Vantrease: Motion for Consideration of Sentence

I heard about this two weeks ago. Last week I received the official notification via US Mail. Needless to say, I am both appalled and outraged at this convict’s attitude to the damage he caused and his feeling that his punishment is not appropriate.

Austin Vantrease testifies he kicked Ryan in the head.

Austin Vantrease, through the representation of his attorney, Lance Rollo, has filed a motion before the court to change the venue of where he is locked-up. It seems he is not too keen on serving his time in a West Virginia Penitentiary. His preference is to do this at the much easier Anthony Correctional Center.

Obviously, I am opposed. The Prosecuting Office is as well. Let’s face it, based on the aggravated nature of Vantrease’s (and May’s) conduct that led to the life-altering (and, perhaps, life-ending) injuries to Ryan even prison in not punishment enough.

How dare he contend that the State of West Virginia did not sentence him appropriately! Seriously, does anyone realize just how careful courts are to not only convict, but impose sentencing?

The hearing, if not immediately dismissed, will take place on May 16, 2011 at 1:00pm at the Morgantown Courthouse on high street. Judge Clawges will preside.


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15 Responses to Vantrease: Motion for Consideration of Sentence

  1. Michelle Miltz says:

    That is appauling. If there is anyone that I can write to before the hearing to contest any change of venue for him.


  2. Paula says:

    Does anyone know whether we are “allowed” to write a letter to this judge? Would he read them? Like everyone else here, I have a lot to say about this. Maybe we should all write letters. I agree with you Ken — the unmitigated gall of this young man — but then, are we really surprised? I will be very upset if this request isn’t immediately dismissed, but — when would we know that? I can feel my bp rising.

    • Jo Hobbs says:

      We need answers to these and all other questions. Need address of Judge. We only have a month to get letters in the mail. Good police work and citizens sticking their necks out brought these two to justice, and the punishment is not nearly stiff enough for the crimes they committed. I hope that we can keep faith in our judges to at least carry out their sentences. Write letters now!

  3. Will says:

    Being able to pick which facility to serve out one’s sentence—now that is an interesting turn to justice. Maybe he doesn’t like some of the advance’s to him while serving his sentence. I hope the case is thrown out. My prayer’s as always for Ryan

  4. Cheryl Onderchain says:

    Maybe we can do another letter writing campaign similar to the one the Millers organized before the trial? I would be happy to write another letter. Sorry but he deserves to serve hard time, real prison time like Oz-type prison time with real thugs. And of course that’s still not enough for what he has done.

  5. Keith says:

    This is Crazy! He wants much easier My Goodness look what he done. He needs to go somewhere that is much stronger on the People. He needs to realize what he has put Ryan through. Thats whats wrong with half these people today they want to do these horrible crimes but dont wanna pay for it. I Hope and Pray that the courts wont let it through!

  6. AJ says:

    I think Vantrease should be made to read this blog everyday and look at the pictures. I bet he has NO IDEA what Ryan and his family have to go through on a daily basis.

    • Myke Bos says:

      I agree with you. Three young men’s lives were ruined that night. I am not saying he should get a lighter sentence but he and everyone should know the consequences of their actions. Not that Ken would want Vantrease in his house, but he should be trained and have to care for Ryan, day in and day out.
      I guess I am lucky that my son suffered his brain trauma in a freak motorcycle accident with no one else involved. I had no one to blame. Because the energy that it takes to maintain the feeling of hate and disgust for these attackers and to be constantly be worried that they will not pay for what they did would be too exhausting for me to care for my son. Life is too short and too fragile to let someone have that kind of power over you. Hate sucks your soul, lets leave that to the guys at West Virginia Penitentiary. Lets just surround Ryan and his whole family with love and support. People always asked “Is there anything we can do to help?” And at the time I could never think of anything but when someone dropped off a dinner, or spring cleaned my yard ar even just took my dog out for some exercise those were all HUGE helps and we felt we were in this alone. We felt loved.
      Continue to love this family, leave the hate to the people who have time for it.
      Myke Bos, Muskegon, MI AndrewStevenBos

    • Jill in Morgantown says:

      Absolutely!!!!! This piece of s**t should be thanking his lucky stars he’s not in jail for life, which he should be, or that he hasn’t come face to face with a baseball bat!! How can he possibly think he deserves to choose where he serves his sentence?!?!?!?! Totally outrageous and infuriating!! Still here and praying in Mo-town

  7. Sam Durham says:

    My pen is ready…. just tell me who to write!

  8. Perhaps, the initial response should be a flood of letters to the editor of the Morgantown Paper, The Dominion Post.

    • Paula says:

      Excellent idea, Ken. Time to start writing and re-remind the public at large what was done to Ryan, and all the suffering and loss he and his family have endured. Don’t spare your words, folks — we must be the voice for Ryan until he can speak for himself. Ryan, we got your back!!

  9. Anna says:

    Well at least Judge Clawges will preside. He heard the initial trial, but did not have the whatever to sentence this thug to the full ten years he deserves. Let’s at least keep him with his own kind while incarcerated so he can get a taste of himself. What kind of person kicks another human while they are on the ground? Keep him where he is so he can experience what Ryan and his family experience……never knowing what will be from one minute to the next. He is not on vacation he is in PRISON because of his actions, stop coddling him, his toughness showed through the night he kicked Ryan in the head. You know the old saying…”What goes around comes around”.

  10. Patrice says:

    vantrese is a big coward, man up vantrese take your punishment you sad sack, don’t like being bubba’s beotch ?too bad so sad vantrese no one gives a rat’s @ass where you “want” to serve your time, lol, hope you rot there forever in West VA penn.

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