Time for a Change?

Sue and I have been kicking around the idea of moving Ryan, all his equipment and items to the basement level. It would be a somewhat massive undertaking, given the weight of his bed and shear volume of equipment. The storage area is beyond a mess. But, here’s our thinking… Continue reading

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Sometimes I Amaze Myself!

That’s right! I sometimes amaze myself. And, by “sometimes” what I mean is “oftentimes”. Some might even go so far as to call me a problem solver (isn’t that right, Sue? You’ll never hear the end of it…). You see, I have no problem tooting my own horn. I’ve practically become double-jointed from patting myself on the back. I have been called “arrogant” (more times than I care to mention) and, dammit-to-hell and back, I wear it as a badge of honor! Continue reading

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Tuesdays, at Tuesdays.

I anticipate putting out another post today, but wanted to help spread the word on a promotion Ruby Tuesdays of Ashburn Village is running. Continue reading

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A Typical (Early) Saturday Morning

Up & At ‘Em

I looked at the clock. It wasn’t 7:00 AM yet. Still, Ryan was already up for at least an hour (remember, I have trouble sleeping). And, hey, if I’m up then why should everyone be up? (Note: I learned this from my dad). Sue gets a permanent pass though, and remain snuggled in the bed next to Ryan’s. Duke is flopped over next to her, snoring. The only way to describe his position is…well.. he kinda looks like a cheap prostitute.

We beat the sun up this morning.

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Painter Needed

A few days ago I was making note of all the issues with my house. My diverted attention has let several maintenance items lapse. My short list includes: Washing machine on the fritz again, handle broken off on dryer, dishwasher leaking, garbage disposal acting up, plumbing slow in kitchen sink, toilet seat cracked (you all remember the nurse who stood on it to smoke, right?), family room ceiling needs drywall joint repaired and painted, light bulbs need replaced, smoke detectors need new batteries, riding lawn mower needs blades/maintenance, grass needs cut, this, that, and the other thing.

Funny, ignoring these doesn’t make them go away…

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A Must Read! Vantrease Coverage

Publication:The Dominion Post; Date:Apr 14, 2011; Section:Local; Page Number:1-B


Attacker wants to leave jail Asks judge to change Diviney sentence BY BRANDY BRUBAKER The Dominion Post

One of the men convicted of the 2009 attack that left WVU student Ryan Diviney comatose is asking a judge to reconsider his sentence.

A jury convicted Austin Vantrease, 19, of Newark, Del., of malicious assault. He was sentenced to two to 10 years in prison and has been in jail since October.

His attorney, Lance Rollo, filed a motion in Monongalia County Circuit Court asking Judge Russell Clawges to reconsider the sentence he levied in November. Continue reading

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Vantrease: Motion for Consideration of Sentence

I heard about this two weeks ago. Last week I received the official notification via US Mail. Needless to say, I am both appalled and outraged at this convict’s attitude to the damage he caused and his feeling that his punishment is not appropriate.

Austin Vantrease testifies he kicked Ryan in the head.

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Update: Sue’s Dad Suffered Congestive Heart Failure

Yesterday afternoon we learned that the pneumonia was the result of the lungs taking on blood. An EKG revealed the obvious; Sue’s father suffered congestive heart failure. Had he not already been in the hospital for acute pancreatitis, they say he never would have survived.

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Sue’s Father in ICU: Respiratory Distress

Late last week, Sue’s father was taken to the hospital by Sue’s mother in the wee hours of the morning in severe pain. He was having severe abdominal pains.

The hospital ran a series of test. The blood panel reveal the cause as acute pancreatitis. The condition, in itself, is typically highly treatable with fluids and pain medication. It will normally run its course in a week or so. However, there are secondary issue that sometimes arise as is the case with Sue’s dad. Continue reading

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Capital Home Health Care Employee Admits Wrong Doing and Company Pressure

The Text the Explains Much

On Monday, April 4 at 10:31 PM, I was surprised to receive a text message from an employee of Capital Home Health Care (CHHC). You will remember how CHHC unceremoniously “discharged” Ryan from receiving their therapy. They said they contacted insurance to advise, but there is definitely some questions about that too.  More on that later.

As you will see in the following transcribed text message, this employee (who shall remain nameless for now) offered to send me a letter to save her integrity. I never received it, despite asking for it again and again.

Well, here you go (as written… please insert the punctuation and disregard the spelling errors). This text was so long, it came in as three text bubbles.

I need to talk to you  i am sorry this ssituation got so out of hand  i am upset and need to explain everything to you  capital and i did ryan wrong

I was pressured into something by the company that i should not have been  capital has told me not to talk with you  i do not care  i need to save my integrity

What you have heard from me is not who i am  if you will read it id like to send you a letter. [Signed]

Insurance Has no Record of Being Contacted

When we called our insurance company last week to look into other therapy organizations we were hit with another bombshell. Amazingly, they had no record of being contacted by CHHC to neither notify them of Ryan’s discharged nor inquire about other agencies they could refer us to. This is clearly in complete contrast to what I was told in the previous Monday’s voice mail. In fact, it was the first the case manager heard of this!

Adding Insult to Injury

Last December, at the CHHC holiday party, the company president (I believe) got up in front of all the employees and announced that CHHC would be donating a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to help us three days a weeks for 4 hours each day. This was to start immediately. This position would do tasks in support of Ryan. Examples would include doing his laundry, cleaning his room, cleaning his equipment, and so on.

Well, on the first day the CNA was to arrive, she called in sick (at least that’s what I was told). Let me just put it this way, it must be one hell of an illness because CHHC never fulfilled their pledge. To this day, CHHC hasn’t sent a CNA!

It seems to me this is a company that operates unethically, but I’ll let you make-up your own mind.

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