Bryan Tiplady to Coordinate Basement Project

Repost of Comment:

I will coodinate and manage this effort for Ryan and the Diviney Family
In the next few days, I will do an assessment to identify the necessary work and wish to begin identifying resources for this effort.

I will be looking for volunteers who posess the following skills. If you have capabilities or can recommend the “right person” to assist, please contact me at

I will be looking for the following skills
Basic/finish carpentry (walls, floors, ceiling, trim)
Plumbing (install bathroom)
Electrical (Wire new space)
Drywall (finisher)

I can be reached at Please submit your name and skill(s) and the level of effort that you are willing to provide.

Thanks and blessings to all.



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12 Responses to Bryan Tiplady to Coordinate Basement Project

  1. Ms. Blasé says:

    Yet another reason I should’ve pursued a Residential Construction degree instead of majoring in Studio Art and Art History. Aargh!!

    Happy to hear that this project’s moving ahead, though. Sounds like Bryan is yet another great individual who should be crowned with the esteemed title of “the Man.”


  2. Sam Durham says:

    The Tiplady’s seem to have been there since day one. What another blessing for you Ken to have such amazing friends. I wish I could be of some use but I will check in frequently… just in case I can from afar!

  3. Bryan tiplady says:


    Yea, that’s the ticket…..

  4. Cass says:

    Woo hoo!!! Go Bryan, Go Bryan. Somehow I’m not surprised that it is you taking this one on. You and Karen are incredible people. I haven’t spoken to Pat yet, but I’m sure he ‘ll be able to help in some way. God Bless You!

  5. Gail Doyle says:

    Bryan, How wonderful of you …Hope you get all the workers you need..You are an “angel”. Gail( NY)

    • Bryan tiplady says:

      They’ll volunteer or I’ll draft ’em into service…..

      Getting enough help doesn’t seem to be the hard part.

  6. Amy The Big Sister Audlin says:

    Brian, I just sent you an email requesting more details on the plumbing portion of this project. I work for a local plumbing company and I forwarded this info to the owners and they are interested in helping out if possible. My boss is also going to be meeting with many other local business owners who are also in the construction business tonight. He will pass along your list of needs/contact info. Thanks for everything!

    • Bryan tiplady says:

      Got it Amy. Thanks so much for the offer to assist and to identify more potential help.

      You’re a gem.

  7. Dianne says:

    I don’t have any of the necessary ‘skills’, but if you need help cleaning out the basement and organizing stuff, you can What a blessing you are!!

  8. Paula says:

    Thank you, Bryan!! “Renovation for Ryan” — that’s great!! And you’re right, for the short time we’re occupying our spot on the planet, we’re here to love one another. Praying that all the right people step forward to make this project go smoothly. Thanks to all who are helping!!

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