Green Thumb?

Sue and I were talking yesterday about if we can do more to make our home healthier. You know, even more then putting high efficiency filters in our furnace that we already do. Specifically, what can we do to remove normal, everyday toxins in the house? As you can see, we have such interesting conversations.  🙂 This led us to indoor plants. Now, I always thought plants were just for aesthetic purposes (or to hide an easter egg in), unless they bear fruit or vegetable. Sue disagreed, saying they help filter the air. Long story short, she was correct. Let’s not harp on that too long, shall we?

To my shock, there are some really powerful house plants that clean the air. You can bet a paycheck that we’ll have these in our home without much delay. Prior to Ryan’s injury we had a wide assortment. Being away from home for so long meant the death of all but one (African Violet).

I’m sure this blog has some readers who have a green thumb. Others might have the plants we’re looking for and would be willing to provide “starters” from them, if that’s even possible. My limited knowledge on plants is some produce offshoots or can grow roots if put in water/sand/soil. I hope some of the ones we’re looking for are able to do this.

Here’s a comprehensive list of plants we’re interested in:

  • Areca palm (a.k.a. Butterfly Palm, Yellow Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Madagascar palm and Areca Lutescens).

Areca Palm

  • Reed palm (a.k.a. Bamboo Palm)

Reed Palm

  • Dwarf date palm (a.k.a. Pygmy Date Palm or Miniature Date Palm)

Dwarf Date Palm

  • Boston fern (a.k.a. Sword Fern or Fluffy Ruffles Fern)

Boston Fern

  • Janet Craig dracaena

Janet Craig Plant

  • English ivy

English Ivy

  • Australian sword fern

Austrailian Sword Fern

  • Peace Lily

Peace Lily

  • Rubber plant

  • Weeping fig (a.k.a. Benjamin’s Fig)

Weeping Fig

  • Spider plant

Spider Plant

  • Snake plant

Snake Plant

Well, there you have it. You might want to consider picking up a few of these plants for your own health, if you don’t already have them!


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8 Responses to Green Thumb?

  1. Galya says:

    In the book, “How to Grow Fresh Air,” it says that the inside of a house can be up to 7 TIMES MORE POLLUTED that outdoor polluted air–I am so glad that Sue is enlightened, and helping you in this–most people are cluless innocent victims! The plants you featured are good choices, if I remember correctly. Right now I have 3 big corn plants (a dracena, I think) and one snake plant–they do soooo well in poorly lit areas! (I love plants that can take NEGLECT.) Ken and Sue, keep up the good work!

  2. Kathryn Beggs Howlett says:

    Peace Lily, rubber plant and spider plant are very easy to grow. I have had trouble with ferns and palms….probably my problem not the plants. Snake plant is interesting but is poisonous so watch your pets to make sure they don’t nibble.
    A potted Norfolk pine might be nice…….. Good luck!

  3. Christa S says:

    I would be more than willing to send as many spider plant starts as you want, but I’m not too sure they would travel USPS well. Any ideas on how to do that?

  4. Cathy says:

    I have tons of english ivy- will cut and start rooting some today and get it to you this week.
    Also a baby orchid off mine- just for fun.

    Hope Ryan and you both are having a good Sunday- enjoy the light this evening!

  5. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken Wish I could help with plants ….only one I have is Peace Lily and with my “brown thumb” it does pretty good with not much care..Thinking of all of you and praying Ryan had A good day…. Gail

  6. Carla Liberty says:


    I have a few extra potted spider plants you can have. I can bring them out on Tuesday when I come to prayer group in Ashburn. My Peace Lily does beautifully in my home…. I will order one for your home…they are so pretty.

    Sending love/hugs from all the Libertys,


  7. Carla Hubacher says:

    rubber plants love ice cubes left over from scotch

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