How I Overdosed and Underdosed Myself

I took a look at my posts over the past week and decided I am being a bit of a downer. A buzz-kill, as it were. I am hoping we are on the cusp of good news from the doctors of the International Brain Research Foundation. But, in the meantime the best way to remedy my bummer attitude is to lighten up. What better way than laughing at my own mishaps?

For roughly six months now, I have been taking an anti-anxiety medication. I can tell you, it has helped greatly. It’s relatively low dosage — enough to take the edge off — but apparently not a good idea to just stop taking all at once. More on that later.

I also take a medication for my blood pressure. This was prescribed back in July when the trial was being held.  Many will remember how my nose would just start bleeding.  It was more like my nose would explode. It was gushing out. Stress, for sure. I self-checked my blood pressure and it was crazy high.

Now, in my defense, the two bottles (blood pressure and anxiety) are identical. Further, the dosage is identical (take one pill once a day). The only way to know the difference is to read the label (being a guy, this is not in my nature). Also, medications go by so many brand names that even a knowledge of latin is useless. So, when I received a new shipment I just assumed I received a different brand of anxiety medicine. I’m still not sure what made me think this. There was absolutely no change.

Well, I begin to feel extremely light-headed. This went on for days. Numbness was originating in my head and radiating, like impulse waves, throughout my body. It was much worse when standing. I resolved myself to the fact that I had a brain tumor or was experiencing mini-strokes. The stress had finally gotten to me. I was an emotional wreck.

As it turns out, what had gotten to me was me. I was not taking the anxiety medicine at all. Worse yet, I was taking twice the dosage of blood pressure medication. I’m lucky I didn’t harm myself!  Sue found this especially funny…

I briefly considered reporting myself, by myself, to Adult Protective Services. 😉  But, before doing so I thought I should take a minute gather more information. Yep, I was simultaneously overdosing and underdosing myself.

Going forward, I will take the same care that I do for Ryan. We have a fail-safe system in place that, among other verification, triple-checks every pill that goes into the body.

On a separate note, we received a call from the administrator at the IBRF in New Jersey.  He said the doctors have their finding from the assessment given last Thursday. We anticipate getting some feedback today. We’re both scared and excited to learn what was found.


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14 Responses to How I Overdosed and Underdosed Myself

  1. Jo Hobbs says:

    Ken, the week has not been a downer by any means! You have had me laughing along with crying, and that is a good thing. We love your blog; how else can we keep up? Facebook is great, too, but here, it is a little more private (Re: the long, heartfelt notes). We are your supporters, praying for all of you continually, trusting God, our hopes are high and we are still here. Love

  2. Rita says:

    Oh my, that’s kinda scary… So glad you survived your O.D. to tell the tale and commit to taking even better care of yourself. Phew! (And now we understand Sue’s sense of humor a little better. I can just picture her shaking her head at you, silly man…) Praying that you get some good/helpful feeback from the Brain Foundation today and that the findings will lead you to the specific treatments Ryan needs for optimum healing. Stay strong and stay honest. Much love to you and Sue ❤

  3. Peggie says:

    Glad to see you figured things out and good to know that you really are taking care of yourself. A little reminder of how important it is to pay attention to all of the little details. Being able to laugh at ourselves really is a good thing. You have quite a sense of humor! Hoping and praying for good feedback and promising news for Ryan this afternoon. We are here for you guys. Love, Peggie

  4. Evelyn Boxley says:

    Ken your posts keep me in stitches and I certainly missed the days of no posts, so sorry it was at your expensive. Better than Protective services maybe that ER doc could help you. He could call in protective services for you and on you. That would be an interesting challenge for him!! Keep your chin up , praying for good news

  5. Paula Yocom says:

    Oh mother of mercy, Ken — LOL!!! Your sense of humor is a God send — amidst all this anguish there is a ray of light, which is your silly self!! You’re the one helping us by making us smile : ) Thanks, Ken!!!

  6. Will says:

    You might want to look at the pills. They must be different in color, shape or size. This is another way of preventing a mistake. It is funny how anxiety can affect you, believe me I know.

  7. Linda says:

    One of the most important things you can do for Ryan is to take good care of yourself. You are no good to him if you are sick or in declining health. Eat well, excercise, get some time away, maybe join a gym to keep your body and mind healthy. My grandson (only 1 year old) but is a very demanding child pushes her to the limit daily. She tells me going to gym several times a week for just 1 hour gives her the break she needs and keeps her sane. BTW, I enjoy reading your blog even though I do not know your family. My daughter is a graduate of WVU and for that reason we are all family.

  8. Linda says:

    Sorry, my last message, when I said pushes her to the limit….I was speaking of my daughter. BTW, if anyone knows why my cursor is jumping around and inserting letters, please let me know. Thanks

  9. karenmfoust says:

    Okay, Ken, I tend not to comment; I just keep praying and following the blog…

    I have to speak out now.

    You have GOT to write a book. I have always followed facebook, but now I actually really look forward to your blog here ~ you bring such levity and truth and humor to a very real situation. You truly have a gift and it’s obviously cathartic for you. Why not make some money doing it? Others in your situation, not to mention all of us Warriors, would truly appreciate and benefit from your skill set, and it may just be a bit of that silver lining that the Divineys really, really deserve… You really should consider becoming an author, once you get your meds adjusted back to where they should be… 😎

  10. Mike says:

    Glad you figured out the cause and resolved it. I hope you are feeling physically better.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what the Admins at IBRF have to say.

  11. Ann-Marie says:

    Still here! I love this part of my day where my baby naps and my 4 year old is off to preschool. AH! I check your blog and love it! I love how you write. What a great way to express yourself. I feel like I know you even though we’ve never met. My prayers are always with you, Ryan and your family. You are doing a GREAT job!

  12. Debra Blankers says:

    Ken you are too funny!!!!! I am reading your blog laughing and saying to myself that I am bad for laughing and to stop it. But then I read where you say Sue finds this especially funny, then I know it is ok and loose control. I am so glad that you are okay and didn’t harm yourself. Ken, you are a master story teller. I look forward to your daily blogs. I have been thinking about you guys all day and praying that IBRF has good feedback today. I hope Ryan is having a good day today. Much love to you, Sue, Ryan, Kari, Duke & Tucker. XOXOXOXO

  13. Keith says:

    Glad to see that you got the meds fixed. I know how it is to be taking anxiety meds and knowing that you missed it. But glad you got that figured out before it affected you. The assessment is gonna come back with good news along with the news from IBRF. Prayers Continueing

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