It seems each time this blog reaches an additional 100,000 views, it causes me to reflect on how fortunate our family is. Yesterday evening another milestone was reached, as readership passed the 300,000 mark.

I suspect it’s quite rare for a personal blog to have such a large following. I base this on my unscientific observation of Google Image search. Let me explain. When we hit 100,000 views in January, I had tons of files to pick from. At 200,000 there were noticeably fewer, but still plentiful. Looking when the blog reached 300,000, I found just one (and you see it above).

Now, I’m not the creative type. I can draw a fairly good stick figure, but don’t ask me to add detail (beyond a mouth, nose, eyes, and eyebrows). Drawing ears just makes my stick figure look ridiculous. I can easily designate the sex of my stick figure (it’s not what you’re thinking) by drawing a bow on a girl’s head. Although, I can certainly see how a couple carefully placed circles would do the trick. But, in my world, my stick figure would resemble Pamela Anderson.

picture of a stick figure

A Female Stick Figure

So, here’s my problem… at 400,000 I just might have to create my celebratory image. Eeeeeeeee-gads! Hopefully PowerPoint will bail me out. It does do circles, right?

Enough of that already. I’m just talking in orbs circles. The true significance is this number — 300,000 — is, in some way, a measurement of how much people care. So much so, that many check the blog every day. Sometimes more than once a day.

You have chosen to go on this ride with Ryan and my family. You tolerate my wild mood swings. My rants. My anger and hatred. My love and devotion. You don’t get offended by my sometimes lame humor (reference the “circle” innuendo above). It’s a beautiful thing to feel the love.

Prude Wife

Now, before I get any emails telling me I am dissing my wife, I just need to let you know Sue and I BOTH agree she is prudish. I blame her wonderful parents for raising her too well. She was entirely too sheltered. Pure as the driven snow.

She watched my video yesterday, Executing a Transfer, and called right afterwards. She made a few compliments, but was quick to get to the critique. She says (in a playfully scolding way, I’d like to think) “I really don’t approve of two things: Ryan’s bum showing (I’m still debating if it did. The more I see it the more convinced I am it’s just his thigh) and the comment about “blue balls”.

Me: “Do you know what blue balls even are?”

Sue: “No. But, it just sounds nasty. Also, it came from you. So I know I should be offended in some way.”

Me: “Right, you are”.

Hmmmm…. I still don’t think she knows just how much she should be offended.  :/

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10 Responses to 300,000 Views!

  1. Rita says:

    This installment of your wildly popular blog really makes me smile, for a whole host of reasons, but mainly because it reminds us of why we have all fallen in love with both you and Sue (as well as Ryan and Kari, of course) — so glad you’re feeling that love! P.S. Tell Sue I’ve always been prudish too, and proud of it 🙂

  2. sally ellis says:

    I on the other hand was not raised quite so purely, I blame it all on my brothers. Not that I was looking closely but I didn’t detect any bum. The whole video was so fascinating, please keep them coming. As for those other round things that were on top of the cabinet, I have a couple of them in my house. Have a peaceful weekend.

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    Sue reminds me of myself before I became corrupted by the world around me of “live fast, love hard, die young and leave a beautiful memory!” LOL Kidding, of course. At 72, however, I am quite tolerant of drinking, cussing and lifestyles different from my own! Kidding, of course — when am I not! I am a bit more tolerant, however, not quite as conservative (that’s a lie!), and I love everybody (not a lie!), especially those who comment on here, and all things RYAN! I have come to admire all of you to a degree that only those of us who are here with you, Ken, Sue, Kari, can understand (keep those cards and letters comin’ in, Folks. We need the support that only you can give).
    We have faith that Ryan will be healed, and Ken, so do you, and it really shows in how you take care of Ryan. Keep the videos coming! Thank you so much. Hope, faith, love and prayers coming at you as we reach out to you here.

    • Paula says:

      Jo, sounds to me like you got some of that Tiger’s blood that Ken has ; )

      • Jo Hobbs says:

        Yep, wonder if Ken got it, like me, from watching old Two-and-a-Half Men re-runs while I cook dinner (forgive me, Lord)! Well, I doubt that; I think it runs in the family. It seems to me that many of us here who comment have Tiger’s Blood running through our veins, and we’re “stuck on you, Ryan” and Family.

  4. Rita says:

    This installment of your wildly popular blog makes me smile for many reasons — it shows why we have fallen in love with both you and Sue, as well as Ryan and Kari 🙂 I’m so glad you’re feeling that love today!
    P.S. I’ve always been prudish too, Sue, and proud of it! You’re a very special lady ❤

  5. Paula says:

    Congratulations on hitting the 300K mark!! Won’t be long at all til your blog hits a million!! It’s no wonder, because you’re writing is honest, making it very provocative and engaging to read. So few people have a clue as to how to keep it real. As for your “mood swings” and Sue’s “prudishness” (LOL!!!) — I can’t say a bad thing about either one of you, I love you both, along with Ryan and Kari of course. So go ahead wit your own bad self and your Adonis DNA Ken Diviney; and Sue, you are as lovely as a pink rose blooming on a warm summer’s day. Hmm, do you guys think opposites attract? Well, the one big thing you have in common are two beautiful kids. Lots of love at the Diviney house — and it conquers all. Blessings for a relaxing and happy weekend together!! Paula

  6. The Colangelis says:

    This blog has a great following because of God-loving people who care about Ryan. Thank you for keeping it up each day, we apprecaite reading the developments.

  7. Just amazing! Glad your are totally surrounded by so much love and support.

  8. Deb OKane says:

    I’ll make you a 400,000 no problem

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