Unabomber Supporter Offended

There you go. My first offensive comment. Unabomber’s of the world unite! You are under attack.

In the Photo Gallery, I have the picture (provided below) with an apparently offensive caption:

Vantrease or Unabomber

Here is a comment I received that was just too damn good not to pass along:


First off, STOP YELLING! Your message is getting lost in the noise. Screamers… what could be worse? I take that back.  Screamers who support felons… what could be worse?

Second, it’s not at all difficult to determine who “made this site”. Or, just to be sure you hear me… MADE THIS SITE! Just click the “About Me” tab in the menu.  Wait, let me SAVE YOU THE TIME, it’s Ryan’s father. Or just click here.

Now, not sure which direction is being taken here. Terrorist supporter? Malicious assault supporter? Perhaps, a hater of people who wear hoodies? One thing I did learn, tis’ better to kick defenseless people than insult a convicted felon.

Can you believe that a person actually changed their mind to now believing Austin Vantrease is not “the bad guy”? I am the bad guy because I saw the similarities between Austin Vantrease’s photograph (choosing to be dressed as a thug) and the Unabomber’s! Why can’t we both be bad guys? WHY, I ASK?

Like malicious assault, maybe there should be a law against people looking the same. Still, I need to tell you, I’ve never seen Austin and the Unabomber is the same place at the same time.  Hmmm, makes one think…


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22 Responses to Unabomber Supporter Offended

  1. Jill in Morgantown says:

    What a stupid comment. How can anyone compare what your family has been through to something as trivial as a unibomber comment. Ooooooh, so someone’s feelings got hurt. Better than the physical pain Ryan endures EVERY DAY. It just shows how ignorant some people are. Ken, don’t even give them a second thought. Still here and praying in Morgantown

  2. sally ellis says:

    Don’t give him a second thought he is not worth it. Your postings have been insightful and entertaining for lack of a better word. I myself find the stare works wonders.

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    Ken, please pay no attention to this crazy maker! It is scary — there are many of them, for evil seems to be spreading like wildfire.

    • Hi Jo. Just wanted to comment on your comment. I appreciate your comment, espeically about evil. Jo, I like your encouraging words and comment to Ken. He needs that support. If you are in the Lord, (not sure) but let’s just say if you are, then you know what the Chapter of Matthew reads. One of them is, Sin will abound in the last days so I’m not surprised at how people have become angry at each other enough to either kill or destroy and that’s what these two Monsters have done to Ryan. So, thank you and many others for being so nice and supportive to Ken and his family. I don’t know Ryan and I live in Silver Spring MD but what ever I can do, I will, and I will always send the Ryan family encouraging words. Thanks and happy New Year to you and many others.

  4. colleen from Newark, De says:

    Humorous post! Ignore the ignorant! I have been following your blog since our paper ran the article about the sentencing in December. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  5. Paula Yocom says:

    Geez, reading a comment like that is akin to eating a dirt sandwich. Just ignore ’em, Ken. Love you guys, Paula

  6. alecia says:


    …..really?! did a person have the gall to say that to you? Dear poster, there’s no reason for an innocent person to have his head kicked repeatdely to the point where his quality of life was altered. That comment really got me bothered…..don’t let him get to you….!

  7. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    pay no attention to the guy who is afraid to reveal his identity (aka the man behind the curtain…)

  8. Sam says:

    Dear (Jordan, a.k.a. MEATNCHEESE2277@GMAIL.COM, a.k.a. IP Address, Inc., West Chester, PA, Phone 610-701-3336 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 610-701-3336 end_of_the_skype_highlighting). Note: West Chester is a mere 18 miles from Newark/Hockessin, NJ.).

    In case you didn’t understand the analogy, here is a link to a picture that will help you make the connection: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/unabomber.jpg with the photo.

    And in case you were wondering, there is no evidence that the unabomber ever walked up and kicked a defenseless man in the head. What he did was wrong, and horrible, but it is even harder for me to imagine being able to look right at your victim and cause intentional pain. The unabomber was crazy, and a coward but even he didn’t kick someone in the head.

  9. Keith (Morgantown WV) says:

    Ken and Family Don’t Give Him A Second Thought! Look what he has done to Ryan and Your Family. I cant believe the way people act. Poor Ryan has been through so much then people write things on here to try and make your family upset. Hang In There, Stay Strong. You have all of our support!!!! Don’t let him get to you hes not worth it!

