Kari is a Victim of Theft

Kari called me late last night very concerned and saddened. By all appearances, she was a victim of theft.  She was in a club with her friends and her North Face winter coat went missing.  In her coat pockets she had her student ID, driver’s license, spending money for the month, dorm keys, a credit card for emergencies, and gloves.

We spent good money to get her a high-quality winter coat and gloves to keep her warm in the cold and snowy Morgantown winter.  She’ll be inconvenienced today by having to jump through hoops to replace her student ID without another form of identification (since it was taken too).  Her student ID is her lifeline at WVU. Without it, she cannot eat, do laundry, swipe herself into class for attendance, take tests, swipe into the dorm, use any of the services, and so much more. After she somehow gets a student ID, she then may get new keys. I believe they are $50/key. Finally, how will she stay warm until we can send the money to replace it (layering, that’s the answer)? I wonder if the person who did this realizes this is not just simple petty theft?

I’m just so damned pissed off (not at Kari) I could spit nails.

I suppose, in the larger scheme of things, this is a another good life lesson for her. Bad things, at the hands (or feet) of complete jerks, happen to good people all the time. What every happened to the basic rules of civility? …Never kick a man when he’s down. …Never take things that don’t belong to you. …Never hit a man when he isn’t looking. Open doors for ladies (Please, no comments from women libbers! I get it, you can open a door.  It’s just a gesture of respect and not some sort of statement about weakness). Do unto others.

It’s getting to the point where I just want to build a shell around my house and roll my family and everyone I love in packing peanuts (I was going to say “bubble-wrap”, but that’s just too damn fun to pop and we’d lose the protection it affords).  Of course, this is after I implant a GPS-tracking chip in their body.

Hmmm, you know, a bubble-wrap coat might just work.  You get the protection from both the elements and the idiots. I claim this as my invention! Patent-pending.


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19 Responses to Kari is a Victim of Theft

  1. A Cup of Tea says:

    Ugghhh! So sorry. It’s happened to my two kids FOUR times, twice involving smashed car windows, twice the same as Kari. It is such an upsetting experience for them and the parents. I am so sorry……(Kathryn)

  2. Rita says:

    Poor Kari. I’m so, so sorry for her, and for you and Sue having to deal with yet more complications and expenses. This just happened to Karen on her last night out with friends over break. She was able to get a temporary school ID right away and replace her dorm key, but guess who has to drive up to Penn State tomorrow to bring her back home for a fun Saturday morning at the DMV to replace her driver’s license… Fun. I don’t know why there are so many thoughtless people out there who don’t care about disrupting the lives of innocent strangers. Thank God that Kari, like Karen, is a strong, mature young woman who will recover and grow from this very frustrating experience. (And I’m sure they’re both thankful for loving, protective parents who don’t go ballistic on them when something bad happens.) What size coat does Kari wear, btw? We might already have something in our home that she could use. Please let us know…

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    So sorry to hear of this, but not at all surprised. College and high school students are the best pickin’s for thieves, because they get such good stuff. Thieves are everywhere, always looking for opportunities. Not one of us is safe, so be watchful, Folks! It has happened to many of us, and, Kari, we feel your pain. You are in our prayers. Still here.

  4. Cam says:

    happened to both my kids too. I remember Cole having his backpack stolen. Lost his glasses, school books, calculator, his id, his girlfriend’s id, etc. But someone found it and returned some of the items because I had written his name in his glasses case with my phone number in the case! Everyone is right, happens all the time with kids.

  5. alecia says:

    That stinks. What’s wrong with people today? I’m sorry Kari, I hope your items are found soon.

  6. Cam says:

    most clubs have video surveillance, might be worth a try!

  7. Pamela says:

    What size does Kari need? Because I have tons of extra jackets and gloves here in Morgantown. If Kari wants to go through them, she is more than welcome.

  8. Kerry says:

    I have contacted the dean of students and the Parent’s club to see if they can offer some assistance to Kari. We have some folks looking into it. Still here and trying to help in anyway I can.

