Obscure Link Drives Blog Traffic

Something strange was happening yesterday related to the blog. Normally, FaceBook is the top “referer” to this blog. This makes perfect sense, since I post the link out there for you to just click on to read the most recent post.

Anyhow, yesterday mid-morning traffic started coming from a completely unrelated website. It was actually a place for car owners’ of a certain manufacturer. I was curious and looked into it. To my surprise, it was all driven by one simple post from a former WVU student . He linked to our blog, giving a one sentence lead-in.

I read the dialogue with interest. I’m touched by the compassion of most, and appalled by the complete ignorance of a few. One person said he was “traumatized” by Ryan’s pictures. Really? I could surely give him a lesson in trauma.

Further, there was the comment that I should “let go”. How exactly would I do this? Stop feeding him? Put a pillow over his face? What an ignorant person! Poor bastard.

It just reminds me of the importance of this blog. It really is educational, although it was never my intent. We know what a “coma/vegetative state” is, but most do not. They picture Ryan in bed… hooked up to life-support, while the family sits bedside doing crossword puzzles. Well, there is no “plug” to pull. Instead, there are days filled with endless therapy and meticulous care. I’m not sure there is a greater and longer enduring challenge on this earth.

There’s a Lesson in this

I’m so angry this didn’t come to me earlier… and I’ll ask for your help instituting it. As “Team Diviney”, why not leave a link to our blog in websites we visit (that are appropriate). If so inclined, maybe you could even place the link in your personal e-mail signature?

If yesterday taught me anything, it is people just need introduced to Ryan and his story. It’s hard to turn away once you meet us out here in the blogosphere[1].

[1] The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community (or as a collection of connected communities) or as a social network in which everyday authors can publish their opinions. (


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13 Responses to Blogosphere

  1. Anna says:

    If these folks are “traumatized” by Ryan’s pictures they certainly are not paying attention to what is going on in the world, the Middle East, and our inner cities!
    If they are “traumatized” they need to step up and donate to the family so that Ryan can get the latest in cutting edge medical care, they need to spread his story to others so this horrific crime does not happen again to other college students, and they need to be at the courthouse when Jonathan May and Austin Vantrease, the criminals who punched Ryan and his roomate Brian, and kicked Ryan in the head as he lay on the ground ask for reduced time. As for the person who said “let go”, well, pity his parents, any wife and kids if they ever get sick or injured. Ryan is not “brain dead”, you can not “let him go”, that would be murder. He is not a family dog that you “put down or let go” when they get sick or old, he is the Diviney’s only son, something only a loving parent would understand. Here’s to you Ryan, we will keep spreading your story!!!

  2. Paula says:

    Hello Ken, This is hard because we’re talking about Ryan, who we love and cherish. When putting writing in a public forum, we automatically subject ourselves to the possibility of feedback that will bother us — greatly. (My bp is elevated right now due to a similar situation). From what I know, anytime something is posted on YouTube, it goes in the public domain too, and believe me when I tell you, there are some very intellectually/emotionally marginalized folks surfing YouTube along with the internet in general. So, as much as possible, prepare yourself for inappropriate, inane, stupid, ridiculous, sophomoric responses. I can only hope there is some way to delete unintelligent responses from YouTube. Meanwhile, I am going to look for ways to post a link to your blog. There are certain websites I go to on a regular basis where I could do this. Folks, you could post this link when you respond in the comment section of online articles. As far as the “why don’t you let go” kind of posts, well — I imagine these people are trying, albeit in a misguided way, to “help” you. Yes, I know it has the completely opposite affect. I am pretty sure these individuals are unaware of Ryan’s admission into IBRF or even what the IBRF does. But, moreover, they are not in touch with the idea that the choice of how to care for a loved one belongs exclusively to the caregiver. Put on your writer’s armor as best you can, Ken — otherwise, you’ll have a flushed face and extreme annoyance like I do right now. The only thing that matters is you, your awesome son, your beautiful wife and daughter, and all the people who love and support you. Everyone else can eat a dirt sandwich. Praying for a positive day for you and your wonderful son. Still here, still believing!!
    Love, Paula

