Busy Day Ahead. Kari Breaks Cell Phone.

This will be an extremely busy day. Not only for Ryan, but also for Duke and Tucker. The dogs (or, as we call them, the “woofers”) will be getting a house call from the vet. Just a routine check-up.

This afternoon, we will be doing an interview for a local online news source, the Ashburn Patch. Since I was approached by them a couple of weeks ago I have been quite impressed with their site. Well done. In fact, it has turned into my primary source of local news. I’ll post the article when it runs.

In the ongoing saga of our daughter and her belongings, she shattered the screen on her cell phone. The story we get, which seems believable, is she was running back to her dorm because it was bitter cold and the phone went flying from her pocket. Ugh!

We never heard back from the doctors at the IBRF. The anticipation is killing us. Hopefully, Monday…


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15 Responses to Busy Day Ahead. Kari Breaks Cell Phone.

  1. Keith says:

    Yes please post and let us know so we can see it. I hope things starts to improve with kari shes been having a time since back to Morgantown. Poor Girl! Yes i will say its sure cold here. This morning it was 4 Degrees downtown they was saying.

  2. Jo Hobbs says:

    Dang! Oh, Kari, what next! Now we are going to have to get you a coat with zippered pockets and insurance on your phone, just like our granddaughter has. LOL Those slippery coat pockets let loose anything that is contained in them, so be forewarned. Really now, the phone insurance is worth the cost. Hope your weekend is restful and that Ryan can soon get on with the IBRF. Still here, and just kidding about Dave Barry, Ken; you’ve got it hands down!

  3. Rita says:

    Tell Kari she’s not alone in her continuing saga of lost and broken personal items, tell the vet that McLovin says hi (everyone at that clinic knows his sad story), tell Ryan that those IBRF docs are just double-checking all of his stats before getting on with things, and good luck to you and Sue with the interview. Remember, in all these things you are “more than conquerors”! You’ve got this day, and we’ve got you in prayer. Always.

  4. Carla Liberty says:

    Ahhhh the anticipation…. it’s so difficult! With IBRF and everything else, you are in “hurry up and wait mode” and I know it has to be frustrating. Just know Ken, that we are all here to cheer you on – to lift you, Ryan, Sue and Kari in prayer, and offer support whenever and however we can.

    I hope Kari’s phone can be repaired. Keep us posted! Poor girl has been through the ringer since going back to school.

    Sending love and hugs to you all 🙂 ❤ carla

  5. Matt says:

    It sounds like she has the iphone? If only the phone is broken, and its any iphone other then the iphone 4, I would be able to fix it free of charge. (I am in morgantown)

  6. Bill VanCleve says:

    If she has ATT I have a couple of extra phone she can use. I might have an iPhone 3 somewhere.

    Let me know and I can have Katie Mesmer bring one of the phones by

  7. Paula Yocom says:

    Hello Ken! Poor Kari, I’m sure she’s frustrated!! So you guys are having a busy weekend — that’s good, it’ll help keep your minds focused on things other than IBRF. But I was thinking, if for any reason they said, “no” to Ryan, we would need to find out how to get it changed to “yes.” Praying you guys continue to enjoy a nice weekend!! Love & prayers, Paula

  8. Anna says:

    Ah, Ken and Sue… the joy of having a daughter. I know it well, the DRAMA never ends and neither does our love for them. Phone insurance is worth its weight in gold, Jon has lost 3 and can not be insured anymore they told us. At least its just a phone he can’t get insurance on and not a car. Of course, he doesn’t have a car at college and probably never will. We usually have a weekly “event/occurance” in our daughters life, it keeps us on our toes. We just wonder if we will ever marry her off and laugh at the thought.

  9. Donna Zimmerman says:

    Ah yes, the drama of daughters. You never know what the next crisis or joy will be. Phones and girls are are like vinegar and baking soda. We have made sure our girl has a supply of uncooked rice on hand at all times. Her phone attracts water like steel to a magnet. Some day we’ll all tell our granddaughters their moms’ stories!

  10. elizabeth says:

    I hope it was OK…I am actually the one that notified the Ashburn Patch. When the Today Show aired, I was surprised The Ashburn Patch had not heard about Ryan. My hope was to try to get your story out to as many people as possible, and when I emailed back and forth with Dusty Smith…he just seemed so nice and sincerely concerned. Good luck! 🙂

  11. elizabeth says:

    Also…this may help. I had to replace my son’s iPod Touch screen…they also service phones (if she has an I phone)

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