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Sometimes I Amaze Myself!

That’s right! I sometimes amaze myself. And, by “sometimes” what I mean is “oftentimes”. Some might even go so far as to call me a problem solver (isn’t that right, Sue? You’ll never hear the end of it…). You see, … Continue reading

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Splint Comes Off

It’s March 1st, which means Ryan can get the splint off his left arm. I removed it — hopefully, for good — this morning. I’m not convinced though. Even though the Orthopedic feels it is healing and the splint is … Continue reading

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Ulna has “Non-Union”

The forearm consists of two bones; the ulna and the radius. In the x-Ray of Ryan’s forearm (below), the ulna (on the left) is the bone that is completely separated. The radius is the bone that appears as though it … Continue reading

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Arm and Eyes Not Healing

I took Ryan out today for some follow-up exams. Our first stop was at the Eye Doctor, followed by a trip across the street to the Imaging Center. Neither results were good.

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Unfounded! Thanks for Clearing that Up.

The first thing I need to make clear is I really have no problem with Adult Protective Services. They were called by the hospital and had to follow through. The doctor’s concerns were unfounded. Really? Who would have guessed. Still, I’ll just … Continue reading

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Left Forearm Broken. E.R. Doctor Angers Me.

Yesterday afternoon while I was stretching/ranging Ryan I heard a loud snap as I was working on his left arm. Ryan’s pulse shot up immediately (I keep his vitals in real time when exercising). I knew it couldn’t be good. … Continue reading

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