Declutter Event Wildly Successful

Thanks You

First and foremost, thank you! Our sincerest appreciation goes out to the group of ladies who made this happen and all the volunteers that came in support. The outpouring of love has touched us deeply. It has given a renewed sense of purpose and determination. And to think, this all was conceived by Jane Hofman simply wanting to hold a yard sale on her own and send the money she made to Ryan.

Peter Walsh and Ken Greenblatt, thank you for lending your name and tireless effort to Ryan’s cause. It helped so much. It was unselfish and caring. The two of you will always have a special place in my family’s hearts, and the hearts of many in the Washington, D.C. area.

For all who attended, donated, and bought from the yard sale, well, you were the keystone to the day’s success. You spent your hard-earned money to help my son. I can only hope you also found items that will help make your life a little more enjoyable.

A community effort has provided us with the means to write that check that will forward Ryan’s treatment for even longer. Is there anywhere better than Ashburn, VA in the world? Sure, there are towns that probably equal it (like Morgantown, WV)… but none better!

Thousands Attend

It’s safe to say that nobody can really give a reliable estimate of how many people attended. All I can tell you is that thousands participated. The event was mostly packed throughout the day. A steady stream of people from 8:00 AM.

What was amazing is that I kept hearing it was so much more than a yard sale. It was a social event. People didn’t want to leave. Peter Walsh was a whirlwind of entertainment, keeping the crowd engaged ALL day. He really put his heart into this. Peter even went so far as to put on a prom dress in lieu of donations. Personally, I think he was just reliving his high school fantasy. Peter… at least stick in a couple of rice bags to simulate cleavage.

Peter wears on prom gown to help raise money

Unsold Items go to Needy

What remained unsold at the end of the day was packed-up and delivered to various organizations on behalf of the needy. I heard about shoes being sent internationally and clothes going to abused women and children, just to name a couple. What a wonderful feeling knowing these are delivered in Ryan’s name!


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13 Responses to Declutter Event Wildly Successful

  1. Jo Hobbs says:

    I am so happy to hear that this event was a raving success!! It sounds like it was indeed an unprecedented “Happening” in Ashburn. So sorry I couldn’t be there, but I was with you in thought and prayer, and I will send my donation to the new address on the right of this page. Thank you, everyone, for being there and for all your help. Always here.

  2. Kathryn Beggs Howlett says:

    I too was there in spirit and am so happy to hear that the event was such a success!!! Love and compassion are mighty “movers”!!!

  3. Bryan Tiplady says:

    Peter and Ken = CLASS ACT

    Ladies who tirelessly organized and worked the event = TOTAL ROCK STARS!!!!!

  4. Ken,Sr. says:

    Kenny’s parents and sisters ( Ken,Sr.,Marlene,Beth and Diane ) were so glad that we were able to make it down from Pennsylvania to attend the declutter fundraiser. We were so happy to meet many of the volunteers who helped make this event happen. It was great to finally be able to put the faces with the names of everybody who have been there since the beginning of this tradegy. We are humbled and grateful that they put in so much time and effort to make this the success it was. We are hoping that we will be able to attend other future fundraisers/events which are in support of Ryan. Once again we want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support for our family.

    • Jo Hobbs says:

      I hope so, too, and that we can all meet at the next one. Love

    • Paula says:

      It was a pleasure to meet your whole family!! Next time I hope we have sunshine and warm weather for you : ) Thank you for making the trip and I hope we see you again soon!!

      • Carla Liberty says:

        Ken Sr. , Marlene, Beth and Diane- It was lovely meeting you folks, and also Sue’s brother Al and sister-in-law Deb. Ken it was also nice talking sports (sorry ladies, I’m a sports junkie) with you! When Ryan awakes completely, I think it goes without saying that you can also join my hubby and Ryan for the Nats/Braves game. Sorry…the Cubs will just have to wait! Blessings to all of you – and thanks again for coming!
        carla 🙂

  5. I was really thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful community event. Thank you for allowing me to volunteer to be a balloon twister for the kids. I’m glad it was such a great success!

  6. Keith says:

    I am so glad to hear that the fundraisers went well. Thank God for EVERYONE out there that has a kind Heart! My Prayers Continue Each and Everyday that God will Open Everyones eyes that isnt close with him that they see What Miracle He can do. Ryan is Gonna Be one of Gods Miracles. I Pray everyday that God show us a Miracle of Healing with Ryan. I know He did it back then and He can do it again. Hes the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. But for everyone on here i know for Sure that We All Know our God is gonna see to a Miracle. Just Hold onto the Faith of God! God Bless You All! And may God perform any miracles that you need in your household. Hes a God of all Hes There for Everyone.

  7. Jane says:

    Goodness and kindness win! This was surely evident in your community fundraising event. May you continue to be encouraged and uplifted through the support of countless people near and far.

  8. Stephen Beech says:

    As the General Manager of the Buffalo Wing Factory when we were approached about vending at this event it was a no brainer. When have been doing more and more off site catering events and I’ll have to say this was the best one yet! I had several staff members asking to come help set up and sell wings at 8:00am right there with me which trust me doesn’t usually happen. We were more than happy to donate our proceeds to Ryan’s Rally. For those of you that don’t know on Saturday April 23rd we will be having a fundraiser from open to close at all of our locations. The Ashburn Buffalo Wing Factory will be the main attraction with food and drink specials, 50/50 raffle, and lots of various raffle prizes. We had an event last year and had a very successful turnout. We are hoping this year is much of the same. Thanks again to everyone that attended the event this past Saturday and especially those that purchased wings and/or pizza as that money has been donated back to the Diviney’s.

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