Vitals Solid. Kari at WVU Safely.

Ryan’s Vitals are Solid

It seems I always jinx myself, but I’m so happy that Ryan’s vital signs are staying consistently “normal”. In fact, his body temperature has been hovering around 98.6 degrees for some time now. As you might recall, his baseline use to be 97.5 degrees. I say “baseline” because he would swing a couple of degrees in either direction without a clear reason.

His blood pressure is amazing. Without any medications to control it, it usually is below 120/80. His pulse is running in the 70’s during the day and in the low-60’s at night. Oxygen saturation is consistently in the high 90’s percentage.

Kari Safely at WVU

I’m happy (and sad) to report that Kari is back at WVU. I drove her back last night, getting back home around 1:00 AM. The ride back gave me a lot of time to think. Thinking can be so sad. This might be the source of my screaming headache this morning.

I must say, I was quite impressed on the drive to Morgantown. Kari brought a wi-fi connection and studied along the way ,while also playing Scrabble with someone on her iPhone, and talking to me. I can see the advantage to multitasking, but I fear her generation doesn’t see the benefits of complete and uninterrupted focus on a single task.

Looming Fight with Insurance?

It appears we might be on the cusp of insurance decreasing Ryan’s therapy frequency. I’ve been getting wind that they are beginning to posture to decrease these visits from 3 times a week per discipline to just once.

What the heck? Ryan has made substantial gains in his range-of-motion. The stiffness is leaving his joints and muscles. This has been hard work reaching this point. I need these therapies to supplement the ones I do with him myself.

He is up for recertification this week, so we’ll know soon if we need to dig our heels in and prepare for what is always a lengthy and frustrating process. But, like Medicare (which is still being contested via formal appeal) we will not bend. For Ryan’s sake, it’s not something we even consider doing.


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5 Responses to Vitals Solid. Kari at WVU Safely.

  1. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the insurance decisions upcoming go your way. Glad to hear Ryan’s vitals are stable. Probably something we don’t think about daily like you do, but I imagine that’s a case of no news is good news.

    We miss seeing Kari’s smiling face already. Hm, Scrabble on iPhone, going to have to try it. BTW, thanks for endorsing/voting for our purchases of iPhones, they have been life changing ; )

    Have a nice, quiet day Ken and Ryan. Love you guys.

  2. Paula says:

    Praying, praying, praying that the insurance company will understand the necessity of Ryan’s continued therapy. Lord, I pray, may someone in the insurance company have a conscience and a heart, and know that the maintenance of Ryan’s good health depends on frequent therapy to keep him limber and strong. Ken, praying for you and Ryan to have a good day, with continued signs of Ryan’s healing. And we’re all waiting for your next video : ) Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Paula

  3. Susanne says:

    You have made gigantic strides with Ryan’s health continuing toward normalcy. You seem to have covered every minute detail necessary to focus on his total health recovery. Being the athlete that he was, Ryan was no doubt in super shape prior to his attack, which I’m sure helps the healing process. I’ll be asking God to grant Ryan ALL the medical attention and other services he needs to progress even further. Just look at the miraculous healing that has already occurred, only through prayers and the proper treatments thus far. Surely the insurance company can view various stages of Ryan’s progress found here. You have so much documentation already in place. I’m lifing you and your family up in prayer today, and always. Hugs from Morgantown and I’m glad your travels went safely.

  4. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken , So glad to hear Ryans signs are all good .That’s mostly yours and Sue’s hard work .Will pray that the insurance co.comes through for you’ve made such progress with Ryan. Hope you hear good news ….Praying hard.!!!!!! Glad Kari got back safe …..SHSP. Gail

  5. Carla Liberty says:

    Keep fighting the good fight Ken!!! You know Ryan’s needs better than anyone else. You know what they say about the squeaky wheel…we had to do the same thing with my mom when she was getting various in-home therapy treatments to battle polymyositis, an immune disorder of the muscle enzymes. Medicare tried to back down to once a month, in lieu of twice a week. We got the doctors involved who said it was essential for her recovery that she be given this treatment. They listened. Battling the red tape is so frustrating, but a necessary evil. I’m so glad you are not giving up.

    On a lighter note, I’m glad that the lovely Kari made it back safely.

    Sending hugs to all the Divineys –

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