  10. Anna says:

    Watching the morning news I heard that the parents of the person who shot the Congresswoman and others in Arizona have not stopped crying, are very sorry for their sons actions and are devastated according to their neighbors. Has anyone heard such claims from the May or Vantrease neighbors?? No!! All we have heard is how wonderful Austin and Jon are and how they wouldn’t hurt a fly. I wonder… does the shooter have a sister who will set up a facebook support group for him?? Will his mother scream at the family of the 9 year old, or the husband of the congresswoman when their son goes to trial?? Seems all three of these criminals had trouble in school, with relationships, etc. Does anyone detect a character pattern here of criminals???
    Who cares what some loser from West Chester, PA thinks? Let them come visit Ryan just once, I challenge them to visit him just once and see if he still supports “Aus”.

    • Paula Yocom says:

      Exactly. We need to start holding people accountable for their actions. Parents who do not hold their children accountable for their negative behavior are doing their children, themselves and society at large a huge disfavor. And in some cases, alas, lives are seriously damaged or even ruined because a parent was unable or unwilling to recognize, acknowledge and find treatment for a troubled child. Denial can be a terrible thing.

    • I keep reading your comment. The insight is so true and compelling!

  11. These types of comments energize me. It seems it has the same impact on many others too!

  12. Rita says:

    You have to question the character of someone who would suddenly lose all compassion he supposedly had for your family because of one harmless expression of the grief, anger and frustration you have had to cope with every day for the past 14+ months. If it’s really easier for this screamer to forgive a vicious, heartless, remorseless attacker than a single (slightly snarky 😉 comment by the victim’s father, he’s got his own moral issues to deal with. Aren’t you glad he’s “lost interest” in your family? Good riddance, Meat-n-Cheese.

  13. Ken, I think your sense of humor is as amazing as you are. Knowing you are hanging on to your unique sense of humor instead of drifting into despair is a good thing. Pay no attention to the idiots out there. I know I am not alone is saying you and your whole family continues to amaze. Still here, still praying.

  14. Fairmont, West Virginia says:

    Seriously, this person gets offended by you calling him that??? Geez, if I was in your shoes, I could think of so many more names, bad of course, that I could call this person. Oh well, I always heard it takes all kinds to make the world go round. God Bless you all Ken!

  15. Trish Traylor says:

    Dear Ken and family, I have been following and praying for your family since learning of your story in the Washington Post. Try not to sweat this person’s comment too much. There is so much daily love and support here that it is obvious to me that Mr. Ignorance is Bliss has never suffered such tragedy in his life, and should consider himself very lucky. This was the first post of this kind I have read from you or your family, and you certainly have earned the right to express it. In your blog and fb site I find hope and resilience that inspires me daily. I lost my son Jim in 2006. He was a student at WVU. Our suffering is different but, tied to many similar human emotions I am sure. Keep strong, and when you aren’t able to be strong let those around you lift you up. I am very hopeful for your beautiful son Ryan. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Hi Trish, I don’t know you but just wanted to say, those were such encouraging words you shared with the Diviney family. I can feel the peace in your words and they were very touching. I hope the Ryan family feels this peace and loyalty in your comment. It’s good to see people like you supporting this family. I don’t know then either but when I read the story, I was totally shocked and hurt for this young man. I’ve been praying for him and he may never recover 100% but my hope as well as many others, is that Ryan will at least get 90% of himself back. I will rejoice in that day. You’re so right when you mentioned Mr. Ignorance has never suffered nothing like this in his family. It’s not until it happens to one of your own, then that person becomes humble and different. So, negative people just need to stay off the Ryan site if they don’t have positive things to share with the Ryan family. There are more evil people then good in the world sad to say but then again, The Bible warns us about sin in the last days. So, keep up the encouraging words. Happy New Year. (I’m not looking for a reply, I just wanted to share with you. )

  16. Karen says:

    Did you ever hear the expression “Don’t let them rent space in your head”? You have your own goals to focus on with Ryan to allow an insensitive comment to distract you. Stay the course and don’t let his words replace ANY of your positive energy! You are an amazing family and have shown us how it is possible to dig down deep inside and take care of those who mean the most to us. We are all inspired by your tenacity and devotion.

  17. Mike says:

    That person is not even worth your time and I’m glad you shrug it off. He is obviously an uneducated and unsympathetic person who clearly has some growing up to do. And you’re right, that is definitely a unabomber type of picture.

  18. JORDAN says:

    thank you all for confirming what I said.
    I do feel terribly sorry for ryans family.
    and im sorry that you have to deal with this horrible tragedy. and thank you for putting my email up there for everyone to see. and if i get one email from anyone about this i will see you in court for invasion of privacy.
    if my email and information is not taken down soon you will be hearing from my lawyer.

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