I’m Funny! Dammit!

Last night, Sue spent hours upon hours organizing and reorganizing 2010 paperwork. Although she did a great job staying on top of this on an ongoing basis, she wanted to get this into a “final” paper archive.  She is still working on this, but this work-in-progress has packed 11 binders so far. Our kitchen table has stacks of paper that will easily fill three more.

2010 Tracking Binders

Gone are the days of a single hanging folder in the filing cabinet.

Just thinking of preparing our taxes makes me cringe. I sure hope TurboTax is up to the task.

I just want everyone to know that I sincerely appreciate all the support for this blog. I truly enjoy writing it. It’s therapeutic for me. It gives me an outlet to work-through my hopes, fears, frustration, anger, and heartache. I love reading the comments. They mostly bring a smile to my face or help me look at things in a different light.

My ego is surely puffed-up by those who appreciate my sense of humor. My wife, absent the “humor gene”, is finally coming around to admitting I am somewhat funny… every now and then. She was actually laughing so hard a my blog’s disclaimer that tears were rolling down here face. No matter how many times I’ve told her “Sue, it’s all about the delivery and timing”, she wouldn’t believe me until she heard it from others. Typical wife! For almost 25 years I’ve had to live with this! Whoa is me and my longsuffering hilarity.


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15 Responses to I’m Funny! Dammit!

  1. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    You seem a bit more upbeat sharing your thoughts via the blog Ken. Although everyday is surely a challenge I am happy to see you can maintain your sense of humor. I hope you all have a nice, quiet day. ; )

    • Carla Liberty says:

      It has to help Ken, Sue, Kari and Ryan so much to have such a wonderful neighbor watching out for them, Cheryl. God Bless You (and your other kind neighbors!) for being there.

  2. Michele says:

    Good morning guys! Ken, I know you had mentioned you may be in the market for a handicapped accessible (I think you called it ugly van actually) for Ryan. We’re thinking about further junking up the neighborhood with one ourselves. Here is a craigslisting for an inexpensive one that might meet your needs. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ctd/2166260705.html
    We don’t need the hightop and are going with a regular minivan because we need seating for 6. If you would like us to organize a fundraiser, maybe we can raise some funds for this as well. I’ve done for the non-profit I used to run with pretty good results. Let us know. I enjoy your sense of humor and am also “blessed” with a husband with similar, in other words, I feel for Sue 🙂

  3. Susanne says:

    Yes, Ken, you are really really funny! Your gift of humor clearly shines through. This blog provides the updates about Ryan and your family that we look forward to reading, but most of the suffering your family endures is so intense and painful. Thank goodness you’re blessed not only with courage and devotion, but with this humor gene as well. My husband was hilarious, too, and I can so relate! We were always laughing! How theraputic that you can write and laugh. You lift us up! Thank you for sharing this gift with us! Have a great day. Maybe you could hit up Office Depot or Staples for some free 3-ring binders. Perhaps a shelving unit, too!

  4. Anna says:

    Ken, you are VERY funny! Too bad it took this tragedy for all of us to get to know what Sue already knew…..haha. Humor is what drew me to my husband, but after 30 years his jokes are irritating at times, and funny other times, so I feel Sue’s pain. Anyway, from my inexperienced point of view the van “looks” great, but know nothing about them as far as functioning needs. You can count on us for a contribution when you decide to get one. I think this is a good idea, you and Ryan can hit the road some times and get out!

  5. Paula Yocom says:

    Oh mercy, Ken — LOL!!! You make a great columnist, for sure!! In addition to your great sense of humor (you have a wicked wit!!), your honesty and authenticity enable us to both relate about certain things, as well as take this journey with you, Sue and Kari. No sugar coating for Ken!! I’ve learned so many things since I’ve met you and your family, it’s totally expanded my view of life, and helped me to better understand what is truly important. The humor is good, it helps us all to make the right turn when we hit the proverbial fork in the road — i.e. — am I going to get bitter or better about something. I admire the fighter in you, but I also admire the philosopher, logistician, teacher, and trail blazer attitude — pretty awesome!!! Hope today is peaceful and smooth for you and your family!!!

  6. Pam GrahamGeorge says:

    Ken. I love reading your blog every day now. When I read your daily blog, I am awestruck at your courage, your vulnerability, your strength, your endurance, your passion, and your continued love and devotion. With this writing, I am just checking in to remind you that I am still with you and your family, still praying and just more in love with your family all the time. God definitely shines his light through not only this tragedy, but through your family and your tsunami of devoted friends! HUGS!

  7. Mike says:

    Ken you truly are an amazing individual. No words can describe the amount of respect I have for you, your wife, your daughter and son.

    I know in my heart that Ryan will wake up, and when he does you will be right there next to him as you have been your entire life. Glad to see you are still in high spirits, sir!

  8. Marlene Nana Diviney says:

    To my favorite son, words of wisdom from your mother: Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying. Yes, our family has a sense of humor and sometimes it can be brutal, as we have been told many times.

  9. Gail Doyle says:

    Dear Divineys. I only know you from seeing you on the Today show and have been following your blogs since and keeping up with Ryan ,s condition and offering many prayers for you all. I look forward to hear how Ryan is and all the progress he is making.I feel in my heart he will wake up .Glad that you are able to be humorous,Im sure it helps those around ,,May you all find Peace and Healing .Till next blog. Gail

  10. Rita says:

    My husband keeps insisting that he’s funny too, but others seem to appreciate (or tolerate) his brand of humor more than I do after so many years, so I feel for Sue also! Humor is a great coping strategy for relieving stress and maintaining sanity, so keep letting it out, even if it’s dark humor sometimes. We won’t hold your irreverence against you 😉 P.S. I wonder if Sue is journaling privately and today’s entry for her is titled: “This is serious, dammit!”

  11. Michelle says:

    I was just reading an article about Gabrielle Giffords and wanted to share. Would be good to look into TIRR Memorial Hermann. I see a doctor from Kessler commented as well. Was he someone you met while Ryan was there? I have been following your story since the beginning as well. My daughter is in Countryside’s FUTURA program and she said her teacher had a Team Diviney t-shirt on and she asked about Ryan. She asks about Ryan on a daily basis and we all pray for him and your family:

    TIRR Memorial Hermann is a 116-bed rehab facility affiliated with the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. It claims to have the largest research program on recovery from traumatic brain injury in the world, and gets federal funding for long-term research on such patients.

    One of its success stories is Buffalo Bills’ tight end Kevin Everett, treated after a life-threatening spinal cord injury in 2007. Everett was paralyzed from the neck down when he arrived at the rehab center in September 2007; now he can walk.

    Dr. Jonathan Fellus, director of the brain injury program at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange, N.J., said it’s not surprising that Giffords could enter rehabilitation as early as two weeks after the injury.

  12. sally ellis says:

    I was also curious whether you had heard about this rehab in Houston. You guys are so on top of things though that I feel you probably know about it. Ken your humor has not only helped you but a lot of other folks as well. As you know this is a tough road for a lot of Ryan’s friends. I believe your writings help them laugh when they want to cry. However sometimes the crying wins out. What incredible life lessons these kids are learning. Thank you for your constant honesty, wit, and humor. I do believe Ryan will wake up and give it right back to you.

  13. Keith says:

    I think this Blog is a Very Good Site. I check it out everyday to look at Ryans Recovery. I think its good that you have it on here. My Prayers Continue throughout each and Everyday for Ryan and the Family. May God Bless!

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