Eyes Appear to be Improving. Urine Test In.

Dr. Hinkle stopped in to take a look at Ryan’s eyes this afternoon. Although it can not be conclusive, given the home environment of the examination, he feels Ryan’s eyes are improving somewhat. 

Dr. Hinkle uses a stain that he places in the eyes. Any dry/damaged areas will pick-up this stain and glow brightly under this blue light he has. The right eye had very little. The left eye picked-up some stain over the cornea, but not nearly as badly as before.

It appears the course of treatment might be working, although it could take months to know for sure. As Dr. Hinkle explained, sometimes the signs lag the symptoms… or something like that. Hey, it made sense at the time to me. It’s like algebra, you understand it for a minute and the poof, it’s gone.

Again — disclaimer — this is my interpretation. It might be entirely wrong.

As for the urine culture. It is just in to Dr. Rodriguez’s office, but he needs to review them before relaying to me. I will post when I know more.



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7 Responses to Eyes Appear to be Improving. Urine Test In.

  1. Mary says:

    Awesome news that they are improving! (First time poster) I have an eye condition that Dr.s have classified as Corneal Dystrophy. (However, I have the very painful light sensitive symptoms and not the actual scrapings of the cornea, like Ryan) Anyways, I have had several surgeries for this condition, but one of the things that really helped was the use of an eye ointment called fluorometholone or FML ointment at night. My eyes would sometimes open at night and make the morning sunlight hurt worse and this seemed to put a protective layer over them. Not sure if this will help Ryan but just a suggestion! It was pretty annoying to put in, but the results were worth it. I love reading and keeping up with you and your incredible family. Praying harder than ever, still here 🙂

  2. Way Too Tired says:

    I love doctors who make house calls. I ❤ Dr. Delagarza at WVU. We need a Hall of Fame for these guys and gals.

  3. Gail Doyle says:

    Dear Ken. glad to hear Ryans eyes are a little better…Hope urine analysis comes back good too…and keep us posted on the MRI. Praying you hear something soon and he can get it done You and Sue take care of yourselves too. God Bless. Gail

  4. Wonderful news on Ryan’s eyes.

    As you know I don’t comment every day but I do check your blog every single day and offer prayers for complete healing for Ryan.

  5. Paula says:

    Sending prayers and love your way!!

  6. Jo Hobbs says:

    With your continual care of Ryan’s eyes, Dr. Hinkle as your backup and our prayers, we can expect improvements every day. Praying that you and Sue will stay healthy also. Still here.

  7. Keith says:

    Glad to Hear Ryans Eyes are improving.

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