  9. Susanne says:

    I’m so sorry to read about Kari’s loss! It’s sad to say, but but theft is a huge problem. High moral standards fall short in today’s society. But God is HERE! The above posts show God at work in our lives……people feeling compassion and reaching out in numerous ways to help others! I’m praying Kari’s things are returned. I’m hoping that today things improve on the homefront as well. May your family feel our love and support!

  10. Paula Yocom says:

    Well darn it, this is such a violation!!! Kids just don’t expect their things to get stolen or for people to hurt them, especially when they come from loving homes. It comes as a shock to them to know it can really happen — and it hurts them in their souls. Kari, I am very sorry this happened to you!!! It’s the kind of experience we all learn from. You can’t leave a drink on a table for fear someone will put something into it, you can’t set down your purse, IPod, anything — such an angering thought someone is watching, waiting, just looking for an opportunity to rob you of something. I am praying for you, Kari, for the Lord to send His angels to surround and protect you at all times. I am very angry and sad about this!!! Thank goodness there are *many* wonderful, caring people in Morgantown who will help you in times like this. Thank you to all the fantastic people of Morgantown and beyond!!! The Divineys need all the love and support we can give them.

  11. Carla Liberty says:

    Oh Ken,

    Like the others, this happened to Natalie too. Same North Face jacket, her cell, her keys, her student id, her license, etc. All because she left them on her chair when she went to the bathroom at the local pub. Gone for 5 minutes tops, and then BOOM, her stuff is gone too. What a nightmare! She did have someone try to “return some of her stuff” (for a price) to her by calling a friend’s name from her cell phone. Of course she perceived that as a trap, so tell Kari to be careful of that too. People can be hateful.

    The good news is, you have some guardian angels out there in Morgantown who can make magic happen in a matter of minutes. Let them help you, as they have offered. 🙂

    Hugs to you and your family,

  12. Patrice says:

    So sorry about this to your daughter. You probably already did this.. a police report can be filed as well as the credit card reported as stolen. May be able to track the @hole(s) down who stole her property. If there is a ring of thiefs in the area, the cops need to know.. or if it was a student God Forbid, word gets out, they he or she will get caught sooner or later. Meanwhile I hope her cell phone wasn’t also taken, if it was it can be tracked and of course blocked right away. My prayers go to you and your family for safety and protection.

  13. Anna says:

    We feel for you Kari! Lizzie had her wallet stolen her first weekend at Syracuse freshman year. She got up to get a napkin and came back and GONE!! We had to go through all the pain of getting her debit card stopped, her SS# tracked, call 1-800-269-0271 for SS fraud, called the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, 1-800-525-6285, TransUnion, 1-800-680-7289, and Experian, 1-888-397-3742 and they will all put a security alert on her credit file so no one can open credit in her name! You should do this! These folks prey on students to return and then BANG! Its not enough the kids have to worry about attending class and studying, but then they have to deal with the dreks of society out there also. Can we get in that bubble for families? Just in case we are on the fence about getting in.. Jonny was taught to open and hold doors for women, his dad still does for me! Its called manners!! Good luck, now you have a story to tell Ryan all day today I am sure he is used to your ramblings!! HaHa

  14. Chris says:

    I had my room and car broken into when I was at school. Had my laptop stolen from my room which had all my school work on it. My teachers were nice enough to work with me on turning my work in late after I replaced my laptop and re-did all the assignments. I am sure you guys will get plenty of help from the school and friends to get you through all this added crap you all don’t need.

  15. I hope the ass hole who took Kari’s jacket will get robbed of it. That will be her or his well deserved punishment.

  16. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    I agree, whatever happened to common courtesy, the golden rule etc. I try to teach my kids every day to treat people the way they’d like to be treated and that doing the right thing in life is the most important thing.

    Sorry, just what you need on top of your daily challenges. I’d be mad as hell if someone stole my nice coat! That is just downright mean. Mean people suck.

  17. Keith (In Morgantown) says:

    Sorry to hear that about Kari! You know people has no respect for anything anymore. If people want things like that then “Get out and get a job!” and not steal from people!!! I Hope that She gets Everything taken care of! People work hard to get things then stuff like that happenes.

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