Mean People Suck!

Going back many years, I always wanted to get the bumper sticker “Mean People Suck”. Ryan and Kari loved it too, but Sue was adamantly opposed. She felt it was too “in your face”. I remember her telling us we should get just the opposite… something like “Nice People Don’t Suck”.  Hmmm, just doesn’t have the humor I was looking for while delivering a very true message.

So, as you likely guessed by now, my bumper remained sticker-less. I was denied the opportunity to spread my message to the highway masses. I still wonder, how many people I could have enlightened.

Home Health Therapy Agency Sucks!

Now, here’s a bumper sticker that Sue would not talk me out of. It’s my humble opinion that they foster a culture of deceit and unethical practices. Granted, it’s only my experience, but I sense I’m not the only one. Let me explain…

By now, you all should know the debacle they got us into, as I interpreted it in a previous post, Therapy Cuts Therapy Visits. Essentially, it seems they tried to hide and/or blame the insurance company for their actions. That is, until Sue called insurance and got the facts. The damage they did will be hard to reverse, and we are in for a go of it to get Ryan’s visits approved at the same frequency. If it’s not out-and-out unethical, it’s just plain wrong.

But wait! It gets worse!

On Friday I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize (it’s not the number I have for the Therapy outfit) and let it roll over to voice mail. I picked it up later that evening. The message seemed amicable enough and they were just asking that I give them a call. In what can only be considered my misgiving for thinking people will just do the right thing, I had it in my mind that an apology might be coming. I was happy about that. I truly believed a higher-up caught wind of this and was not happy. I envisioned hearing something to the tune of “some things were not handled well and we’d like to make it right”.  I had every reason not to trust this company, but perhaps it was just one idiotic therapist that was not representing the company well. I put it on my calendar for Monday afternoon (today) to call back.

I hear my phone ring, but can’t get to it. I can see its just a telephone number in the display, and not a recognized contact from my address book. I let it roll over and soon realized the aforementioned therapist did a fine job representing her company!

Picking up my voice mail, this is what I hear (verbatim):

Hello Mr. Diviney. Again, this is Liz Torresson calling from Capital Home Health. I’m sorry that you were unable to return my call on Friday. I really need to let you know that the agency has made a decision that we will be discharging Ryan. Um, that discharge will be effective, um, Saturday, March 26th which was the last visit that was made — made by [Therapist].

Um, when I called [Insurance] they, um, declined to give us the name and numbers of other agencies that provide coverage for them, for home care. Their direction was that, um, you or your wife could go on their online site http://www.[insurance].com. Um, if you go to “Find a Doctor”, “Virginia”, “Hospitals/Other Facilities” you can find Home Health Companies that do have contracts with them.

Um, I am so sorry that, um, you are so disappointed in our services. I can tell you that the staff here did the best they could for Ryan for a fairly long period of time and I know that his care has entered a different phase. I hope that you are able to find an agency that can meet your needs. Thank you. If you’d like to talk please give me a call. 703-737-6310.

Good bye.


So, it seems they handle their poor business practices by invoking even worse ones. Way to throw me a stone when I’m drowning! Oh, wait, how could I forget… they were the a-holes that pushed me in the water in the first place.

So, did they already intend on stopping their services without letting me know? Or did they make it retroactive when I hurt their feelings? Does it really matter? I can’t decide which is worse anyhow.


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24 Responses to Mean People Suck!

  1. Jen says:

    Ken, my in home therapy is handled by Oasis Home Healthcare. There number is 703-858-9282. They are located in Ashburn. My nurse in Anna Ali. You may want to use her as a reference when you call. I do not know the ability of their nursing staff to handle Ryan’s care, but certaily worth a call. My nurse has shared with me information about a client in her care that was in a vegatative state for quite a long time and he is 95% back to normal. He met with the same resistance from the doctors that you have. I wish you the best of luck. I tole Sue I would look into Medicare for you. I will let you know what I have found out. Much love~Jen

    • Vicky Scott says:

      Lovely! You are part of an incredible, ever expanding network of loving, caring people, willing to help. Thank you for being hands and feet to the Diviney Family.

