Large Amount of Blood in Urine

I began to notice some change in Ryan’s urine yesterday morning. It seemed darker than usual. I wasn’t too concerned, thinking he might just be passing excess vitamins in the urine. Still, it was different and required monitoring.

By night, the urine darkness worsened. Normally, we home-test his urine each Sunday as a precaution. Dr. Rodriguez provided us with “Urine Strips” that indicate 10 different measurements, including blood. These strips are dipped in urine, and within a minute the results are visible. You simply match it up, by color, to the reference chart.

The blood swab indicated “Large Amounts”.

Sue called Dr. Rodriguez immediately. She could tell that he was not only in bed, but sick. He never even eluded to his own illness, and went to work on diagnosing Ryan. Again, a wonderful human being! Half an hour later, we had a plan and began executing it by getting a “clean catch” of urine in a sterile cup and putting it in the refridgerator. Sue is delivering it to Dr. Rodriguez as I write this.

On a positive note, Ryan’s urine was the desired “straw” color overnight. I was inspecting it every two hours throughout the night. Currently, it looks amazingly clean. He hasn’t developed a fever (indication of infection) and his heart rate and blood pressure are not high (indication of pain).

There are so, so many causes of blood in the urine. They range from life-threatening, to kidney stones, to minor trauma. It’s best not to speculate. Given his current presentation, I’m not overly concerned. I do want to get to the bottom of it, though.


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10 Responses to Large Amount of Blood in Urine

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ken – I am so sorry to hear about this, but you are very good at noticing when something is wrong. Please let us know what is said. Prayers as always ♥

  2. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken Glad the color was more normal this morning and pray it will be nothing serious..Hope the day goes well for Ryan and you all. SHSP~ Gail

  3. Paula says:

    Hello Ken, I was not happy to see this last night, but realized after wandering through the internet that it may not necessarily be something awful. Nonetheless, it is always alarming to see something like that! I am praying it’s a UTI that can be treated. I’ll be honest, I don’t know any primary care doctors who have the level of compassion that Dr. Rodriguez has. Dr. Rodriguez, are you an angel? Because it sure seems like you are heaven sent. You have our gratitude, along with the other amazing doctors who have been caring for Ryan. There are good people in this world, still. I’ve met so many on this blog and on CTFRD. It has restored my faith in what can be a selfish, dark world. Ken, I am thinking about you and your family today, and not many hours pass that I am not praying for your precious son. Please let us know how he is doing when you can. Love & prayers, Paula

  4. Will says:

    My prayers continue.

  5. Jo Hobbs says:

    So sorry. I’m wondering if there is a simple answer to this, especially considering the symptoms. You amaze me with your continued vigilance in checking everything with Ryan’s physician(s), and with every detail regarding Ryan. We know you will keep us posted. Still here

  6. sally ellis says:

    I’m glad things seem to be better, please keep us posted. You are incredibly vigilant, no rest for the weary. Still here.

  7. diane sohn says:

    Praying all is well!!!

  8. Debbie Blankers says:

    SHSP……I hope this urine issue has resolved itself and that Ryan is resting comfortably. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  9. Keith says:

    If im not mistaking My Preachers Wife that had a Stroke and Brain Anurism had that same problem one whole day. Im thinking it was a UTI but shes the same as Ryan they cant tell you if they hurt other than there reactions. She had the anurism but then a Very Bad Stroke. She cant walk or talk. Its ashame when something happens and they cant tell you whats gone on. She also had a child that cant talk eaither so they are never sure whats hurting on him when hes hurting other than him crying. I will continue to Pray that everything is ok with Ryan. Let us know what Sue finds out! Prayers continueing Ryan and the families way!

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