Meeting with Hospital Went Well. Kari has Ear Infection.

For those who remember the fiasco in the emergency room two weeks ago, and the fallout to Protective Services, the follow-up meeting was held this morning. I met with the Medical Director and Nursing Director, with the assistance of the Patient Advocate.

I had two primary objectives: 1) I wanted them to know Ryan, our family, and the history, and 2) I wanted to understand their standard of care. A secondary objective was for them to knock it off with calling Protective Services.

So, like I’ve preached to my children to do their whole life, we surrounded ourselves with the right people. In this case at the hospital. I doubt the same poor decisions will be made in the future, but I remain skeptical until it is so proven.

One item of interest is the medical people I met with are readers of this blog. At least in so far as the spent the time to become familiar with Ryan. I’m impressed. Then again, I’m easily impressed.

Afterwards, I spent about ten minutes up in the ICU talking to the staff.  We thought they did a wonderful job with Ryan when he was in over the New Year. And, hey, I’m not above smoozing if it helps my  children.

Speaking of which, Kari had another eventful night.  She developed an ear infection. For her, they are exceptionally painful and come on within hours. Sue coordinated getting a taxi to her dorm, then the E.R., then the pharmacy, then back to her dorm. She was in such pain.  😦

Around 5:00 AM she was back in her dorm and seemingly asleep. She is now on ear drops for pain and antibiotics for the infection. There is little worse than being away from home and not feeling well. At some point, things need to start breaking her way again…


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9 Responses to Meeting with Hospital Went Well. Kari has Ear Infection.

  1. Paula Yocom says:

    Hello Ken, I’m thankful things went well with the hospital. Hopefully everyone is on the same page now, and your family will not have to go through that again. I feel bad for Kari — I admire her so much — her independence and ability to handle things is exceptional. Wish we could be there to help her…Kari I am praying for you, and I hope by the time you read this, your pain has gone away. Love to all the Divineys, and wishing you a smooth and happy weekend together!!

  2. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    Glad the meeting with the hospital folks went well and now you can put that whole fiasco behind you.

    Ugh, ear infections are the worst. Those drops work pretty well until the antibiotics kick in, I hope she starts feeling better soon. I agree, being away from home and sick is the WORST. It’s a good thing Mama Bear Sue sprung into action, I don’t know how she does it, Super Mom!

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    Oh, geez, what next. I have to say, “So that was what was about to happen next,” when I felt compelled to pray for Kari. I hope she keeps her ears covered to keep the cold air out. I have trouble with ear infections when I go swimming unless I use the over-the-counter preventative drops before and after, and I know how painful they are. I hope she is feeling better. Also glad the meeting seemed to be succesful, but we shall see down the road. So, Ken, shall we just throw everthing, or whatever, we know at you here? If so, did you ever get a case worker assigned to Ryan’s case? For one thing, therapeutic (jprescription strength) vitamins are covered, or partially covered, by Medicaide. You may know this already. I think Victoria is correct in that you could probably glean much information from Aimee’s mother. I may check out what she has to say as well for our friends whose sons have a TBI. I just wish I could contact her by email — will check that out. Note to Sue: praying that you never, ever have to again go through such a nightmare like the one on the GW Pkwy! Still here.

    • Jo Hobbs says:

      Medicaid as in Medicare. LOL Didn’t re-read this one. Distracted by the 1+ in. of snow we have received, and IT IS STILL SNOWING!! Booooo!

  4. Susanne says:

    I’m glad that the meeting with hospital personnel went well and that you approached the personnnel administrators to ensure they understand you and your situation. The more advocates for Ryan the better! Sue, what a mom! You are awesome at multi-tasking, taking care of your family at home and afar. I’ll be hoping Kari’s ear infection subsides and she’ll be feeling better soon! As for all of you Divineys, I pray for a great day with naps or rest. You deserve the best!

  5. Dianne Vagnozzi Holecek says:

    This will be really good for you, Ken. Be careful & have a safe trip. Route 68 can get rough this time of the year.

  6. Conrad says:

    What the heck? No idea you had to have another meeting at the hospital over that fiasco! I was hoping it was all over!

  7. Keith says:

    Im glad that Your meeting went well and I hope that Kari gets feeling better!

  8. Linda says:

    Sorry to hear about Kari’s ear infection. I too get painful ear infections. When I went to school at WVU I would go to Wedwood Family Practice It is on the way to the Morgantown Mall. They were wonderful and no appt needed and it beats sitting in an ER for hours (unless of course it is the middle of the night). There is also Med Express Never been, but have heard good things. An alternative then going to the ER because those ER visits can get costly.

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