  3. Vicky Scott says:

    It is a fact of life that many people do not “get it.” and even if they do, they do not totally understand unless they are you, and we do not understand their plight because we do not live it every day. Look at the legislation that some are trying to pass? What makes this country different, at least for now, is that most value human life. In California, as in other states, money has been wasted and blown on things that do not matter like protecting flies or frogs, yet the first cuts to “balance the budget” after years of wasteful spending is to cut In Home Support Services, SSI, Medicare and other benefits to the people who would be in a nursing home if their parents, spouses, siblings, etc. did not take care of them or they would be dead. But the word being thrown around now is “entitlements” as if we feel entitled to any of it… we just appreciate any help so our son does not go into a critical care nursing facility where they would not take care of him and he would be dead and it would cost the state far more than the benefits Jonathan is receiving.
    But really the bottom line, and you know this, is that there will always be people with inappropriate comments, words, thoughts and we just have to ignore them because are they really worth our emotion when it need to be spent encouraging our brain injured sons?
    I know I have already commented regarding your G-tube demonstration, but it was worth watching it because I got to see more of my man Ryan, than I ever have before and HE IS THERE and HE WAS COMMUNICATING and HE IS MY HERO, cause I know with every thing that is in me, that young man wants to help others with HIS wounded, beaten, life. He has paid an incredible price but he will dramatically and already has, changed the lives of many. But some will never get that, but that is their loss, not yours, not Ryan’s, and certainly not ours who read your blog. When I see Ryan, I see beauty, inside and out.
    After almost 4 years of being one-half of the caregiving team to our TBI son, I have finally set up a blog, that many have asked me to do this whole time. It certainly is not like yours, does not, and will not compare to the excellence of yours. However, I am, right now, going to put your link on that blog. It will be the first one… I just have not gotten to that stage yet… but I am now.
    With great respect and admiration,
    Vicky (wife of David (another Ken type), and caregiver/mother of Jonathan

    • Carla Liberty says:

      God Bless You Vicky, and God Bless your sweet son, Jonathan. Thank you too, for writing such a wonderful piece to show your support to Ken, Ryan, Sue and Kari. I would like to read your blog as well, if you would be kind enough to share it.



  4. Lyn says:

    I think everyone is getting too upset about the comments the young people made. They just don’t understand. Its not them and they probably have never been exposed to this as most of us haven’t. As far as comments to donate and go to trials etc etc, made by someone earlier….before this happened how much donating and rallying did any of us do for any family? It’s just your interest in this because you are close to the situation. The family needs to keep doing what they are doing and not be concerned about anything else. I actually liked the last video and thought Ryan was doing much more than I had imagined!

  5. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken , I’m so sorry you had to read these things .I am not too computer savvy so I don’t understand how they came in or where I can post But they are insensitive ,uncaring people. ….. why do they have to say anything? I hope you put out more videos because it makes me feel close to Ryan and see how good he’ s doing,….We are all here for you and Ryan and family and he will get better and better. No one can really understand ,Ken if they say such things…Keep up all the work you’re doing ( even when you feel so tired you think you can’t do more ) you ALWAYS do what Ryan needs and you will never stop ….That’s a Father loving his child totally and unconditionally God be with you. .SHSP. Always. Sincerely. Gail

  6. alecia says:

    my son had been ill since Friday…we were in the ER with him on Saturday…high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, couldn’t keep him awake at times…I spent every day since then praying every night for God to heal him. Praise Him, it’s almost a week and he’s finally better. Through all this i’m thinking the worst-case scenario then I actually thought of Ryan and your family.
    You live moment to moment not knowing with Ryan. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your son there and see him not being able to talk, tell you pain, interact on a minute to minute to basis, etc. Whoever said just “let go” must not be a parent (or a not so great one at that) because I can’t imagine just giving up on your child like that. I admire you so greatly for not giving up on him and we know he appreciates it too. Keep sharing Ryan’s story,..he’s an inspiration.

  7. Mary T says:

    Even though I do not know the Diviney family personally, I am touched by the rally of the community in support of this well deserved family! My son goes to WVU and this terrible tragedy could happen to anyone. I got involved because it is the right thing to do. If there is anything more I can do, please let me know!! God Bless you all!

  8. Jo Hobbs says:

    I agree with your assessment, “Poor bastard!” People shouldn’t speak of that which they know nothing about, and they know nothing about Ryan! But, Ken, the ignorant will always be with us it seems. Ignorance is the primary cause of bullying. Please don’t waste your time by giving their comments your thoughts. Think only about how far Ryan has come, and not how far he has to go. We are thankful that God is answering our prayers. Always here with hope, faith, love and prayer.

    • Jo Hobbs says:

      Let me re-phrase that, we are thankful for the great distance Ryan has come in getting well; we know he has a long way to go, and now we will focus on his future, in which he will receive the needed treatment from IBRF and the hyperbaric chamber. We’re with you, thankful for Ryan’s family and everyone at Team Diviney.

  9. Each morning when I compose a daily email to our nationwide prayer group, I place a link everyday to your blog along with an excerpt of your update for the previous day.

    YGR stands with you on believing that people do need to be educated on brain injuries and the recovery process and the many unknowns in healing process. We and society must not give up on these kids.

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