Kari Home Safely. IBRF Call Held. BWF Event Tomorrow.


In her typical manner, Kari exploded through the front door yesterday evening. It like feeling the bomb percussion waves just before being incinerated. What an aura!

The dogs went into a frenzy. Duke was literally bouncing off the walls. I hugged her so tightly she protested in pain. I let go… then let her have it again!

Now, just like a college student home for the weekend she did what they all seem to do. Namely, go and hang out with her college friends that she just left. I was nice seeing her for the hour or so.


Like all the calls before, it will take me time to organize and process the information. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have more time. It was a short call. Thirty minutes from start to finish. I will say it was (mostly) efficient, covering the bulk of agenda items. Still, for those who know me, I want to drill down into the details and completely understand everything. I need to know “why”.

Sue is visiting IBRF late Tuesday (after work), so she will be the messenger with our follow-up items.

Infrared Therapy

I thought you might be interested to see a photograph of the practical application of the laser therapy. I snapped the following picture this morning:

Ryan getting Infrared Therapy

I toyed with the idea of drawing this for you, since my art work received such rave reviews yesterday.

Actually, Ryan’s therapy will soon be increasing to a total of one-hour per day. He will undergo thirty minutes of therapy as shown above and thirty minutes with the unit flipped and rotated to focus on the frontal lobes.

For those of you who are truly observant, you’ll notice a dishcloth duct tapped (ah, duct tape… is there really anything it can’t do?) across the front of the helmet. I put this on after Ryan cutting his forehead yesterday. While under the lights, he coughed so hard that his head flew into the front of the unit. I’m going to look for some foam pipe insulation to make a more permanent solution.

Buffalo Wing Factory Fundraiser

Please remember that all day tomorrow Buffalo Wing Factory is holding a fundraiser for Ryan. Proceeds will go to Ryan’s Special Needs Trust Fund.


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10 Responses to Kari Home Safely. IBRF Call Held. BWF Event Tomorrow.

  1. Paula says:

    WELCOME HOME, KARI!!! : ) Thank you for this picture, Ken!! By the way, who is that gorgeous dog to the right? Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter weekend together. Looking forward to hearing all about the IBRF meeting. Prayers & Love, Paula

  2. Gloria says:

    Glad to hear your girl is home! Yeah, I could never get that, come home, then go out with the people you just left. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I use to do the same thing.

  3. Gail Doyle says:

    Ken.,Glad Kari’s home ,I’ m sure you’ll see a lot of her:). Ryan looks so healthy and strong Praying the “helmet” will really work .I am so impressed with all you and your family have done to help Ryan get better and he will.I Have a great day and I know you will sort out all the info IBRF gave you. Gail

  4. Anna says:

    Just like in the Welsh house, the dog is either on a couch or a bed, and that’s not his dog bed! Noticing Ryans hands, I keep meaning to mention a tennis ball, or rolled up washcloth put in the hand during the day helps the fingers from getting contractures and will help your physical therapy with his fingers. You might already know this, but just and FYI. The kids are funny when they come home, its so true they are in and out in a minute, off to see “friends”, forget us we only pay the bills and do the laundry.

  5. Jo Hobbs says:

    Ken, can Ryan hold an object, like a ball, in his hand/s? Thank you for this photo — love the Nike shoes and socks! My nephew is a designer for Nike in Portland. Waiting for tomorrows IBRF news. Still here. Love

  6. Ken,
    Where did you find out about Infrared Light therapy. We are almost three years post accident and I have not hear anything about it. Where did you get the unit from? We did multiSensory Stimulation Therapywith Andrew about 14 months post accident and truly feel it helped with him getting his voice back. Still a long way to go but like you willing to do what ever we can to help him work his way back to us.
    Enjoy your daughter’s visit and thanks for sharing your son with us.

  7. sally ellis says:

    Ryan looks great, so strong! I have a good feeling about this infrared light helmet. It just seems to make sense. Enjoy your weekend, the kids will be home for summer before we know it. As always, thinking about you.

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