Another Bad Morning.

I’m sorry for not getting a post out on the information presented on the IBRF call yesterday. Truth is, I’m still trying to process it and put it into terms I can understand. I really hope to have this accomplished sometime today. It’s very technical!

For the second day in a row, Ryan had a rough go of it. Today was worse.

His central temperature soared to 106.0 degrees. He was quivering in pain, with his head arched back. Just re-read yesterday’s post to see how it was handled, with the addition of ice packs (we place them under he knees, deep in the groin, on his lower stomach, in his arm pits, on his neck, on top of his head, on his sides, and sometimes even more places).

Then he threw-up. My guess, pain-induced.

I hope he didn’t aspirate. I tend to feel he didn’t, but I will not know for sure for two or three days. This is when the bacteria will infiltrate the lungs enough to cause pneumonia and send him into respiratory distress.

Another reason I feel he avoided aspiration is I was able to get his head forward (chin tuck) before he drew a breath immediately after throwing up. This helps protect the airway, by mostly sealing it off. Mostly…

I followed-up with deep suctioning. I could not detect any stomach contents in the collection container. This is a good sign, for sure.

For those who might be recent readers of this blog, Ryan frequently battles maintaining his body temperature, although less so now. This is caused by damage Vantrease and May inflicted on his regulatory system. Ryan has survived central body temperatures as low as 92.0 (below 95.0 is considered hypothermia) and as high as 109.8. Yes, you’re reading that correctly… one-hundred nine-point eight.

Deep Suctioning. This is quite uncomfortable for Ryan. It involves hooking up a catheter to the suction pump and inserting it into the nostril. A technique I’ve mastered, the catheter is then guided through the nasal cavity, down the back of the throat, and all the way down the trachea until it bumps the split where the pipe divides to each lung (roughly at the sternum). I withdraw the catheter about 1/2″ and begin the suction as I slide it back out. Ryan coughs and gags uncontrollably. Oh, and it can cause him to vomit. Just the thing that’s being remedied. All the while, I have to maintain sterility. The best way to explain it is to just imagine a surgeon during an operation.

Good times…


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24 Responses to Another Bad Morning.

  1. Evelyn Boxley says:

    We are with you here Ken , don’t ever forget in these times, we are all here. Hoping for a better afternoon and tomorrow

  2. alecia says:

    You’re family is amazing. I’m so sorry what pain you have to see your son go through on a daily basis. I can’t imagine what poor Ryan thinks/feels/processes when this happens to him. He is an amazing human being and his will to live is just awe inspiring.

  3. I am so sorry to hear Ryan seems to be storming again. I hope it is a very short lived problem. Hang in there, both of you. Still here, still praying.

  4. Jo Hobbs says:

    It hurts to read this, Krn — really hurts! God help you to stay well and keep on doing what you do for Ryan. I just wish you had someone there to help all the time! There must be a way! We (meaning “us”) need to work on this… …Still here

  5. Will says:

    His gag reflex is functional, thats a good thing.

    I would like to get a hold of those two guys for just 5 minutes. I shouldn’t publically say that because I wouldn’t want that to be taken as a threat by anyone on the otherside reading this blog.

    I continue to pray for Ryan and for you. Keep up the strength. Maybe all that Ryan had was a upset stomach.

    • Jill in Morgantown says:

      Amen Will
      I think we all would like to get ahold of those two for 5 minutes and inflict some pain. I know its not a Christian thing to say, but it’s hard not to feel that way. Praying for better days ahead

  6. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    Sorry Ryan’s having a rocky couple of days Ken. We keep pulling for the Team. I hope the rest of the day brings some comfort to your boy.


  7. Gwen says:

    Your blog should be required reading for Vantrease and May, as well as for their families. They probably think of Ryan (if they think of him at all) as lying quietly in bed with an occassional turning and bathing. They should be made to understand what you have to go through every single day. There was a wonderful episode of Star Trek Voyager where the convicted had a chip implanted that, once an hour, made them suffer what their victim suffered. Seems like the perfect punishment, wish that someone would perfect that process!