  2. Sam Durham says:

    I am hoping that your NEW agency can tell the insurance company that the old company was VERY VERY wrong. This might work out best in many ways.

    • Ms. Blasé says:

      Agencies that aren’t worth a crap usually show their true colors after only a short time since they can’t maintain the facade of decency. I pray that this company’s bailing out will open the door for a reputable, honest agency to come to your family’s aid.

  3. Jo Hobbs says:

    This is how it works much of the time, Ken! Whether you have a disagreement or complaint, whether it be home health agencies, physicians, churches, schools, etc., etc.
    They will likely tell you as you were told, or to find another physician, excommunication; or send your kid to public school if they are a private school, or send your kid to private school if it is a public school. Shouldn’t be, therefore, I say Mean Health Care Workers, Physicians, Churches, Schools, etc. Suck! If the Shoe Fits, Wear It! I will look on the boardwalk in Ocean City for such a bumper sticker! Depressing!

  4. Paula says:

    Now let me see if I understand this correctly. This agency, Capital Home Health, is contracted by your insurance company to provide services to its subscribers. The agency decided that it would not provide these services to you anymore. In my mind, it appears that they are refusing to provide the services for which the insurance company has contracted them to do. So the first order of business is to contact the customer service dept. at the insurance company and inform them they have a vendor who may not be in compliance with its contractual agreement to the insurance company.

    Second, I went to CHH’s website, and read this:

    “Capital Home Health Care staff will first assess your needs at the initial visit. We then will provide care according to the assessment and plan of care developed by Capital Home Health Care clinicians and YOUR DOCTOR. We will provide you with instructions and guidelines on how to maintain the level of health and functioning that you have achieved while under our care. Services are based upon care plan goals ORDERED BY YOUR DOCTOR, *and can continue only until you have achieved your specific care plan goals.*

    Did the doctor say the goals were achieved? If so, did this doctor notify you of this?Did the doctor inform HHC that the goals have been met? I would think a decision this important would be made with the doctor, client and agency all in agreement about how to proceed. Instead, the agency ended its services in a dishonest, unprofessional, and inhumane way. They left our Ryan high and dry. Unfair, unkind and unacceptable.

    Then I read this on CHH’s site:

    “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a nurse or therapist come into your home and provide you with the tools so you can live more independently? This is exactly what Capital Home Health Care provides for our patients. Our services (link) can assist in your treatment and rehabilitation. Capital Home Health Care *can also help manage chronic conditions* …”
    —- They help manage chronic conditions? Could’ve fooled me.

    Having said all that, I would not want to affiliate with this company, nor could I possibly recommend them based on this shabby treatment. Those who use these services should take note. Meanwhile, I hope this agency has documented its contact with Ryan’s doctors. I would hate to think CHH fabricated any contacts it may have had with Ryan’s physicians.

    There is more, but I think I’ll do some further research. It would be very sad to think other clients might be treated this way. I think people deserve much, much better. And Ryan, after everything you’ve had to go through, you definitely deserve better.

    • Vicky Scott says:

      I mean this will ALL due respect and admiration.
      Either you were a cheerleader, a drill sergeant, a cop, or an attorney but would it be that we could clone you and each of us caregivers get one. I think you have angels wings, too. Perhaps Michael here on earth. You are a great piece of work!

      • Carla Liberty says:


        Paula is a dear, sweet person who is a cheerleader for those in need, but not the drill sargeant, cop or attorney! She is, however, an angel on earth, and one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met. She is truly a remarkable Christian. She’s a great writer too, with a published poetry book! And btw, she leads our prayer group for Ryan. (Please, anyone reading this – if you are local, you are MORE THAN WELCOME to join us Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. at Paula’s house.) We are basically a think-tank for ways to help Ryan and the Divineys, and we end the meeting in prayer. Nothing fancy, just great folks, food, and fellowship 🙂


      • Vicky Scott says:

        I still want one! Only in Heaven will you know how much what you all do impacts the Diviney Family. I am sure I speak for many caregivers, especially 24/7 ones that would love to have a group like you!
        Thanks for “preaching the gospel at all times and if necessary, using words.” paraphrase of St. Francis of Assisi

