It was a Better Day. Eyes Close Completely.

Yesterday went off without a hitch. No high fevers. No quivering in pain. Just a calm day. I was so happy for Ryan.

Ryan’s eyes opened last July for the first time since the beating. This was an exciting development and possibly signified some advancement in recovery. Then, it became too much of a good thing when his eyes neither shut nor made complete blinks.

This resulted in his eyes becoming severely dry. To the point that he developed scarring on the cornea (it looks a lot like cataracts). Nothing we did would completely resolve this. Currently, Ryan wears goggles almost 24 hours and gets eye ointment every two hours. In fact, Ryan will be seeing a doctor this week about it. There is a high likelihood we’ll need to stitch his left eye (the worser of the two) partially shut to allow for healing.

Fast forward to last night. He had BOTH eyes completely shut for a short while. What was most encouraging is this happened shortly after we put him to bed for the night (around 10:00PM). Two things: one is this promotes healing, and the other is he might be experiencing true “sleep”.  We hope to see more of this.

I am still trying to understand the results from IBRF. What I do feel comfortable saying is Ryan’s EEG showed moderate improvement since his last one in late-September 2010. His brain has not stopped healing, and this is as good of news as we can hope.


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22 Responses to It was a Better Day. Eyes Close Completely.

  1. Rita says:

    Woo-hoo!! Praise God for such a good day for Ryan and an encouraging one for you and Sue! This makes us happy too 🙂 Tell Ryan he’s really doing it and to keep up the great work. We are praying that today will be just as rewarding for all of you.

  2. Evelyn Boxley says:

    Wow, so glad for the good day. Does eyes all the way shut mean that perhaps he’s regaining some? regardless, hope all is going well today!!!

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    This good news will make every one of us happy! Praying that we will see more days like this one. Don’t forget, Ken, today is Valentine’s preparation day. Handmade cards are nice, too. All you need is a sheet of white paper and a red crayon. LOL I’ve had a few of those over the years made by little hands and big when we’ve been snowed in or sick. It’s the thought that counts, and it’s all about love. Still here.

  4. Will says:

    What a perfect way to wake up in the morning buy to read a post of some healing on the part of Ryan. I continue to pray.

  5. Wonderful news about the EEG. As a society we cannot give up on TBI patients. Too much is still unknown in the healing process and the time needed. We continue standing by you.
    Yes! Grace Rocks Prayer Team

  6. sally ellis says:

    I love the positive news! It would be wonderful if he was experiencing true sleep. I hope today is as peaceful as yesterday.

  7. My Thomas gets celluvisc eye drops every 1/2 hour while awake and duolube at bedtime and eye bubbles applied then (eye bubbles are clear and seal around each eye individually to capture moisture). He also has both tear ducts cauterized to prevent any tears/drops from draining right away. Thomas has had his eye sewn shut twice to act as the bandaid to heal. I refused to allow permanent stitching. The last time that he had an abrasion, we used the eye bubble 24 hours a day with two antibiotics and it did heal without stitching. Good luck.

  8. Mary says:

    Tears and goosebumps hearing this good news, SHSP!

  9. Gail Doyle says:

    Dear Ken Sounds like pretty good news .So glad Ryan had a real peaceful day and will today too,I hope…Also hope his eyes won.t have to be stitched and he will start closing them at night more and more A good sign his EEG was a little improved. God is working His wonders….SHSP for Ryan,s complete healing With parents like you and Sue ,he can,t help but get better.. Have a great day and tell Ryan he has a lot of people who want to be his Valentine:):)~. Gail

  10. Debbie Blankers says:

    Such good news to hear first thing in the morning. Moderate healing since last September, Ryan experiencing true sleep and a peaceful night. Ryan is doing such a great job. Still here, always will be!!!

  11. Paula Yocom says:

    Ryan is young, he’s strong, he’s getting an abundance of love and the very best of care, he has a family that is going the entire distance in order to ensure he gets the most advanced treatment available, and he has a community who loves him dearly and prays for him day and night. Thanks to the extraordinary care you and Sue give Ryan, and all the love Kari gives him, he looks great, he’s healthy and he’s making progress. Your message lifted my spirits and put joy into my soul. Now that’s what I call a Happy Valentines!! : ) Thank you!!

  12. Carla Liberty says:

    What great news! I soooo needed to hear this. Delighted beyond measure!!

    SHSP – NWA (not going anywhere!)

    Love/hugs/and giving Glory to God,


  13. Carla Liberty says:

    ***OOPS if I could type, it was SUPPOSED TO SAY ***NGA. Not going anywhere. where that “W”came from is beyond me!

  14. Dresia says:

    This is such wonderful news on Ryan. I’m so happy he is healing slowly and in God’s time, he will be almost his old self again. All the love and support, long hours, days, months, hugs, kisses, praises, music, Tv, outdoors to enjoy the weather, etc, all these things the family and loyal relatives and friends are doing for Ryan plays a major role in his healing. God will bless all of you for what ever hand you had in helping Ryan. I still pray for him, though I only have to pray once because I believe he’s going to be fine in the end. Stay strong Ryan family.

  15. sandra knowles says:

    Just catching up after being away from a computer-but your family is never out of my thoughts. The roller coaster you all are on is too unbelievable and something a family should never be experiencing. I am truly amazed what the love for a child can mobilize and you all are living proof of this phenomena. My heart is with you always. Stay resolved and strong. Ryan is coming back to you.!

    Sandra Knowles

  16. The Colangelis says:

    Great News. God is helping Ryan and the message to me is everyone’s prayers are helping.

  17. B. Smith says:

    Thank you for the good news about Ryan! I pray every day for your son’s recovery and healing. May God continue to Bless all of you!

  18. Keith says:

    I Like getting on here and seeing positive News that Ryans having a good day and not a bad day! This is Gods Works! Prayers continue his way!

  19. Jill in Morgantown says:

    Awesome news!!!!!!! Still here and praying in Morgantown

  20. Cass says:

    Your comment,’his brain has not stopped healing’ is music to my ears. We’re going for it all, Ken, complete and total healing. What’s to stop us from thinking BIG?? Out of the natural, into the supernatural, that’s where God is. Thank You, Lord, for closing Ryan’s eyes and for giving him much needed rest. Oh, I am so thrilled! Keep on going, Jesus, bring Ryan home! In Your precious name I pray, Amen.

  21. Mike says:

    Thanks for sharing the good news, Ken.

  22. deb okane says:

    Ryan’s EEG showed moderate improvement since his last one in late-September 2010. His brain has not stopped healing, and this is as good of news as we can hope.


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