  8. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken, Hope Ryan is better now .What procedures you have to go thru when this happens ….Wish in some way we all could help.We,ll just have to keep praying….those 2 things(hard to call them human)should read these posts as part of their so called sentences(s/b lifetime) I Pray for God to keep you both strong for our guy Ryan Praying for Ryan,s healing and thanks for explaining those terms. SHSP. Gail….Hope all the technical information is clear for you …..Know it will be …..~

  9. Bonnie Perkins says:

    I know exactly what you’re experiencing and everything you talk about makes perfectly good sense to me…the suctioning, aspirating, the temperature….all of it because I went through that with my little nephew at the Klugy Center in Charlottesville, VA. I trained to be able to fill in for my brother and Mom when my nephew came home from the hospital but sadly to say he didn’t, he went on to Richmond to the Childrens Hospital and he’s still there. But I thank God every day that he’s stable and doing just fine. I pray that Ryan will do the same. It’s a long road but it will happen with all the prayers, faith and telling yourself that it will happen. I read your blog every day and hope that there have been improvements in Ryan. I remember my nephew going through the same problems almost daily. You’re going through the same thing that my brother did taking care of him at home. He did all the things you are doing to save his son’s life and he did and you will too. He stood by his son’s side taking care of him every minute of the day until he went back in the hospital. So keep your faith and know that Ryan and your family have so many people praying all over the world just like my nephew, Matthew does and he will be just as stable as he is some day.
    Take care of yourself too,

  10. Paula Yocom says:

    Oh Ken, I am so sorry…so very, very sorry that you and Ryan, Sue and Kari have to go through this, it makes my heart break. Lord, have mercy. We’re here to help you in any way we can — fresh towels, ice, plastic gloves, etc. I was wondering if perhaps having blood drawn triggered this, or the addition of a new supplement, or can this happen with no specific thing to trigger it? Praying without ceasing for you and your family. I know you didn’t set out in life to become a doctor but you sure make an excellent one. Love you guys, Paula

    • Jo Hobbs says:

      Paula, that is exactly what I am thinking! I was going to send a msg. to Ken to ask if Ryan’s temp spikes every time he has blood drawn! How about it, Ken, now that Paula has brought it up? And I am wondering if there might be an infection in his broken arm, or who knows where! Lord, have mercy — I am just worried sick, and I am praying his fever comes down — can’t think about anything else! Still here.

    • Sam Durham says:

      And do you have plenty of those blue gel packs, do those work? Can people send extras? Would an ice machine help that just generates ice. I know one of the most effect icepacks is crushed ice in water, kind of a slush. Could likely cover more body surface and the water helps it mold to the body better and probably cause less trauma from a single piece of ice touching the skin. Let us know Ken if we need to help figure something out here or mail gelpacks to you!

      • Sam,
        We do have a wide assortment of gel packs. An ice machine would be nice, but this would be a luxury. We need so many other things first (like a hyperbaric chamber).

  11. sally ellis says:

    I hope the evening and night bring you some peace.

  12. Keith says:

    Sorry to hear Ryans day started out bad. I am Praying that he will feel better for the weekend. I have to agree with Jill. I think those 2 guys that did this to Ryan should feel alittle bit of the pain that he goes through everyday! And see what your Family is going through. I know its not the Christian way BUT we are only human and it just our feelings. Prayers with Ryan and the Family

  13. The Colangelis says:

    Ryan is blessed to have you there to care for him. He would never receive as close attention as he’s getting if he was in a hospital. You are doing an excellent job and it’s a credit to you that Ryan will get better. We pray for God to help Ryan and to support you.

  14. Anna says:

    Praying for you all at the Diviney family home. In case you didn’t get the message before…SHAME ON YOU, Jonathan May and Austin Vantrease. I hope your time in prison is as unbearable and unpredictable as you have made the life of the Diviney family.

  15. Sheila York says:

    Ken, you are a saint.

  16. What a emotional rollercoaster. Life anymore is like walking on pins, needles, glass, spikes, hot coals. It’s hard, it’s very hard not knowing the outcome of of an unexpected issue that may come up while caring for Ryan, but Ryan’s, you’re doing an excellent, and outstanding job caring for your son since day one from the hospital to now your loving home where Ryan does know what you’re doing for him, (though he can’t express it right now). The healing process between his brain and body will take some time but in the end, it will pay off. Ryan is already a miracle just from where he’s come from since the attack up to now. His body and brain are working together and once they finish, he’ll be healed completley. Keep the strength which I know you will and faith.

  17. Marilyn says:

    As I read this I felt deep sorrow for the pain Ryan must go through. It also saddens me as a mother. I pray for your whole family as it takes not only a loving but strong family to go through this and be sane. I pray for your family to be healthy and strong to continue the fight for Ryan’s recovery. He has come such a long way already and I pray I see the day that he will be healed in Jesus’s name. Take care

  18. Marilyn says:

    One more thing i wanted to add. My first thought was hate for the men that did this to not only Ryan but to his family. I wished them everyday physical pain and unbearable exsistance in hell. I only changed my thoughts when I looked at your family photo and looked into Ryan’s kind eyes. The monsters that did this I extend to them gods love because through gods love is where remorse of a individual is true.

  19. Lisa from WV says:

    I read your blog often but don’t comment much, but I just have to say that you are an amazing father, really just top notch. Ryan and your family is always in my prayers.

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