Ulna has “Non-Union”

The forearm consists of two bones; the ulna and the radius. In the x-Ray of Ryan’s forearm (below), the ulna (on the left) is the bone that is completely separated. The radius is the bone that appears as though it is healing.

Forearm broken. One month later.

For the sake of reference, Ryan’s hand is at the top of the picture and elbow is at the bottom. So, the trauma is just a few inches below the joint.

The initial report that came back from the radiologist was favorable, believe it or not! It indicated the break was healing, albeit slowly. Well, I have no formal training is reading films, but this wasn’t sitting well with me. To me, and call me crazy, the bone should be one, uninterrupted length. And really, shouldn’t it be somewhat straight?

This is when I asked Dr. Rodriguez to get involved. On Friday, he called the radiologist to discuss their findings. Like me, it just didn’t seem right to him. Also like me, this is not an area of expertise so we relied heavily on the radiologists. The result of that call was they would go back and re-evaluate the break. Get an orthopedic radiologist involved.

This morning I picked-up the following email from Dr. Rodriguez:

“I did just hear back from the radiologist.  She says that after consultation with several other radiologists, they conclude that there does appear to be non-union of the ulna.  This means that we will need Dr. Johnson to see Ryan.”


Another trip out with Ryan. These are so consuming and are quite a production. There is so much that goes into just getting him ready for transport. Then, it’s so uncomfortable as people openly gawk at him. I always come home sad and angry. Always.

Then, on top of everything else, I’ve always hated taking the kids to the doctor anyhow. I get really childish. I fume when our appointment time comes and we are still in the waiting room. I pout and have a hissy fit waiting in the exam room. Yep, just generally not a nice guy to be around.

Thank goodness we have excellent doctors now. There was a time when I had a general practitioner that drove me crazy. He billed me for a “no show” for an appointment I rescheduled weeks before. Then, in sweet revenge, he cancelled on me the day it was rescheduled. They called me the morning of the appointment. I sent him a bill.  Sorry, it’s just policy…


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17 Responses to Ulna has “Non-Union”

  1. Paula says:

    Ken, I totally understand about how hard it must be to get Ryan from point A to point B. Would you be able to do it more easily if you had the right kind of van? I know you had mentioned the possibility of this before. Of course you were right about the “non union,” you’re always right on target with issues pertaining to Ryan. It bothers me though that the initial reading of the x ray wasn’t accurately read. Dr. Diviney, report to ortho, stat! People gawk at Ryan? Shame on them. But you know what? He is a beautiful young man. Anyone who has met him in person can back me up on this. The pictures don’t do him justice at all. Maybe you should flex your muscles and say “like what you see?” LOL, uh oh, you’re having some kind of influence on me, Ken. Praying for you today, and for your wonderful family…for peace, strength and all the grace you need to deal with the dumb dumb gawkers.

  2. Michele says:

    Idea – What about Oprah? She may be interested in hearing Ryan’s story and may want to help with getting him a van for transporting Ryan. I saw her on a television ad yesterday asking for new ideas for her new network (OWN)…Any ideas on this?

    • Paula says:

      Yes, this is a great idea — let’s get as many people as possible to contact Oprah. Ryan’s story would make for an informative and inspiring program on one of her new OWN programs. Just go to Oprah’s OWN website and look for “program ideas” or something along those lines and email her. You never know!

    • Anna says:

      GREAT IDEA!! I am getting on her site now with the idea! Everyone jump on board!! I can hear her screaming now, stretching out her words as she introduces her “gifts” to Ken. Ryan needs us to make this happen!!!

      • Anna says:

        Just posted on Oprah.com. At the very very bottom of the page there is a line that starts with “Terms and Conditions” follow that line to “Contact Us” and that will take you to the place for story ideas.

    • Carla Liberty says:

      Re Oprah: Paula emailed her before, so I’m glad to see others doing this. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!!!! Other celebrities have been contacted as well. We are waiting to hear back from them. Keep the faith!

      • Gail Doyle says:

        I sent a message to Oprah ‘s network. It is certainly worth a try. Let’s try to get that van and HBOT machine …God willing some one hears.

    • Gail Doyle says:

      Like this one 🙂 it’s worth a try…….

    • Gail Doyle says:

      Ken Hope Ryan’s arm heals without any more having to be done on it. Is that a possibility?..Wow a special van would be great and ignore the gawkers..They don,t know Ryan. Good luck to you all. Gail

  3. Will says:

    Don’t let frustration get a hold of you. Try to live in the moment. My prayers continue.

  4. Marlene Nana Diviney says:

    I want to thank God’s “earthly angels ” for all the love and support you have given my son and his family. I hope someday to meet all of you.

    • Paula says:

      We would love to meet you, too, Mrs. Diviney. You sure do have a wonderful family!! ❤

    • Jo Hobbs says:

      My husband and I would love to meet you! We have been supporters of Ryan’s Rally since 12/04/09 when we saw Ryan’s Story on NBC Washington News. We love your son and his family. We especially appreciate Ken’s sense of humor, rating him above Dave Barry and the rest!

    • Lynne Mandel says:

      Hi Marlene,

      Just so you know, you, Diane and your family are also included in my prayers when I pray for Ryan, Ken and his family 🙂 Hope you are all well! When I think of you, I think of my Gram…and that…makes me smile!

      Love, Lynne

  5. Gail Doyle says:

    After reading about your son and family it’s very easy to support them all. They are doing almost the impossible every day for Ryan and they deserve the love sent them from all over . Praying for them and you always. God bless. Gail

  6. Keith says:

    My Suggestion was just emailed to Oprah also. I let them know what an amazing family Ryans has and think that it would be a good show to let people see how fast a persons life can change. Also if Ryan could get a Van for transportation back and forth to Dr Appts. Im gonna Hope and Pray that Oprah will let The Divineys Share their story and help with a Van.

  7. Keith says:

    I meant to add one More thing! Mrs Diviney You have a Wonderful Son! He is an Amazing Guy to be there for someone as much as he is for Ryan. Hats off to Ken! I Hope one day that I can meet all the family so we can let you all know whos been Praying all long for you all. Ryans Partents are Guardian Angels Along with Being His Parents. And we as the Supporters are here for you all 100% and continue to be here for you all! God Bless You All

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