Coat on Way to Kari

Wow! It appears all of you not only are eager to help Ryan, but Kari as well! What a great feeling!

After reading my earlier post, I might have come across as crying “poverty!”. It’s sometimes a thin line I tread, and I’m still not good at it.

I have just sent Kari another coat, that she’ll get tomorrow.  As for all other items stolen, I believe she needs to feel the impact of not guarding her personal belonging.  I absolutely don’t blame her for someone stealing her stuff, but this will be a good lesson in coping.



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3 Responses to Coat on Way to Kari

  1. Paula Yocom says:

    I am very sorry this happened. The fact is, all of us need and want to step up and help your family, Ken!! I appreciate you telling us what’s going on and not hiding behind some pretense of “everything’s okay.” I’d much rather know the truth. Praying Kari gets her new ID immediately. The university knows she must have it to take care of herself. Darn it, I wish I could beam myself there and give her a hug and help her get her ID, etc. It will be okay, Ken, she has you and Sue in her corner, and from what I understand, some exceptionally kind souls in Morgantown. And the rest of us who love and care about your family. Kari is a smart and strong young lady, thanks to her upbringing, and she will get through this and become even stronger.

  2. Rita says:

    Glad to hear that things are under control, but isn’t it nice to know you have some back-up in a pinch? We always have extra stuff like coats in our house if you guys are ever in a bind again… My husband would agree with you on the “life lesson” part, btw. He had Karen call PNC right away to cancel her bank card, and she had to deal with all the school stuff after he dropped her off on campus last Sunday. She is coping. But, like many moms, I tend to be more of a softie. Hence, the road trip to Penn State tomorrow to take care of the driver’s license. (She is 21, after all, and NEEDS that ID to enjoy the full college experience.)

  3. Keith (Morgantown WV) says:

    We all want to help Your Family! Even if its just Our Prayers! I Really Wish I could help more but I know One thing You all Have My Prayers and i’m sure you heard this enough but i know you guys want this also! And im gonna say it again! I am Holding Onto God that He Gives Ryan A Miracle. Thats My Daily Prayers For Ryan that God Give Him A Miracle!!!! God Bless Ken, Sue, Kari and Expecially Ryan! I Don’t know Your Family But God Does and Your Family has inspired Me how Great You are with Standing By Ryans Side and Being there 100%. I Hope and Pray that All Other Parents Take Note On How Great You Guys Are!!!

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