37-1/2 Hour Shift Ends

After 37-1/2 hours, I finally have relief! In the form of both Sue and the nurse.

I’m, for the most part, wiped out. I’m dirty, tired, hungry, and just generally cranky. You know, just how I always am. 🙂 And, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I always felt especially good after putting in a good day’s work. Working with Ryan exceeds this by leaps and bounds. It’s work, yes. But it’s so rewarding and when a person loves what they do, there is a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment.

Sue, as you already know, spent last night in her car… trapped on the George Washington Parkway. Her dedication and loyalty to all she commits to is amazing. She was able to spend time with Ryan, grab a quick nap, and head back to work by noon. Personally, I think she’s insane… but, in a good way.

Tonight might just be one of those rare nights where I fall asleep quickly and get a few quality hours. Sue will be by Ryan’s bedside, sleeping (as much as possible) in the bed next to his. Some night I’ll have to make our video & audio feed available to readers of this blog. Especially to those so designated the Middle of the Night Club.


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13 Responses to 37-1/2 Hour Shift Ends

  1. Paula Yocom says:

    Hello Ken, sweet dreams and I hope you wake up feeling refreshed and happy! Sue amazes me, really — she is an incredible person! I have to say it was very uplifting to read your thoughts about taking care of Ryan. You, my friend, are someone who understands the real meaning of life, and because of this, you are rich beyond measure. And pretty freakin awesome, too! Sending love and prayers to you, Sue, Ryan and Kari. I hope you do the video, there’s many of us out there for whom “middle of the night” is just another part of our day : )

  2. Paula Yocom says:

    P.S. Fantastic picture of your family!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    Surprise!! Wow! Knocked my socks off!! What a ray of sunshine I got when I clicked on here! I love the photo, but I got all choked up, I must tell you. You all are just right here with us and in our hearts as well. I feel very blessed by your sharing, Ken. I am absolutely a MOTNC member! I awoke at 4:15 this morning to pray for Ryan. He is on my mind day and night. , and on the minds of many others also as is obvious by the number of people who have joined Rally for Ryan and Come Together for Ryan Diviney. I was happy to read Sue Burick’s (Sue’s mom) comment. I feel for her, and I think she can feel the outpouring of love for all of you, too. Another God incident happened to me this evening as my husband was driving home. I was looking out the car window at the stars in the beautiful night sky, when suddenly I thought about Kari and how much you all miss each other and started praying for her. All of a sudden, what should play on the radio but, John Denver singing, “Take me Home Country Roads.” When he began with “West Virginia,” I couldn’t believe it — such a moment! I know God hears our prayers, and faith can move mountains. We are still here for you. Love to all

  4. Cam says:

    I’m so glad “you got it”. I’m watching the news now about the storm. I’m so glad you have power! It got me to thinking, should we come up with a plan if you were to lose power? Do you have a generator? How much impact would it have on Ryan? I too love the picture at the top.

    I had someone contact me yesterday about the paypal link. She was having trouble getting it to work. I tried it out and it worked fine for me. Is anyone else having trouble?

    • Debra Blankers says:

      Cam, I also tried to donate two days ago with my Visa Debit Card. I tried 3 times and it still would not allow me to donate via my card so I just wrote a check and sent it in.

  5. Gail Doyle says:

    Very nice picture and hope you get some sleep tonite:)

  6. Gail Doyle says:

    Cam No trouble here. Used Visa and it went thru…..HAGN

  7. Keith says:

    This just shows the Love and Devotion that you guys have for Ryan! Like i have said over and over. You guys are Amazing Parents! I Thank God Everyday That Ryan Has You Both By His Side! Amazing Amazing!!!! God Bless You Both

  8. Susanne says:

    Morning dawns and the snow is falling. Adding to this beauty are the smiling faces of the Divineys. What a great family photo! The love and devotion your family exhibits warms my heart. It is in that nurturing atmosphere that healing is being restored to Ryan. I’m glad you’re getting some greatly needed respite. You and Sue deserve hours of deep sleep and lots of comfort food to keep you going. Know that we’re praying that God will fill your needs and surround you with HIS love. May our prayers lighten your burdens. And Kari, I hope this semester is going well for you, aside from the rough start when you lost your coat and contents. We wish you the best. Stay safe and warm. May you all feel our support today.

  9. Will says:

    Great picture of the family. I continue my prayer for Ryan.

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