Blood Work Drawn. 3T-MRI Still Unscheduled.

A prerequisite to beginning the IBRF protocol is an extensive panel of blood work. I did a tally on the laboratory order and counted 18 different tests. Most of these were drawn yesterday morning, with a few pending. 

Ryan was stuck in several places to get all that was necessary. With his left arm in a splint, his right arm had to take all the sticks. Vial-after-vial was filled with his blood, but it went smoothly.

Again, we wait. Hopefully all labs will come back without issue. Any that might not will require corrective treatment.

We remain in a holding pattern with getting the 3T-MRI scheduled. As far as I can tell the only action remaining is for the doctor (not Dr. Rodriguez) to address a few technical questions. The significance of this MRI is it will allow a 3-D creation of Ryan’s brain, down to an accuracy of one millimeter. Once this model is built, the doctors will simulate different treatment scenarios (e.g., electro-impulse, magnetic, etc.) to see the effects. For example, placing an impulse in a particular location on Ryan’s scalp will stimulate a particular pathway and those downstream.

Enough with the technical mumbo-jumbo.

I still continue to have difficulty sleeping. Now it’s worse… after reading an article on stress and sleep deprivation. The article can make a guy so stressed he’ll lose sleep over it! It’s crazy all the illnesses and diseases it can cause. Everything! From cancer to irritable wife bowel syndrome. Speaking of irritable wife syndrome, it seems to affect only married men. As it turns out, a guy is symptom free while dating, although the condition is in a suspended state of dormant hibernation. Onset is acute. This is frequently accompanied by restless leg wife syndrome. Wives! They’re so stressful that they can affect sleep…





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12 Responses to Blood Work Drawn. 3T-MRI Still Unscheduled.

  1. Gail Doyle says:

    Good luck with all the blood tests. Hope all goes well…..sorry you have trouble sleeping(and you,re right about those articles)….hope you find a way to get some needed rest……~ hope Sue doesn’t,t read this blog:) 🙂 My thoughts and prayers are with Ryan and you all…..

  2. Bryan Tiplady says:

    Wives…Can’t live with them, Can’t live with them!!!

    Of course, they say the same thing about us…..

  3. Rita says:

    We are praying for patience and peace as you await the results of all that bloodwork, and that nothing shows up to hinder moving forward with the protocol as soon as that fancy MRI scan is out of the way. As for the chronic sleep deprivation and irritable/restless spouse issues, they are not gender-specific. I truly feel for you. But you and Sue have been together long enough to work through all of those frustrations. Big hugs to both of you, and let Sue know that if she ever needs to vent we are here for her too 🙂 Have a good day with Ryan. Maybe you should feed him something rich in iron to help replace all those red blood cells he donated yesterday.

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks for the news and of course the laughs as usual 😀

    Looking forward to hearing some good results and definitely looking forward to the 3D scan!

  5. Fairmont, West Virginia says:

    Love the humor!!!!!

  6. sally ellis says:

    Thanks for the updates. You must really be looking forward to getting the results of the MRI. It amazes me what can be done today. I’m sorry about your lack of sleep and stress. Maybe once the ball gets rolling with IBRF you will feel some sense of forward motion and that will ease your stress a little. I can only hope. Take care.

  7. Keith says:

    I know that the test are gonna come back Great! Thoughts and Prayers are with Ryan and Your Family each and Everyday!

  8. Dave Gawronski says:

    Ken, I went through this with my son who had a serious car accident and TBI. He is doing better today its been 3 yrs for us. Still have many bad days and nights that i cannot sleep. I worry like crazy for him everyday playing that day over and over. My answer is God and my church family, they know my stress we have other families going through the same. Please my friend dont fall apart now you and Sue need each other more than ever. God is there but you must believe ! Angels are with you and Ryan as they were for us. We dont know where God will take us and why, But He tells us a hard road leads to a higher road. God Loves you, stay strong.. my family and friends are praying each and every day for you all. Not much but i care. I hug my son each and every day God is my saviour and strength. Love you Ken !!

  9. sally ellis says:

    Ok Ken I am probably sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong but here it goes. You need to take better care of yourself. I can see you rolling your eyes. The one thing your family cannot afford is for you to get sick or worse. We all know that stress is very real and can cause major health issues. You my friend have more stress on a day to day basis than anyone I know. There is a reason yoga has been around for thousands of years, it works. The breathing techniques alone can alleviate stress. I know in order to practice yoga or any other type of exercise might mean being away from Ryan for an hour or so but I think you need to weigh things out. You could also pop in a yoga dvd and practice while you are in the room with Ryan. You could show off your down dog. I know too many folks our age that have less stress than you, that have paid a price for not taking care of themselves. Sorry if this is something you don’t want to hear and you’re mumbling right now that people should mind their own business, but if it makes you feel any better, I feel better that I got that off my chest. Have a good day, I hope it is peaceful for you and Ryan.,

    • Paula Yocom says:

      Expressing care and concern for someone, even if it means they might get upset or annoyed with us, is what real love is made of. We wouldn’t bother saying anything if we didn’t truly care : )

  10. Beth Abraham( Ken's Sister) says:


    I know exactly what you mean concerning the ill effects of stresss and sleep deprivation. Sometimes stress and the occassional restless night causes me to experience ” I am now becoming irritated by my husband” syndrome. If this continues for any length of time it eventually progresses to “now you given me” irritable bowel syndrome and ” now my legs have become restless” syndrome.


  11. Will says:

    My prayers continue for all of you. If you are stressed and without good sleep I suggest you see a Doctor as soon as possible. I went through the same thing. A simple medication and or a sleeping medication can help and do wonders to reduce the stress. I would also suggest meditation throught the day, It works.

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