Infrared Helmet Shipped.

Helmet shipped at 2:00 AM

Yesterday we learned, via email (see bottom of page[1]), that Ryan’s Infrared Helmet had shipped from Florida. With any luck, we might have it as early as Friday. More likely it will arrive early next week.

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Principle of How it Works

Before I get into a brief explanation of how this works, I do want to point out that I have some reservations about its claims. Right now, I am trying to decide if this is truly science or pseudoscience. IBRF sees the benefit in it and since there is no apparent harm, my decision is simple one.

The Infrared Helmet

Simply stated, infrared is believed to stimulate cell growth in every type of tissue, including the brain. It’s already been demonstrated that LED at the high-end of the red spectrum is widely used in medicine. Examples include lasers to heal scars and wrinkles. Whereas, the helmet uses low-level LED, which is much cooler. When exposed to certain light frequencies, tissues can trigger regrow. LED infrared light is within this spectrum.

So, for me, the proof will take just one form… Ryan’s recovery. His outcome/improvement will make me a believer (or an outspoken critic).


[1] Email from Emerson:

From: Emerson WorldWide []
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 1:32 PM
To: Diviney, Sue
Subject: Your Emerson WorldWide Tracking Numbers

Dear Susan Diviney,

Your Helmet order,  in two packages, has shipped this date via UPS and is in transit at this time.  Please allow 12-24 hours for the tracking information to become fully active.  It sometimes takes this long for UPS to update their system.  The tracking numbers appear below:

UPS TRACKING NUMBERS: 1z85ae7603477XXXXX , 1z85ae7642468XXXXX

Thanks again for shopping at Emerson WorldWide.
Mark, Customer Service

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8 Responses to Infrared Helmet Shipped.

  1. Anna says:

    When I worked in ICU we always said, “never say never”. You never know what will happen and you never know what won’t happen. Just pray the outcome is what you want and are looking for. Praying for success with your “Star Wars” Helmet Ryan!

  2. Jo Hobbs says:

    Wow! More exciting news in the field of medicine — we hope and pray! It will be big news — keep the faith. Hope, love and prayers. Still here.

  3. Maureen says:

    Wow this is very exciting news. What a break through this could be and how exciting it must be to have the possibility lingering out there that this might just do the trick & long awaited progress for Ryans return from his coma shall begin. I think this is great and I am excited for the entire family. All my prayers and positive energies are being channeled to your family. I can’t wait…I feel real positive about this. 🙂

  4. Sam Durham says:

    Pretty sure this calls for a Star Wars marathon with Ry when it gets there Ken! I believe in your Ryan, keep fighting your way out sweetie!

  5. Paula says:

    Anything for “our boy” Ryan. Miracles still happen, and I am believing in one for sweet Ryan. Keep up the great work, Ken. If anyone is going to find a way to push the envelope and discover new ways to heal, it’s you. And God bless you for it. Love & prayers, Paula

  6. Will Nier says:

    My prayers for the complete recovery of Ryan continue.

  7. Gloria Gallagher says:

    Ken, these lights promote coral growth (of both soft corals and hard corals) in our store. I am amazed by this helmet. How do they calculate or read regeneration?

  8. Keith says:

    I am still going to continue to Hang onto Ryans Healing. God said “Believe and You will Recieve” And I Believe that Ryans Gonna be Healed. I am Holding onto Gods Promise. We ALL got to keep up the faith! May God Bless The Diviney Family

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