BWF Fundraiser Today!


Event last entire day

A HUGE reminder that today — all day — Buffalo Wing Factory is holding their fundraiser for Ryan. This will take place at all five northern Virginia locations. Proceeds from sales will go directly to Ryan’s Special Needs Trust Fund. You can view the menu by clicking here (it will open in a separate window).

Blog Upgrade on Tuesday

On this upcoming Tuesday, April 26th, there might be some/complete interruption to the blog. WordPress (this blog’s platform) is providing greater functionality. They tell me it will be transparent to you, the readers, but I thought it might be wise to give a heads-up. Basically, if I am not able to post I want you to know nothing is wrong. If I need to get urgent information out to you, I’ll use FaceBook.

From what I understand, I will have the ability to directly embed video into the posts and add “plug-ins”, such as polls and other neat gadgets. I’m looking forward to seeing what it can deliver.

Ken vs. Pollen

I’m losing my battle against pollen at Ryan’s expense. His days are great. His nights are on-and-off coughing fits. Here is what we’ve done so far:

  • Changed all furnace filters (we use the high-efficiency ones).
  • Keep HVAC fan running 24/7
  • Use air purifiers on the main level.
  • Have all the plants in the areas Ryan occupies.
  • Vacuum daily
  • Moisten Ryan’s throat with a saline nebulizer
  • Change clothes upon entering the house

Our next step is to get at least one of those “Roomba” vacuums and let it run as much as possible, stopping only to recharge. We’ll buy one later next week, after Sue returns from business and visiting IBRF.


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8 Responses to BWF Fundraiser Today!

  1. Jo Hobbs says:

    We just had rain that should settle the pollen. Is is possible that Ryan has a cold? Still here.

  2. Anna says:

    I have the same problem! Doing ok during the day, but as soon as I fall asleep I cough from the tickle in the back of my throat and the cough will not go away! I have even tried to sleep in a recliner. I know what Ryan is going through on this one…UGH!!

  3. Gail Doyle says:

    Hoping Ryan will do better with cough at night.You seem to have done just about everything,maybe the weather will help..Should be very interesting on the new blog, ….as long as you keep us updated on how Ryan is that’s the main thing ..Have a wonderful Easter weekend with all. …Gail

  4. Sam says:

    One more thought. Bathe, or send Kari out to get the dogs bathed and then get wipe them down with a damp towel every time they come in. They could be your pollen leak.

  5. Paula says:

    YAY for the fundraiser *all day* at Buffalo Wing Factory!!! Who wants to cook the night before Easter — nooooo — it’s a perfect night to get everyone out of the house and over to the Wing Factory for some fun!! Boo for the nighttime cough — my mother has had this for years (decades?) and I have had it off and on — it’s that incessant tickle, etc. Here’s something from left field — could Ry have developed asthma (maybe with the pollen as a trigger)? My daughter’s primary symptom of her asthma was a chronic nighttime cough — it got so bad, I’d be up all hours of the night doing periodic nebulizers to calm her lungs, etc. She’s been taking singular for the past six years and that seems to have solved most of the allergy/asthma problem. Hoping you guys enjoy a nice weekend together, and to everyone else, see you at the Wing Factory!!

  6. Angelique says:

    We went, we bought, we ate………………. That was lunch, we may go back for dinner! We also thanked the folks at the BWF for their support!

  7. Kandy Eubanks says:

    Try local honey. 1 tsp. daily if Ryan can tolerate it. It really works for alot of people. A nurse practitionor that deals with problems the natural way told my mom, which had cronic sinus infections due to allergies. As long as she takes her honey daily she doesnt have any problems. My son has TBI and when we brought him home from the hospital his eyes on occasion would water and he would have a slight runny nose,so he to takes 1 tsp. per day and hasnt had any problems since. I have told many other people about it and they also have had success. It is worth a try. The key is to get local honey from a farmers market or stand not the grocery store. Hope it helps. Prayers for Ryan and his family.

  8. Paula says:

    The Wing Factory was a lot of fun, saw some of my favorite folks there : ) and the food was great!! I would like to say a big *thank you* to the wonderful person (people?)who organized this fundraiser. You did a fantastic job, here is a big hug from me to you along with my gratitude. Love & prayers, Paula

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