International Brain Research Foundation Team Visits

Two doctors from the International Brain Research Foundation visited us yesterday to perform some tests and begin the groundwork for a plan of treatment, provided we can pay for it all.

Qualitative EEG

Tests included Evoked Response Potential, qualitative EEG (or qEEG), and a neurological evaluation, among others (just hover your mouse over the term to get a short definition, or refer to the glossary). As we understand it, we should start getting results back in a couple of weeks.

So, it feels great to have some treatments in the not-so-distant future.

Often in my life, I have to chose between embarrassing myself, or going for the laugh (at my own expense). Most always, I go for the latter. Hey, it keeps my ego in check (along with marriage). So, here — for your entertainment — is something that reminds me just how idiotic I can be…

My first was a response to Sue (my wife). Her car battery has been dead for a while now. I have truly intended to jump it or hook it up to the battery charger, but the day just gets in the way.

So, when she asked me to take care of this yesterday I wanted to jump right on it. Here is where my story turns ugly (for me). This is the point where you might want to note that I am, most surely, less than a half-wit. Okay, here goes… I asked her if she wouldn’t mind pulling her car up by the garage door so I could more easily hook the charger to her dead battery. Sue looked at me like I just grew a second head. It was the all too familiar look of  either “You are such an idiot that I’m not even going to humor you with a response” or “You’ll be hearing about that for a looooooong time!”.  In a rare feat, I earned both.


  • I simultaneously overdose and underdose myself.
  • A night with a bad nurse.

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15 Responses to International Brain Research Foundation Team Visits

  1. Paula Yocom says:

    Oh dear me, I want to respond to the first part of your message because it’s so exciting, but first, I’ve got to stop laughing — be back later — and thanks for the humor, I never see this coming which makes it even funnier!!

  2. Will says:

    I pray that that team comes up with a positive response for Ryan’s treatment.

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    It was just an error in choice of words, Ken. You meant to say, “Would you mind pushing,” not “pulling!”

  4. Anna says:

    Can’t wait to read your … A Night with a Bad Nurse story!

  5. Jo Hobbs says:

    Very exciting news. I’ve been reading about the International Brain Research Foundation. Lots to read. When would this begin? Will insurance cover any of the cost, or all?

  6. Christine Watson says:

    Great Brain Research Fundation, but they do receive a tremendous amount of funding…why can’t he be part of their “research”? I’m befuddled…but praying on behalf of Ryan.

  7. Paula Yocom says:

    International Brain Research Foundation — WOW!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that!!!! Everyone, we need to get the contributions rolling again!!!! With God’s help, we can do this!!

  8. Marlene Nana Diviney says:

    The car battery story sounds like a “typical Marlene moment”. SCARY!!!

  9. Michelle Bradley says:

    Thats good news about the team from the research group. I truly hope you have good luck with your insurance company. When Brandon started in his therapies he needed very little physical therapy, but lots of speech and occupational. Well, come to find out his insurance will grant him lots of speech but only 24 visits a year (thats right I said a year ) for physical and occupational combined. Now think about it, here is a young man (Brandon was 25 when he had his accident) lots of years ahead, on disabilty, (major trauma to the head) wants to go back to work and cannot right now (because of seizures and memory issues) and all the insurance company wants to provide is 24 visits a year. Brandon is a Carpenter in the Carpenter’s Union, he works with his hands, you would think that Occupational Therapy would be a priority for TBI patients to be able to go back to work and eventually get off disability. Go Figure. Brandon’s father and I have sure learned alot about the ins and outs of the Medical and Insurance Industries. 😦
    Anyway, God Bless your family and most of all Ryan. SHSP

    Michelle Bradley

  10. The Colangelis says:

    Good luck with the visit by International Brain Research Foundation. We are praying for Ryan.

  11. Keith (From Morgantown) says:

    I know that when you guys gets the test back that its all gonna have a Great Outlook! My God is in Control and He will see Ryan and the Family Through This! As I continue to say “Gods Gonna see A Miracle for Ryan” I am glad to see the sense of humor that you have, I know thats what a person needs to make it through everyday! Continueing Prayers Your Way!

  12. I’m still praying for Ryan that the International Brain Research Foundation finds slow but good news. A lot of people that don’t know Ryan like myself, are praying for him.

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