Blood Returns in Urine. Nurse Calls Out. Ryan Gets Hair Cut.

Ryan is again producing blood in his urine. We still are looking into the cause. Sue took a urine sample to Dr. Rodriguez yesterday, but these take three days to completely culture, if I remember correctly. Although, we could get preliminary results back sooner.

Preemptively, Ryan began a seven-day course of antibiotics. This antibiotic is broad-based and effective against most urinary tract infections. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything is well in his kidneys and bladder.

Recall from my earlier post yesterday that I was up most of the night with Ryan the night before. I did catch a nap yesterday afternoon so I’m not completely zonked, but the nurse called out last night making me stay up with Ryan. Wait, I take that back… I am completely zonked.

Elizabeth Storms, who has taken care of Ryan’s (and Sue’s and Kari’s) hair came to the house yesterday. As always, she did an amazing job with his hair.


Ryan’s haircut


Sue and Kari swear by her. Ryan really wouldn’t let anyone else touch his hair (before he buzzed it off in college). I’ve always been a fan of Ryan’s longer hair. Sue likes it short. We have the same disagreement about my hair, but she has backed off a bit since I buzzed it. Maybe I was right after all? Anyhow, she drove home her point that I needed a haircut when she french-braided my hair. I felt so European!


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14 Responses to Blood Returns in Urine. Nurse Calls Out. Ryan Gets Hair Cut.

  1. Rita says:

    So Ryan feels refreshed but you do not :/ At least your sense of humor is still refreshing without sleep… Maybe Sue can give you a little trim while you nap today 😉 Praying that things remain stable today and that those cultures come back negative. The antibiotics sound like a good idea in the meantime — way for you and Sue and Dr. Rodriguez to stay on top of things! We hope you can catch up on some rest today, and maybe Ryan can get some fresh air. He really looks so good — he should show off that nice all-American haircut! Hugs to all ❤

  2. Susanne says:

    Ryan looks awesome! He sports his new haircut well, and he appears even more healed than I’ve noticed in other recent photos. Imagine all of the healing taking place inside, too, through your constant attention to every minute detail! I’m praying the blood in the urine can be solved by the antibiotics and it won’t be anything of great significance. Ken, you continue to amaze me as your humor surfaces and you make us all laugh. And the photo “contest” was another example of your interaction with everyone here… insight into the tragedy as well as some lighthearted fun! You do it all! Thank you for continually allowing us to share your happiest times as your deepest anguish! I pray you’ll never give up hope and keep trusting and beliving in the Lord. He’ll guide your path and lead you in the way you should go. I’m hoping you cach a few naps today…you deserve days of uninterrupted sleep! God bless your family and keep up the great work! You make us stronger prayer warriors!

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    I hope this is something simple, like a urinary tract infection. Although it’s really not “simple,” antibiotics usually are the “cure.” Thank you for showing us Ryan’s haircut. What a handsome young man! Praying continually, with you in thought and spirit. Still here with hope and love.

  4. Keith says:

    I agree with Jo! I hope its just something that can be fixed with a antibiotic. Still here and Praying that all is well. I am glad to see that You (Ken) keep good humor for what you are gone through. I get up everyday and check on here to see whats gone on. I also like to read if Sue writes anything. May God Bless You All

  5. sally ellis says:

    I hope this urinary tract problem remains a non-event. Maybe you can catch some zzzs today. Ryan looks great. He is so handsome, the length his hair doesn’t matter. Wishing you a peaceful day.

  6. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken Hopefully and prayerfully the cultures come back negative and it’s nothing serious .Ryan ‘s haircut looks great.and he looks so good. Amazing and glad you can still input some humor.for yourself and us….it must help,….a little anyway~ You try to get some rest here and there if you can. stay well too……Gail

  7. Paula says:

    Hello Ken, Ryan looks great!! I think the diet you and Sue have put him on is doing wonders for him. Now why did this UTI start — could it be that there is a medication he is taking that might be causing this? If I had the list I could go down one by one and start searching. Let me know if I can help. Meanwhile, I am praying you are able to get some rest today — actually, some good sleep. For the record, I think your hair looks good long : ) Thank you for the picture, I *love* Ryan’s haircut!! Well, I’ll be waiting to hear the results of the tests. Sending prayers for healing, peace, comfort and hope. Love you guys! Paula

  8. J.R. says:

    I think when Ryan’s face was more muscular, the buzzcut worked on him. But since the face is softer and rounder now, he looks better with hair.

    Hope it turns out to be nothing.

  9. John Maletta says:

    Ken, I’d pay to see you wearing french braids. What an image…. 😉

  10. Anna says:

    Hey, forget the image of the french braids, when I saw Ken write he felt “European” all I could picture was Ken walking on the beach in a thong. Talk about European! Its so funny to be at the the beach and see a man wearing a thong or small speedo type suit. You always think of them as being European. Everyone stares at them because its so unusual to see that on our eastern shore beaches.

  11. Erica says:

    Praying that the blood in the urine is nothing that can’t be taken care of quickly and effectively. Get some rest!

  12. The Colangelis says:

    Ryan’s haircut looks very nice. Try to get some rest as you need your strength. I hope the cultures come back negative. We are praying for Ryan.

  13. Dianne Vagnozzi Holecek says:

    Ken, you’re so quick to post a picture of Ryan’s new haircut, but you haven’t posted a picture of you in French braids. Why is that, I wonder? Maybe it’s just a bit delayed and you didn’t want to steal the thunder from Ryan? Yeah, that it! That’s the ticket! We’re all waiting with baited breath for this lovely & flattering photo of you.

    Seriously, I hope you get some much needed rest and you get good news soon on Ryan’s culture. We love you all!

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