Plants Seem to Help


Just like the day before, Sue and Kari sent me pictures as their night progressed. Sue texted me earlier in the day to say she got tickets to see The Addams’ Family on Broadway. Kari is a huge fan of theater. Always has been and is more inclined toward musicals. Even as a young teenager, she would repeatedly watch Chicago and Phantom of the Opera on DVD. In fact, I believe the last Broadway production she went to was Phantom of the Opera. Anyhow, give my regards to Broadway…Even with the fun they are having, I selfishly can’t wait for them to come home.

Sure, Kari is messy (I often tell her that a debris field follows her) and Sue is demanding (I mean that in a good way, right?), but it’s just not the same without them. You know what I mean…? It’s an overriding feeling that something is missing. Something that the dogs — try as they might — fall short on filling. I feel like Gomez Addams without Morticia and Wednesday.


Yesterday, WordPress (this blog’s platform) was experience problems. I hope this didn’t distract from your experience. To my knowledge, the only area affected from a reader’s perspective was not being able to leave comments. It had a host of other implications on my end, but I doubt you would have noticed.

Breath Easy

The houseplants really seem to be helping Ryan’s respiratory system. His oxygen saturation level has been hovering around 100% for the past week. I know, this is still too early to make any final assessment but, hey, it’s not hurting.

A fringe benefit is our house smells “fresh”, something that has not been present in a long time. I briefly considered somehow rigging a potted plant to Duke, Ryan’s Old English Bulldog. Perhaps an English Ivy? Rippin’ good, tally ho, and pip-pip.


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9 Responses to Plants Seem to Help

  1. Ms. Blasé says:

    “I feel like Gomez Addams without Morticia and Wednesday.”

    Thanks for the early morning laugh. I needed that 😛

    I pray that Sue and Kari have a joyous safe trip home.

  2. Gail Doyle says:

    Dear Ken….Sounds like you can’t wait for the “girls” to come home. Sure they miss you and Ryan too…So glad the plants seem to be helping Ryan .Between the plants,all our prayers,and the GREAT job you all are doing ,Ryan can’t help but get better Any news on the MRI they are working on? Soon ,I hope ,,,Give Ryan a hug and tell him how much we all care about him. God Bless and keep up the GOOD work you’re doing Ken…….Gail. PS. Started snowing but mixing to rain ,I think. Safe drive for Sue and Kari

  3. Susanne says:

    The perfect combination of energy seems to be surrounding your family…..Kari, plants, dogs, travel, friends, angels…..we’re here for you always! I study the latest picture of Kari asleep with Ryan and it looks like Ryan has healed even more! Keep trusting and hoping in God’s goodness. The little signs you see are miraculous and hint of greater things happening within. Praise God for Ryan’s peaceful nights. Hugs to you all for a wonderful day!

  4. Paula says:

    Oh my goodness, Ken — “Gomez, Morticia and Wednesday” LOL!! Perfect!! Been waiting and praying for Ryan to communicate more — he’s doing it!! Kari’s presence clearly has a wonderful effect on him. Looking forward to the time when more of their friends can visit. To all Ryan’s buddies out there — please visit when you’re able, because the sound of your voices stirs up happy memories and it helps with the healing process. On another note, Ken, what plants are you still interested in? We’re heading out to the Leesburg Flower & Garden show on April 19th and would love to pick up some for Ryan. Heading over this week to check out the department store known as “Declutter for Divineys.” Anyone reading this blog who can help on the 8th to transport items and set up, please let me know. This event has grown bigger than anyone ever thought it would!! More and more people are learning about Ryan and want to help. Ryan, you are so loved!! Yay for Sue and Kari coming home too!!! Your comment about Duke and rigging a plant to offset his special dog odors was hilarious! Duke, you magnificent beast!! : )

  5. Carla Liberty says:

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the chuckles this a.m. I too, was in much need of that!!! 🙂

    Also I meant to tell you that I ordered you an English Ivy last week (it comes in this Friday and I was hoping to deliver it to you this weekend when I bring your meal). My florist thought that a Hyacinth (sweet aroma) being planted with the English Ivy might help Ryan’s sense of smell, so I was going to have them put that with the Ivy, but wanted to make sure you are not allergic. The hyacinth can be planted outside this fall (or before) and will return every year. Let me know if it’s okay to have the florist put the hyacinth with your ivy. 🙂 I hope the peace lily made it your way last Friday.

    Here’s to a safe journey back for Kari and Sue, and a wonderful family reunion complete with Duke & Co. Got Woof?

    Love and hugs,

  6. Jill in Morgantown says:

    HaHa. Good one, Gomez 🙂
    still here and praying in Morgantown

  7. sally ellis says:

    If I remember correctly it’s not the neck area that needs the lavender. Oh we miss that boy! I’m glad the plants seem to be helping. Welcome home to the girls, it sounds like they had a great time. As always, sending strong thoughts your way.

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