Splint Comes Off

It’s March 1st, which means Ryan can get the splint off his left arm. I removed it — hopefully, for good — this morning. I’m not convinced though. Even though the Orthopedic feels it is healing and the splint is not necessary any longer, I suspect his arm will need reset. Time will tell. I hope I’m wrong.

Last evening I was sitting at the kitchen table when Duke jumped up on a chair across from me. I couldn’t stop smiling. It was so comical. I had to get a picture. Now, for your viewing pleasure… DUKE (click to enlarge; it’s worth it)!

Duke resting his square head. Looks like he's waiting on a call.

I’ll definitely add this one to the gallery.

I’m anxious to get the results back on the urine culture. I hope to hear something today. At times it looks like Ryan’s urine might have blood in it, but mostly not. It’s a bit dark this morning, but that could be caused by many other factors other than blood.

We do know Ryan is well hydrated. We can, and do, measure his hydration level (i.e., “specific gravity”) directly from the urine at least once a week. I check it everyday as well with a simply trick. Just pinch and pull up the skin on the back of the hand for 3 seconds. If hydrated, it will almost immediately return to normal. If it takes more than a few seconds to do so, it is a clear sign of dehydration. Go ahead, give it a try. I’ll wait.

I was able to look over the official printed results of Ryan’s blood work. All 16 pages. Amazingly, not even one test was out of normal range. Not one! Normally, for anyone, something is a bit off. Ryan was nearly dead-center in all. Incredible! This confirms, at least to some degree, that we are providing him with the proper diet.

Again, as a disclaimer, I am not giving medical advice. If you haven’t had the chance, I suggest reading this blog’s disclaimer (it will open in a separate window). I tried to inject a little humor into it, so it’s not a boring read. The gist of it is I know nothing and you can’t blame me. It helps to know what you’re getting yourself into…


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11 Responses to Splint Comes Off

  1. Clare Mullee says:

    Cute picture of Duke, Ken…and apparently I am also well hydrated, in case you were wondering. Hope your day goes well.

  2. Keith says:

    Love that Picture that is so Cute all he needed was a cup of coffee. Hes just lost :(. But i am glad that Ryan has Duke because a pet can help people with Pet Therepy. Hope all the test comes back good today. I will check this evening again to see if you found out anything.

  3. Paula says:

    Dear dear dear me…LOL!!! Duke is meant for Hollywood, but no, Hollywood doesn’t deserve Duke, only the Divineys (and we) do!! This is one majestic, magnificent, marvelous dog!! He is at once supremely intelligent, yet humble; tender, but far from being a wimp; full of personality, yet sublime — I could go on. Duke, you are a breathtaking creature : ) Now let me pull myself away from Duke to say how very happy I am that all of Ryan’s bloodwork came back normal. He is not anemic, so the bleeding he’s been having has not been chronic (I am surmising). Could one of his exercises have agitated his kidney somehow? Just reaching here; I am praying it is something easy to treat and heal. Ryan’s bloodwork is a great testament to how diet affects overall health. Between all the love and encouragement Ryan gets, along with his super charged diet, excellent medical care and support (thank you Drs. Rodriguez, Hinkle, Wiger and Diviney), awesome friends and community, and prayers in the good times and the bad, , Ryan is surrounded by all that is good and restorative for his mind, body and soul. Not to mention, our secret weapon …. D u k e : )

  4. Paula says:

    I’m kinda thinkin we may need to get another line of Team Diviney T shirts made with Duke’s picture on them. Can you imagine how many we’d sell? We’d have that exercise table for Ryan in no time — who knows, maybe even a new van so Ryan could be taken to his treatments without having to arrange for special transport. It could happen thanks to Duke’s handsome visage : )

    • Rita says:

      I was just going to say that Duke is ready to have his own fan page, but I like this idea even better! Ken — you continue to amaze everyone (even yourself at times) with the quality of care that you and Sue provide for Ryan. Team Diviney and all the actual medical professionals out there applaud you!

  5. Susanne says:

    There’s a reason God told Noah to build an ark……just look at the pleasure Duke brings to you! He’s adorable and I’m sure a lot of company for you and Ryan. Never doubt your wisdom in caring for Ryan at home. His bloodwork is a testimony of the meticulous care you and Sue offer Ryan 24/7. Your instincts speak to you clearly and you move forward with just the right touch and connections with the right people. God continues to provide and you continue to trust! I’m praying that his arm will heal correctly so that surgery won’t be necessary. I’m also praying you have been able to catch up on your sleep. Just know that while you’re dozing, we’ll be praying ’round the clock. Have a blessed day!

  6. Jen says:

    Dr. Diviney :),

    Just checked and I am well hydrated (though it might be the IV hydration bag I have been attached to for 3 hours:)). Everytime I see Duke I want to hold his little plump self, scratch his belly and kiss him. He is therapy to all of us, including Ryan himself. Give our boy a kiss!

  7. Gail Doyle says:

    Dear Ken , So happy Ryan’s blood work is almost better than better…So marvelous what you guys are doing for Ryan……keeping him so healthy..More and more prayers go out to you. I am hoping his arm will heal and not need any more surgery or casts…. Duke looks like he ready to have a long conversation with you….he must be so good for Ryan..Praying the cultures are negative take care and God Bless. L Gail

  8. Paula says:

    Duke, you magnificent beast! Be still my beating heart ❤

  9. Will says:

    Don’t do any exercising with that arm. My prayers continue. The dog looks like he wants to tell you something.

  10. Pam GrahamGeorge says:

    Sending you Love, prayers and “still with you.” It’s been a bit since my regular comments, and I’m sorry about that. But please know that your daily logs continue to bring such joy and inspiration into my life everyday. I have not stopped praying for Ryan and your family. Your journey is one of hardship no doubt, but made better because of the right attitude! God Bless you Ken. You and your family are living proof every day of what God can do in our lives — even under the most difficult of circumstances.

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