Him to pay close attention to us. Little did I know that He would send you to cheer us up! Thank you, Ken. Now, Ryan, a little sign from you would really help, too! So I will just wait here and see what you can come up with today ~ let us know… …

  3. Ken,Sr says:

    I know what your talking about when you said and did things. You only have to wait 5 years to have things used against you. Your lucky, I have things used against me from 30, 40, 50 years ago.

  4. Rita says:

    If I were Sue, I’d start with the silent treatment, followed by choice A. Men! (jk) On a more serious note, the new equipment is great news — what a blessing! Hopefully you’ll be able to settle into a new, more comfortable workout routine with Ryan. Let us know how he likes it. It is bittersweet though that this transformation of your home into a medical and P/T facility has become your new “normal”. The fact that your family keeps adjusting to all these changes in your life is also a huge blessing. Ryan isn’t the only one making great progress…

  5. Marlene Nana Diviney says:

    I always loved your sense of humor. I loved the comment you made about you and Ryan smoking cigars and watching porn in your underwear.

    So glad that Kari talked you into going out to dinner with her.

    Sending my love to all.

  6. Leesa Modesitt says:

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my face first thing this mornin!! Once again, you amaze me as you all do so often! ❤ God bless you all, Ken!! Good luck with the new equipment! Let Ryan know we are still here n still praying and will be ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!! ❤

  7. Lisa Svendsen says:

    Dear Ken: In the face of tragedy you can either be bitter or get better. You can cry or find a way to laugh. Thanks for making us all laugh today. You are truly a hero. Still here, still praying.

  8. Beth Abraham(Ken's Sister) says:

    Happy to see you haven’t lost the “Diviney” humor !!!!!!!!

  9. Will says:

    Still, praying. I am glad Medicaid came through for Ryan. It will be a great help.

  10. Sam Durham says:

    Like father, like son(s). Oh my, I love it!

  11. Pam GrahamGeorge says:

    Praise the Lord! I loved the rare “lighted-heartness” in your post just now Ken. It’s ok and you deserve it! Thank you Medicaid! Glad to know that it will not only be of benefit to Ryn and his continuing recovery, but also to you as well. Still with you. Still lifting you in prayer and still sending you hugs. Love.

  12. Keith (Morgantown WV) says:

    You sure have a good sense of humor and thats what a person needs to have to get through Rough times. I am So Glad that Ryan is Getting Help from Medicaid. Thank God for places like that. Continueing to Pray for a Miracle! God is Great!

  13. A Cup of Tea says:

    I (Kathry B Howlett) think this blog has been very good for YOU!!! I love your quirks and I don’t even know you!! Sending prayers and respect your way.

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