Dr. Hinkle Examines Eyes.

Some people are pure good. Through and through. Such is the case with Ryan’s eye doctor, Dr. Hinkle (of Vision Source).

He was at my house shortly after the sun came up to take a look at Ryan. He brought along a peer, Dr. Tom Finley, to provide an independent assessment.

It was nice to hear some good news about Ryan’s eyes. He noticed improvement over his visit last week. It appears the active abrasion over the cornea has closed. This is huge! No longer does a portal exist for bacteria to colonize. At least not today.

The plan of care is to continue lubrication eight times a day with the assistance of goggles to trap the moisture on the eyes. Dr. Hinkle will re-examine him next week to see if Ryan continues to make gains.

I’m also looking forward to the delivery of the whole-house humidifier. It is on schedule to arrive sometime today. I’m gonna crank that bad boy up the instant if gets here. Here’s to moisture!

Unless some bridge is washed out between here and New York, Sue will be coming home tonight. What a relief. I could use a bit of relief and Ryan could use the touch and voice of his mom.

I’m happy to report the nurse made it last night. Crazy thing though, I couldn’t get to sleep! I padded around the house until 1:00AM or so. Then, once asleep, I couldn’t stay asleep. Up on and off all flippin’ night. Finally, at 4:00AM I gave up and put on a pot of coffee. To my credit, I did grumble and curse profusely the whole time. Well, until the caffeine hit my system.

And… on top of all this, the dogs were especially needy. Still are, as a matter of fact. They keep wanting to go out to the bathroom. Yet, the hate the rain. So, it’s a battle of wills between me and the dogs once outside. They refuse to go. I refuse to let them back in until they do. Like Charlie Sheen would say, “I’m winning”. We all come in sopping wet and smelling. Yep… winning.


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8 Responses to Dr. Hinkle Examines Eyes.

  1. Susanne says:

    Your doctors are awesome! Great news from the homefront……eyes healing, humidifier coming, Sue en route home, nurse in place…..I’m praying your day will remain event-free! Praying, too, you can get some sleep! We love you all!

  2. Paula says:

    LOL Ken. You’re about the only person who can make me ride the whole carousel of emotions in about a minute flat. I’m sitting here thinking about what a good man Dr. Hinkle is, along with his colleague, Dr. Finley. “Pure good” is a perfect description. To every single person who has given their time and energy to help Ryan and his family, thank you. I hold every one of you in the highest regard. A lot of us talk about you on a regular basis — about your dedication and willingness to get involved. You don’t see this kind of compassion very much in the world today, so it’s very inspiring. And Ken, what can I say — you’ve got Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA running all through you, Bro. And the reason you can’t sleep, is because you have one speed: “Go.” : )

  3. Gail Doyle says:

    Dear Ken. So glad Ryan’s eyes are getting a little better…Sound like great Drs. Sorry you still couldn’t sleep ,maybe when Sue is there. The hard rain shouldn’ t start until later tonite in NY! Hope Sue is home by then….Try to get some rest and give Ryan a big hug…(Hope the humidifier comes on time). SHSP. Gail

  4. Anna says:

    Pure Good, that describes the Diviney family too! Can’t stop re-reading the sentence that says you lubricate Ryan’s eyes eight times a day! Unbelievable, and God bless you Ken Diviney!!!

  5. sally ellis says:

    Such good news about Ryan’s eyes. I agree with Anna, eight times a day, wow! I bet once Sue is home you will be able to sleep. We all like our routine. I can picture those big pair of eyes, not Ryan’s but Dukes, looking at you out in the rain. I hope tonight is a drier more peaceful night for all of you.

  6. Keith says:

    Glad to hear that Ryans Eyes are Improveing. With Prayers Each week there gonna improve alot more.

  7. Will Nier says:

    Just don’t crank the humidifier up to high because you don’t want to grow mold or mildew.lol
    In my prayers, always.

  8. Carla Altamirano says:

    Hi Ken. Our son Ryan played baseball with your son at BR. Our family owns an optical store so we come in contact with patients that have all kinds of eye issues. We have a patient that has severe dry eye syndrome and she finally found a pretty good solution. She visited an Eye Institute in Boston and they fit her with large gas permeable lenses, I think, that covers the surface of her eyeball. She fills the lens with a jelly-like substance. This, in her opinion, has been a life saver. I would be happy to get more info on this if you are interested in hearing more.

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