Sue Stuck in Traffic. Nurse Bails.

Sue left her Washington, DC office at 4:00 PM. It is now 8:30 PM, do you know where my wife is? Come to think of it, any idea where our night nurse is too?

Well, Sue is just a few miles away from her office on the G.W. Parkway. Those familiar with the road know, once you get on it’s tough to get off or turn around. She hasn’t moved in hours! For those around the country and throughout the world, the the Washington, D.C. metro area is getting a fairly substantial snow storm. It moved in quickly.

I decided I was being too mean, and deleted what I previously wrote about the nurse not coming tonight.

I’ll just sit here and stew in my own ire.


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11 Responses to Sue Stuck in Traffic. Nurse Bails.

  1. Linda says:

    Maybe the nurse is ill. Everyone has problems

  2. Linda says:

    Then she needs to get a 4 wheel drive. She has the type of job that she needs to be there. Sorry, sounds like you are in for a long night. Hope Sue gets home soon. Snow is only fun for kids!

  3. Susanne says:

    Oh I hope Sue is safe and has enough gas to keep her warm and safe until she gets home or to a place for the night where she can sleep. It’s not fun driving in snow after putting in a busy day at work and chuggin’ home in the dark and blinding weather. And I’m sorry your nurse has bailed! Perhaps there is a nurse nearby who could give you some relief for the part of the night? I’m praying God will send you someone soon. Until then, I’ll be hoping things will work out. I’m sorry for your dilemma tonight.

  4. The Colangelis says:

    Ken, my son lives in the DC area and was telling me the area was getting heavy snow that started early this afternoon. I hope Sue made it home safely by now. You and Ryan take care and God bless you. We a re praying for you.

  5. Rita says:

    Not a fun way to start the evening for either of you… Praying for Sue’s safe arrival home and a calm night for you and Ryan. I’ve had enough of winter and drama myself. Deep breaths…

  6. Paula Yocom says:

    Oh noooooo, poor Sue!!!! Poor you, too Ken — I hope Sue is home safe and sound by now, and that you’re able to get some rest tonight. I’m sorry the nurse didn’t show up — I wish there was a nurse who lived close to your house who could help. Hoping that the temperature warms up a bit tomorrow and some of this snow melts. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of you, praying for a comfortable night, and safe travels for Sue tomorrow. Love & prayers, Paula

  7. Paula Yocom says:

    p.s. You’re allowed to feel frustrated, Ken, I imagine you’ve had a very long day. Hugs to you and Sue, praying for a good night of rest for you both.

  8. Way Too Tired says:

    Aides are notorious for bailing when the roads are the least bit iffy. And it steams me that the person leaving at shift change can always manage to get home, while the person coming in says they can’t make it.

    We’ve cut down on this by offering (threatening?) to pick up our aides and drive them when they’re worried about the roads. We’ve only had to do it twice, but it was enough to let them know we’re dead serious. They call sounding oh-so-sad and say, “The roads are terrible, I can’t possibly get out.” I reply with a perky, “I’ll be right there to get you.” And then, when I pick them up, they’re terrifically embarrassed, and I keep up my perky facade while secretly enjoying their discomfort.

    If we lived close to you, I’d offer to play taxi for your aides. Maybe this is something your local friends and neighbors could do?

  9. Jo Hobbs says:

    The traffic was so backed up in the Baltimore-Washington are that even the Weather Channel was showing videos. There must be a better way than to let all of the government workers leave at one time. Nightmares are made of events like this! Thinking of you this morning and hoping that Sue arrived home safe and sound. Still here.

  10. Will says:

    That nurse need a talkin to. The snow storms have really hit the southern parts of the USA. I live up in in Upstate New York in a city called Utica. We usually get pounded with snow but it has been very mild only 56″ so far. Very cold, but mild. Syracuse about an hour’s drive west is already over 111″ for the season and Buffalo. well lets just say they get hit every winter with tons of snow. It is not uncommon to have to look for your car after an evening of lake effect snow.And it is the first time that New York City had to close schools today. Up here the kids are on there third snow

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