      • Paula says:

        Vicky that’s so kind of you. I just can’t stand it when people are treated unfairly, especially when it’s by those who are in positions of power. My sister, Patrice, is like this as well because of our parents (in their 90s). As it turns out, a lot of doctors/therapists/people don’t think older people should be treated with respect. I look like a kitten next to my sister, Patrice. You should see her go after care providers who ignore/disrespect our parents. She has to, they can’t do it for themselves, and they don’t deserve to be treated like crap just because they are old. Isn’t it enough that Ryan had to suffer such brutal violence? If the IBRF thinks Ryan has a chance for continued recovery, who is CHH to decide he cannot? We have to be the voice for Ryan, until he gets his own back. As Carla said, the prayer warriors group is open to all who would like to lift up the Diviney family in prayer, and also find ways to help them. Miracles still happen, even in the year 2011. Thank you for your compassion and support for Ryan and his family!!

      • Vicky Scott says:

        You are preaching to the choir. That is why we brought our son, Jonathan home and take care of him 24/7. We were even called into a family meeting at hospital #3 with a representative of every department that had anything to do with Jonathan. Why? Because we wanted to know his bloodwork stats and have his cooling blanket removed because it almost killed him at hospital #1, and because his primary neurosurgeon told us he would remove it. It was really a cya meeting but by the time it was all over, the doctors and staff told us that if they were ever in need they would want us for their parents. Then, hospital #2 (“rehab”) wanted us to sign a letter that stated we would allow them to make any decisions they wanted to and we would have no say… we brought him home and rehabbed him ourselves. We are his advocates because he has no voice, literally. And I agree with you, about your parents and good for you. The sad thing is that it will get worse as this whole health care fiasco gets worse.
        Bless you.

    • Jo Hobbs says:

      Capital Home Health Care Sucks bumper sticker?

      • Dianne says:

        How about “CHHCS” as part of our signature block that links to this blog entry? Talk about spreading the brutal truth?!

    • Gloria says:

      Paula, YTM, oops, I’m sorry, YTW!

  5. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken, Hoping you find decent and caring therapists for Ryan soon..He deserves the best as he has with you and Sue..what that health care company did was unethical and cruel and both incidents were the “worse”.Praying for everything to work out .Say hi to Ryan and that we’re all SHSP………Gail

  6. Vicky Scott says:

    The way I look at this, disregarding the obvious spectrum of emotions that go with it, this agency is were it is supposed to be and that is out of the picture and away from Ryan. Ryan needs someone that will NOT put him in a box, and wants him to be ALL he can be. There are therapists and agencies out there that will be what Ryan needs. The Lord has just moved this one out of the way for you! Believe it!

    • Carla Liberty says:

      “Ryan needs someone that will NOT put him in a box”……

      No ONE puts Baby in a corner! (Dirty Dancing)

      And NO ONE will put our Ryan in one either. I’d like to tell Capital Home Health Care to take a flying leap at a rolling donut. Piss on ’em.

  7. sally ellis says:

    Wow! You go girls! This agency is not right nor should they be able to continue this mis-treatment to other people. I hope the health care supplier that Jen recommended works out for Ryan and you. In the mean time be afraid CHH, I think your busted.

  8. Dawn says:

    This an ethical violation. They are not allowed to discharge him with no prior warning or without setting up a new service!

  9. Keith says:

    Its ashame when places treat people like that. Hope you can find some other place that will help with Ryan. Pray for the Best!

  10. patrice says:

    Just devising a plan to have an investigation done on this company to have their medicaid licensure pulled for falsifying their services and illegally denying service, not only is this against the law but their reputation will go the down the drain as will the company will close as a result. What comes around goes around. Peace 🙂

  11. deb says:

    Wait – is this the same group that sent the nurse in who was smoking in the bathroom? Plus, how can they just “discharge” someone who needs care as badly as Ryan without at least waiting until alternate care was arranged. Plus what did that (insert B word) mean when she said “his care has entered a different stage”. They are in the wrong business if they just give up when they deem it is time to give up. UGHH I’m PISSED

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