Sue Home after 14 Hours.

Sue finally made it home at 6:00 AM this morning. Remember, she left work at 4:00 PM yesterday. She was stuck on the G.W. Parkway (Washington, D.C.) for 14 hours! That’s a one and a four. This route is on Federal land and has no turnarounds or medium crossroads. It doesn’t even have shoulders. Once on, there’s really no getting off.


The GW Pkwy. traffic jam from Sue's perspective


What really amazed me is when she walked into our home, she seemed to forget her ordeal the instance she saw Ryan. Sue fell asleep shortly after her head hit the pillow in our bed next to Ryan’s.

I have a hard time imagining what she, and many others, went through. She had no food, no blanket or pillow, no means to use a bathroom, and had to manage her fuel supply. She passed the first few hours by finishing a book-on-tape. Then, she tuned in to the local news station for updates. Cruelly, the National Park Police came on at 2:00 AM to report the G.W. Parkway was open. A short time later they came back on to apologize and recant after getting an earful from those stranded.

The situation went from bad to worse. People were abandoning their cars. This meant service vehicles couldn’t get in to begin clearing the traffic and assisting motorists. My guess is people were running out of gas.

I was up with Ryan throughout the night. Our nurse didn’t come, so my shift went from 12 hours to 36 hours in an instance. Thankfully, Ryan had a restful night. Only 11 more to go as of this posting, assuming the nurse makes it tonight.

Like most days, I had Ryan up and going just a little after 7:00 AM. We have another full day on tap and I’m still on a high from learning he is into the IBRF protocol. I take comfort in knowing that there is more we can do.



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9 Responses to Sue Home after 14 Hours.

  1. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    Sorry for Sue’s ordeal. I have several friends who were stranded in Tyson’s/McLean but jeez, not for that long. I’m just glad she made it home safely to you and Ryan.

    Stay warm over there, we’re always here if you need anything. Love ya!

  2. Jo Hobbs says:

    Thank God that Sue didn’t run out of gas! In addition to her story, there are stories on TV this morning that are shocking! Yes, Ken, I think there are many abandoned cars that just ran out of gas, and it seems that they were just everywhere. Hoping my neighbor comes with his Bobcat to dig us out. Our street has been plowed, but the drifts in the driveway are deep. Our Pedro just might not get to the groomer today, although she is there, she knows our situation with the “no shovel” command from my husband’s cardiologist. I need to get there somehow, because she is probably counting on getting paid today, considering these hard times. It’s always something! I hope you can get some rest somehow today. Love

  3. Susanne says:

    God keeps giving you and Sue test after test and you keep passing! Your family is so awesome! You run on empty and still seem carry on with overflowing love and devotion to your family and the many followers on this site. Thank you for your constant updates that keep our “families” in touch. You will always be part of our lives because of the daily interaction here. You are loved and prayed for more than you’ll ever know. I’m thrilled Sue made it home safely and look forward to the hours you and Sue can spend in sleep. May God comfort you both until rest comes. I’m praying, too, that Ryan and Kari have a great day today! Bless your hearts!

  4. Michele Davidson says:

    If you need a catnap today and some nursing coverage, I’m here all day, just let me know…. its amazing how much we can do when we have to….. hope you have a low stress day. Some times it one day at a time and other times its minute by minute. Glad Sue is home safe. I had an 11 hour ordeal on the same stretch years ago coming off a 24 hour midwife shift downtown. There’s no way to get off there, its a nightmare! Have a good day!!!

  5. Jen Lovelace says:

    Sue, I am so sorry you had such a rough night. Hopefully you a get some sleep. You three continue to amaze me. Much love to all of you~

  6. Will says:

    Rest knowing that we are all here for you and Ryan. My prayers continue.

  7. Christine Watson says:

    I become more and more humbled everyday while living with you and your family through your trials and tribulations. Things in my life are bumps compared to your mountains.

  8. Paula Yocom says:

    Well I am disgusted with how this storm was handled, and I am beyond sorry Sue had to go through this ordeal! Honestly, is this really the best a metropolitan area of this size can do to handle a winter crisis like this? It’s not like we haven’t had these kinds of storms before. Thank the Lord Sue made it home safely. By the grace of God, I am praying you both get some rest today. What a blessing that Ryan had a peaceful night! Yes, you’re right, Ken — we need to focus on the positive — just a few days ago we were worrying about whether Ryan would get accepted into IBRF’s program. The fact that he was accepted gives us all great hope!! Meanwhile, Team Diviney is working on stepping up its game to help with the expenses. For those who haven’t had the chance to donate, every contribution is valuable! Please pass the word to friends, neighbors and family members about Ryan and his amazing family!

  9. Keith says:

    She didnt need food anything She had God in the Car with Her! Glad she made it home safe!

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