Ryan’s Temperature Spikes. Returns to Normal.

Out of nowhere, Ryan became extremely agitated. Well, not exactly “out of nowhere”, as he had a restless night. His temperature overnight moved around a lot, but never exceeded 101.0 degrees.

He seemed to have calmed after he was dressed and up for the day. Then, about an hour or so later he suddenly began showing signs of discomfort. I lifted his shirt and could see he was flush and could feel the heat coming off him. I grabbed the thermometer. 103.8!

I put him on a mat on the floor (an exercise table would have been extremely helpful just then) and removed his clothes. Rechecking his temperature showed 104.6. In less than ten minutes he went up 1.2 degrees. He was heading into the storm unless this was turned around. And fast.

I grabbed a basin and filled it with icy water. I threw in a couple dozen wash clothes and went to get the fan. After turning on the fan and wiping him down with frigid water I rechecked his temperature. 105.0. I rolled him on his side to allow more body surface area to cool. I turned on the main floor’s air conditioning.

Recheck… 105.0 still. Damn!

Time for an icy towel bath.

If you’ve never done this, give it a try… wash your hair in icy water. Not much for creating those suds. It is borderline painful.

After washing his whole body, I rechecked his temperature. 103.8. Nice! The sudden upswing, followed by a sudden down swing let me know this was not an infection. Something was bothering him in a big way. Unfortunately, I didn’t take time to access what it might have been because his condition didn’t allow it. In reality, it could be anything. ANYTHING! From needing to go to the bathroom to sitting on a wrinkle or a really bad itch. Who knows?

Within an hour he was back to normal. I took advantage of the situation to trim his nails, clean his ears, and all the little things we just do (like get the lint out of our belly buttons). These are typically weekend tasks that Sue tends to, so she owes me! 🙂

I need to wrap up, as our video conference with IRBF will begin in a few minutes. Again, I intend to put out a post sometime afterwards.


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12 Responses to Ryan’s Temperature Spikes. Returns to Normal.

  1. Evelyn Boxley says:

    WE’re still with you. Bravo!!! for getting the temperature down.

  2. Lindsey Hart says:

    Nice work Ken! Major kuddos to you for getting his temp down.

  3. Paula Yocom says:

    Ken, talk about grace under pressure. Like I’ve said before, not many people can do all the things you do, and so meticulously. My own heart rate went up just reading this. Thank you for keeping us posted, as many of us have Ryan, you, Sue and Kari on our minds all throughout the day (and night!). Praying for success with IBRF, and for everything else needed for Ryan’s continued healing. You are an amazing Dad.

  4. Pat Kloehn says:

    Just wanted you to know that I am still here and still praying for Ryan and all of you.

    Is there any chance that Ryan’s temp spike would be a result of the new supplement he just started?

    I think you all are profiles of live and courage. I hope you receive good news on your conference call.

  5. Keith says:

    I am So Glad that You guys are there and know what you are doing and that you got His temp back down! Great Job! I Hope Your Video Conf goes Great! Prayers Still going for Ryan. Im Still Praying each and Everyday for a Miracle! And I Honestly Think that A Miracle is in the making!

  6. Patrice says:

    Your calmness during Ryan’s fluctuating temperature changes was amazing. wow, I would have hit the 911 at 103 104 degrees. Your steadfast devotion to Ryan is amazing. You and your wife are incredible, I pray for your son’s complete healing daily and for you and your family. Keep strong!

  7. Gail Doyle says:

    Dear Ken ,Thank God you got Ryan,s temp down.You are amazing ,May you continue to have the strength needed to take care of that great son……He needs you both…..Praying for conference call to work out .Keep the faith (somehow) Ken and God bless you all~

  8. Julie Manausa says:

    Ryan is lucky to have such a loving and devoted dad. I pray for you guys every day and know that with everyday, Ryan gets stronger and stronger 🙂

  9. Will says:

    Maybe he was just having a bad day like you said and this was how he could tell you. To bad there isn’t a way to relate that to brainwave activity during the temp spiking. Maybe you could get some ice bags( the type you crush in your hands to activate) and place them in his arm pits , groin and neck and head–main area of heat release. This works wonders as well as alcohol baths to arm’s and leg’s.

    My prayers continue.

  10. Mike says:

    I would say well done but everything you do for your child is beyond well done. Your bravery and dedication is admirable, Ken. We are all here in you and your family’s corner.

    Looking forward to hearing how the conference goes.

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  12. deb okane says:

    One day soon, Ryan is going to have a really hot date and be really annoyed that you talked about cleaning his ears and belly button on the internet – haha (bet you can’t wait for that anger)

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