IBRF to Visit Thursday

Doctors Arriving in Afternoon

The medical team from IBRF is coming to our home later this week to perform their periodic assessment on Ryan. I expect it to be much like the prior ones, where they run a qEEG, BIS monitoring, and other cognitive tests.

Beyond these evaluations, we spend a great deal of time reviewing Ryan’s medications, nutrition, therapy (don’t get me going!), and comprehensive plan-of-care.  By late that afternoon, Sue and I are so mentally exhausted. Completely unable (or, unwilling) to put forth any effort to think coherently for anything longer than short bursts. For me, I settle in and watch something senseless, like “Swamp People” (so strange, it’s entertaining) instead of my usual Science Channel favorites.

3-D Brain Model

If I already posted the following, well, I forget a lot. Anyhow, Ryan’s 3-D digital brain model is next in line to process. Word is, they should begin on it this week. It’s an intricate assemblage of thousands of one millimeter MRI “slices” (from our fateful day at Johns Hopkins).

Having this completed will be a huge step in understanding what we’re up against, good or bad. Oftentimes, the most difficult thing is not knowing… except when knowing breaks our hearts.


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7 Responses to IBRF to Visit Thursday

  1. Jo Hobbs says:

    Good news! Another step toward recovery for Ryan, and I thank God, Ryan’s family and friends, and the IBRF — moving forward.
    It sounds like the evening at Dragonfly was a huge success. I am glad you felt that Ryan was safe with Mom and friends so that you could attend. Betcha those gals had Ryan laughing all day! What a great group of prayerful, dedicated women! All for you, Divineys! Still here. Love and smiles today, happily anticipating 82 degrees! 🙂

  2. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    I hope Thursday’s visit goes well. Oh, I love Swamp People too! A new favorite is also “Coal” on Spike. You should check that one out too.

    Have a nice calm day Ken. Love you guys!

  3. Paula says:

    Hello Ken, I know what you mean about shows like “Swamp People” — sometimes I watch ghost stories on, of all channels, “Animal Planet.” Or Bondi Rescue, mainly because I pretend I’m at the beach. If my stress level is really high, I have to go to 49 and stare at the weather channel. Wow. That’s pretty wierd. I don’t watch too much tv as you can see. Sending all my positive hopes and thoughts, and many prayers for a good visit with IBRF. Ryan has the best of the best in his corner — you, Sue and Kari; the IBRF; the team of exceptional doctors who visit Ry on a regular basis; and the outstanding communities of Ashburn, Morgantown and good people all across the country who continue to pray and pull for Ryan every day. Always looking up, and still beileving!! Hope you and Ryan have a good day — the sun is shining though our windows again, yes!! Love & prayers, Paula

  4. Vicky Scott says:

    I understand the “not knowing” part. What I pray and believe for Ryan, is what one doctor said to us after he had looked at the CT scan in front of him and then at Jonathan. He said “certainly the man in the wheel chair is in a lot better shape than the man on the screen.”

  5. Carla Liberty says:

    Swamp People…….haven’t seen this one, but it’s probably like the “Real Housewives” stuff that Becky watches ha ha. Sometimes we just need downtime and need to veg out watching/doing something silly. I must admit, my downtime involves my soap opera (Young and the Restless!) that I tivo on the daily, or playing a computer game like Farmville. Ok, how lame am I?

    Sending warm thoughts and wishes for a peaceful, stress-free week, and that the IBRF folks have nothing but great news to share. Oh. And if they must leave you totally and physically / mentally exhausted, I hope that your downtime involves Skittles. And cigars. 🙂


  6. Gail Doyle says:

    Dear Ken .Praying for visit Thurs to go well..And glad they are finally starting Ryan’s MRI model. May you and Sue have all the guidance ,wisdom and strength until Ryan is well again. Good to watch senseless things once in a while :). Gail

  7. Mike says:

    Best of luck. Looking forward to seeing what the IBRF says.

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