Painter Needed

A few days ago I was making note of all the issues with my house. My diverted attention has let several maintenance items lapse. My short list includes: Washing machine on the fritz again, handle broken off on dryer, dishwasher leaking, garbage disposal acting up, plumbing slow in kitchen sink, toilet seat cracked (you all remember the nurse who stood on it to smoke, right?), family room ceiling needs drywall joint repaired and painted, light bulbs need replaced, smoke detectors need new batteries, riding lawn mower needs blades/maintenance, grass needs cut, this, that, and the other thing.

Funny, ignoring these doesn’t make them go away…

We live in a community quasi-governed by a Homeowners Association. Yearly, they do lot-by-lot inspections. If they find something not to their liking, the homeowner has 30 days to fix it.

Well, you guessed it by now. My house made the list.

This is where I need your help. My ledgerboard, soffit, fascia, porch, and rakeboard need a fresh coat of paint. In plain english, my outside trim needs painted. I need to do this as inexpensively as possible. My intention, before Ryan was beaten was to put vinyl over these areas and never have to think about it again. Now, this is a cost I simply cannot take on.

UPDATE: Mary Mitchell has agreed to head this! She can be reached at


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9 Responses to Painter Needed

  1. Colleen Brunelle says:

    How’s Ryan doing? Did the visit with IBF go well? How about the Infra Red Helmet, has that treatment begun? Just wondering~~

    • Colleen,

      Not sure how many days ago, but I put up some posts on your questions. The quick answers are: Ryan is doing as well as can be expected, IBRF visit seemed to go well, but need to wait on results, and Infrared began on Saturday!

  2. Vicky Scott says:

    I am praying that someone who loves to “fix things” will come into your home and do it all. I totally understand that even one issue is something others could take care of in an instant and would be overwhelming for someone in your situation. I know the Lord has just the person in mind.

    Wondering how Sue’s father is doing?

  3. Paula says:

    Hello Ken, alas, our house has made “the list” on several occasions, especially when my husband had to travel a lot. I got cited for my grass being over 3 inches, trashcan left in front too long, and some other stuff. The pressure is double because a lot of the neighbors have lawn services, underground sprinklers, etc. Thank you for letting us know what needs to be done. To all the great people I have met, you know who you are, thank you for being “rainmakers” when it comes to making things happen. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Ashburn all these years and never knew most of you…look what I have missed. What’s interesting, is whenever we’ve asked for help for Ryan, 99% of the time the answer is “yes, of course, I would love to help.” Team Diviney is a very special group of people. Ken, I know it’s not always easy having folks asking questions, coming into the house, doing this, doing that… but, thank you for letting us be a part of Ryan’s life and a part of your lives. Through the ups and the downs, faith hope and love remain.

  4. Sam says:

    Awesome post on the Come Together page:
    Mary Condy Mitchell: We Got this Ken!
    4 hours ago

    and then:

    Mary Condy Mitchell: Painting will be taken care of, thanks to ‘Paintworx.’ Riding mower will be looked at, thanks to ‘US Lawns of Ashburn.’
    about an hour ago

  5. Paula says:

    Go Mary!! And Ken, I just looked at that picture you posted, LOL!!!!!

  6. Bryan tiplady says:

    Paintworx has been a GENEROUS community partner in Asburn many years now. Thanks to Bob, Ted and the guys at Paintworx.

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