Morgantown Mayor Addressing Taxi Service

Morgantown Mayor, Bill Bryne, sent me an email saying that my blog post Morgantown Taxi Service is Rude was forwarded to him. To the individual who did this, thank you. Mayor Bryne is taking up the issue with Charleston.

Here is a copy of the email, sent through the blogs Contact Me tab:

Mr. Diviney
This was just forwarded to me.  We are following up with the company and will get you a reply as soon as we can.  I am sorry you had this experience.  Cab services are totally regulated through the Public Service Commission in Charleston, which grants monopoly status to cab companies.  We think this needs to change and have been trying to get legislation passed to deal with this.  Bill Byrne Mayor

It would seem that Morgantown, voted one of the best small cities in America, is being victimized by their own state. In turn, the citizens and students (who are the customers) are being insulted, harassed, and threatened. The Public Service Commission has created a public menace. Lacking quality service, West Virginia’s motives are clear to me. Financial. What a shame, it could be both ways. Courtesy should be fundamental to business, just as it should be to society in general.

Please, don’t think I fail to grasp their position. They are driving home groups of party-goers. I am under no illusion; some are rowdy and rude. My point is, being preemptively rude to students is not helpful. It incites conflict. We, as a society, have mandated getting drunk drivers off the road. This generation is listening so why would West Virginia discourage this behavior?


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9 Responses to Morgantown Mayor Addressing Taxi Service

  1. Jo Hobbs says:

    I am glad the mayor is now possibly even more aware of this cab company’s bad service and the behavior of its drivers. There is just no excuse for their rudeness, and it gives a bad impression of Morgantown to some of us. I didn’t know a monopoly was protected by the PSC. I thought the PSC works for the protection of the public, why else would they be “Public Service com.” Aren’t they a public service? This is a lot to digest so early in the morning. I’ll think about their “public service” later today. Still here. Jokes later, too.

  2. Hi Ken,
    I am glad you got a response from the Mayor. I know from your writings you must feel a little helpless and frustrated some times, but I think you have a lot more power than you realize. I am glad so many are listening. Stay strong! I hope you and Ryan get to enjoy the game tomorrow. Still here, still praying.

  3. Dianne Vagnozzi Holecek says:

    Way to go, Ken. I’d be interested in hearing what comes next. Please keep us posted. SHSP.

  4. Paula Yocom says:

    A tip of the hat to the person who let the Mayor know about your experience. And, thank you to the Mayor for responding in a timely matter. Any company that treats its customers with such disregard and hostility should not be allowed to continue to operate without some kind of oversight or sanctions. Good work for calling them out, Ken. It’s unfortunate, but I think many people just throw their hands up in the air and give up trying. I’m sure many folks out there appreciate what you did.

  5. Keith says:

    I think the Person that sent it to the Chamber was Sam Durham. I am glad the mayor is taking care of that. You didnt or anyone dont need to be treated like that!

  6. sally ellis says:

    I’m glad you got some action from the mayor. Morgantown is a great little town that shouldn’t have to put up with rude services from anyone. I hope this sunny day finds you guys in a good place. I’m still trying to think of a joke that I can pass along.

    • Paula Yocom says:

      Morgantown is a great town!! The first person to contribute to our fundraiser at the Giant yesterday was a man who proudly hailed from West Virginia. He said he knew about Ryan and was glad to have the chance to help. There were many more who came along after him, but I thought it was fitting that the first person to step up was someone from West Virginia. Thank you to everyone who has been and continues to help this great family!!

  7. deb says:

    they may be driving home lots of party goers but isn’t that what we tell our young to do – call a taxi, don’t drive.

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