IBRF Conference Call Tomorrow

Preparing for IBRF Conference Call

It’s crazy. So many balls in the air (and some are not even blue). It takes us hours just to prepare for a conference call with the doctors at IBRF. Both their time and ours is highly valuable, so we do our best not to miss anything.

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I spent the morning putting together an agenda for the call. No easy task! It’s often more daunting than running a business meeting.

I thought you might be interested in what we discuss on the call, so I copied it from my Word document and included it below.


Topic Details Action Responsibility


Update on Ryan
  • Vitals have been amazing.
  • We feel (mostly) certain he is responding to “move thumb” command.
  • Tone continues to decrease.
Report on our observations. Ken/Sue
Sue’s Visit
  • In NY on business next week (Mon & Tues)
  • Would like to visit IBRF office on Tuesday evening (4/26)
Arrange meeting. Sue & IBRF
Blood Work
  • Dr. Halper wants “Bleeding Time”, specifically.
  • Requesting CBC, Metabolic, Thyroid, Testosterone, Albumin, etc.
Need Script IBRF
  • How tracked?
  • How notified of income & outgo?
Establish tracking and reporting mechanism. Sue & IBRF
Stem Cell
  • Does the opportunity ever expire?
Explain determination for timing of stem cell replacement. IBRF
Weekly Skype Conference Calls
  • Would like to arrange an on-going day & time
Arrange calls. All
Electrical Brain Mass Scan (Meadowlands)
  • Status?
  • What does it offer/benefit?
Provide appointment information ASAP so transport can be arranged. IBRF
3-D Digital Brain Model
  • Completion Status?
  • Duration to simulate treatments?
  • ETA of practical use in-home (tcds)
Provide timeline IBRF


LED/Infrared/Photonic Therapy
  • New configuration?
  • Increase frequency and/or duration?
Provide treatment details IBRF (Therapy protocol)Ken (Application)
  • Dr. Halper recommended considering therapy.
Has IBRF been in contact with the Acupuncturist we forwarded? IBRF
Gait Therapy
  • Dr. Halper felt bipedal motion might benefit.
Find one. Ken/Sue


  • Dr. Halper would like to start.
Need Script.Was it sent to Dr. Rodriguez? IBRF
Oxoloacetate (see attachment)
  • Ken sent email on 2/8 asking for opinion on use.
Offer opinion. IBRF
Inosine & NEP1-40 (see attachment)
  • Ken sent email on 4/20 asking for opinion on use.
Offer opinion. IBRF
  • In Jan., IBRF on-site visit, Ken & Dr. Halper discussed adding this.
Still part of the treatment protocol? IBRF
Amantadine (50mg/5ml)Dosed 10 mg BID
  • Increase dosage?
Increase?If so, need script. IBRF
  • Discontinued as part of Bowel protocol 3 weeks ago
No noticeable adverse effect Ken
Baclofen Infusion
  • Currently at 400 mcg, continuous.
  • Episodes of posturing greatly reduced.
Consider reducing rate to 375 mcg, or will meds coming on-board necessitate keeping at 400 mcg? IBRF


qEEG vs. MRI
  • With changes evident in qEEG, did MRI correlate?
  • Explain previous MRI vs. history.
Compare qEEG and MRI. IBRF
Photic Stimulation
  • What happened in occipital region during flashing lights?
Explain IBRF
Audio Stimulation
  • What happened in temporal region during tones?
Explain IBRF
Physiological Signals (HR, SpO2, limb movement, etc).
  • Are physiological signals captured during EEG tracing?
Explain IBRF
Video qEEG
  • Any benefit to simultaneously videoing during EEG?
  • Would this allow for closer correlation between EEG waveform & Ryan’s activities?
Explain IBRF
Theta Waves
  • Were there too many?
Explain IBRF

Attachments  *****STILL NEED TO INCLUDE******

  • Medicine List
  • Oxoloacetate Article
  • Inosine & NEP1-40
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6 Responses to IBRF Conference Call Tomorrow

  1. Michele says:

    Talk about overwhelming! WOW! It is much more daunting than setting up a meeting where I work! I hope it goes as you want!

  2. Sam Durham says:

    Ken, you probably have already done this, but I’d send them this list to so maybe they can have answers to some of your concerns/questions, instead of putting it on their “to do” list.

  3. Paula says:

    Ken, you’re right, this is worse than planning for a business meeting!! Plus, I felt like I just took some introductory medical school class. *Thank you* for sharing all this information with us, it is fascinating to see the methods the IBRF team is using to help Ryan continue to recover. Adding acupuncture sounds like a fantastic idea — would you mind letting us know who it is? I keep meeting great professionals here that I would like to refer or go to myself. Do you guys record these IBRF calls in case you want to double check something? You are so thorough and on top of everything. The docs probably love working with you because of that. Ryan is blessed to have you, Sue and Kari in his corner. I feel blessed to have met your family and to know Ryan. What beautiful children you have. Please continue to keep us posted on whatever help you might need. Sending love and prayers as always, Paula

  4. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken , No business meeting could ever be this complicated..Good luck with call

  5. sally ellis says:

    Wow, I agree the docs must love working with folks that are so pro-active. I didn’t realize Ryan was responding to a move thumb command. That is very encouraging. Keep up the diligence guys, it seems to be paying off As always, strong thoughts and good vibes your way.

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