Just the Guys; Sue in NYC.

Sue is on the Amtrak on her way to New York city for a two day business trip. She’ll be home late tomorrow night. You know what that means, right? It means the mice will play. Ryan and I are in for some quality bro-time.

For anyone who is curious what I’m talking about, I said something (purely in jest, I still claim) that was printed in a Washington Post article. Most people found it hilarious. By “most people” I mean everyone except my wife. Have I ever pointed out she lacks the humor gene?

Speaking of which, I had to laugh (on the inside) when Sue proclaimed one evening “I might not be funny, but I have a sense of humor”. While it is true I can make her laugh, I must limit my material to only topics that don’t possibly offend people, animals, insects, or mandated reporters. No swearing. No crude gestures. You know, keep it squeaky clean. So, it restrains me to such long-standing Diviney household classics as “How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique (you sneak) up on it.” Really, if you say it enough it actually becomes funny. Don’t believe me… try it on a five-year old.

It’s time to get rolling, but I’ll leave you all with part two of the joke. How do you catch a tame rabbit?


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14 Responses to Just the Guys; Sue in NYC.

  1. Dianne Vagnozzi Holecek says:

    The tame way!

  2. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    hahaha break out the cigars ; )

    I hope Sue has a safe trip.


    • I’ve noticed you “hugs and kisses” has followed a disturbing pattern. Once started out as XOXOXOXO, has diminished to XOXO, then XO, then xoxo, and now xo.

      • Cheryl Onderchain says:


        Sorry I have been slacking – it’s been a busy couple o’ weeks.


        Miss you!!! ; )

      • Paula Yocom says:

        ….hahahahaha….you don’t miss a thing, do you, Ken? LOL!!

  3. Mike says:

    Break out the cigars and DVD’s! I hope you and Ryan enjoy yourselves 🙂

  4. Paula Yocom says:

    Love your sense of humor, Ken — and it is hard to make me laugh, but you can! Hoping you and Ryan enjoy a great day together! Praying for safe travels for Sue ❤

  5. Jo Hobbs says:

    Yep! Da tame way! You crack me up, and yes, we have been here almost since DAY ONE, and we haven’t missed a thing! LOL Still here, laughing and praying.

  6. Jill in Morgantown says:

    Break out the porn and cigars!!! It’s guys night for Ken and Ryan!!! LOL
    Enjoy your “guy” time 🙂

  7. Jen Lovelace says:

    The whole night will be worth it if we get one smile or laugh out of Ryan. Here’s one I hope makes you laugh, Ken. I am having surgery tommorow. When coming out of the hopital after having the pre-surgery interview, Itold the kids I would have to go to rehab so that I could heal properly. Grace (11) got very excited and said “That is so cool mom, now you can meet Lindsey Lohan and get her autograph”. Wrong rehab, Grace! I just continue to disappoint:) Here is a hug for safe travels for “very funny” Sue and “whatever happens in the Diviney House, stays in the Diviney house” for you and Ryan! XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOO Much love to all of you and my favorite friend Duke!

  8. Rita says:

    Oh, boy… let the games begin! Will you be sending Sue frequent pics/vids of your quality time with Ryan like she did for you? Maybe not. Maybe what happens just between the guys needs to stay between the guys (or occasionally in this blog). Have fun, but be “good”!

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