Most Viewed Picture is…

…not easy to answer now.

It was choice A when I made the post. But, choice B passed it yesterday. So I guess they’re both right.


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7 Responses to Most Viewed Picture is…

  1. alecia says:

    I love looking at each and every picture you post of ryan and your family! I can see how picture A won yesterday, ryan had an incredible smile! It pains me that you have to live without it and I pray that you will see it again someday soon *hugs to you all*

  2. Susanne says:

    As many of your followers are saying, we LOVE viewing the pictures of your family and enjoying glimpses of Diviney life prior to and following Ryan’s attack. In response, it causes us to pray constantly for Ryan’s healing, and ask the good Lord to bless you and your caregivers with rest and peace. Your photos showcase a beautiful family, modeling love and devotion to one another. You have captured what so many families strive to accomplish. May you feel God’s presence and our love this night and always. Hugs from Morgantown!

  3. Debb Brooks says:

    Ken, you have to keep doing what it is you are doing, not only for Ryan but for everyone that is walking in your shoes right now. Ryan is so blessed to have a family such as yours, and with the light you are shining on him, people are listening, and praying. That, in it self, is a miracle! Still here, and believing!

  4. Jo Hobbs says:

    Every photo you posted has a special meaning and I thank you for sharing them. The father/son photo just spoke to my heart, because it captures the relationship between you and Ryan. I have two sons who follow in their father’s footsteps, but they learned to cook and keep house from me — at their father’s insistance. They, like you, are the greatest all-around men! They are both dad and mom to their children just like you are, Ken. One son’s wife is a teacher, the other son’s wife was killed in an auto accident when his daughter was eleven years old. I am not so sure that I could be a dad — don’t cut the grass, work on cars, don’t like war or science fiction movies, don’t shovel snow (if I can help it!), not crazy about football and NASCAR — the list goes on of things they share with their dad, like what you and Ryan likely shared. Don’t mean to interject sadness here, just saying why the photo of you and Ryan is so meaningful to me. We have many snap-shots of our sons and their dad doing what sons and dads do together. Still here with love to all.

  5. Grey Hubler says:

    One of my favorites is #1 for Broad Run, getting ready to play in another victory, coming through in the clutch.

  6. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken Like I said before, I love all the pictures .Ryan is a handsome young man ….but D was my favorite. Cause everyone looks so happy ……How did the cultures come out ??..hope all was fine. Thinking of Ryan all day. God be with you all. Gail~

  7. Paula says:

    Keep the pictures coming, Ken — they’re all wonderful and they help us to feel a part of your lives : ) Still here, still praying…today, tomorrow…always!

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