FDA MedWatch

Many people have been emailing me asking how I became aware of the baclofen pump recall, and previously, one of Ryan’s medications. Some time ago I subscribed my RSS feeder to the FDA website that reports on medical issues.

If you prefer not to remember to visit the site periodically, or don’t want to have it as part of your RSS feed, they can email notifications directly to your inbox.

The link to do any (or all) of these is: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/default.htm

It’s been my experience that the notifications are not at all overwhelming. Maybe one or two a week. So, it’s not like your inbox will flood with irrelevant information. What’s nice about it, is it includes OTC (over-the-counter) products as well.



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One Response to FDA MedWatch

  1. Jo Hobbs says:

    Just subscribed, as anyone on any meds should, because we don’t always catch it on the news. Thanks so much.

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